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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:42 AM

Chapter 12

Yan Qing Shan gaped at the beautiful gift in front of her . It was the one Zi Jue gave her last night . She was in disbelief when she first saw it . Zi Jue even smirked at her dumbfounded expression . She was still in disbelief now, however . Never had she ever received flowers in both her lifetime, except now . Though, it was expected that flowers coming from the devil would obviously be far from the usual .

Zi Jue gave her flowers carved in gemstones . He said, that way they would never wither . That they would always remind Yan Qing Shan of the promise he made the day he gave it to her . The craftmanship of the gemstones were superb and exquisite . Unbelievably breathtaking . It was as if the flowers were real . Encased in a delicate glass, secured and mounted in a base made with white, it was a treasure in itself . She was surprised Zi Jue was able to have it made in such a short time . She didn't even bother asking how much money he burned for it . Money was at the least of Zi Jue's worry .

A purple hyacinth carved in an amethyst; a white jade plumeria; a blood-red ruby chrysanthemum .

Even the flowers he chose were much too fitting .

Forgive me . Let's start again . I love you .

Yan Qing Shan was touched at the thoughtfulness of the gift . The devil sure was knowledgeable on the language of flowers .

She sighed, not knowing what to say . At the very least, he had already pacified him . She would not be facing anymore problems at his side . She even has him as her backer .

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Yan Qing Shan can now proceed in planting the seeds of her revenge . This time she won't be going with the flow of fate . She'll defy it . She won't just sit back and watch anymore .

She'll deal with the first boss as an appetizer . Yan Xiaoyi . Her half-sister . Xiaoyi was a clone of her mother . Her outwardly innocent beauty masks the stink of her trash personality . A classic example of a white lotus .

Yan Xiaoyi, despite her having everyone's attention and love, was greedy for more . She wanted everything Yan Qing Shan had . She couldn't understand why Yan Xiaoyi was so envious of her when she already had everything Yan Qing Shan had ever wanted .

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It had reached a point where Yan Xiaoyi had completely stripped Yan Qing Shan of any face in the public's mind . She was the source of all the rumors going on around her at their university, in their social circle, and even in the web .

Yan Xiaoyi portrayed the delicately pretty, yet hardworking and filial daughter role perfectly . Despite just being at freshman year in university she was already an up and coming actress . She used this influence to spread lies in the past . Rumors that didn't leave even a sliver of dignity to Yan Qing Shan and branded her of all kinds of disgusting assumptions .

Kept woman . Sugar baby . Problem child . And all other sorts of insults even a dog couldn't take .

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She didn't refute nor comment on all of these . She let it all go . She didn't really care about how people had viewed her, much more notice their gossips . However, the public is easily swayed . These gossips were reinforced by the fact that Yan Qing Shan was taken and fetched to school by an extemely expensive car, a black Maybach . There was also her ridiculously expensive clothes and the fact that she was frequently absent . These made people confirm Yan Xiaoyi's words as truth . Obviously, who amongst them would have thought that she was in reality, the wife of City Z's emperor and most sought-after man .

Yan Qing Shan's eyes grew cold . Her entire person emitting an unnatural killing intent as she recalled all the things Yan Xiaoyi did in her past life . She regretted bitterly all of the times she gave a blind eye to the things Yan Xiaoyi did to her .

Clearly, she had underestimated Yan Xiaoyi's envious nature . That vile woman did not content herself to tearing Yan Qing Shan's reputation to shreds . She even got her expelled from their university . She self-righteously reported Yan Qing Shan and her scandalous actions, claiming she was worried for the school's reputation . She even add oil to the fire by saying that Yan Qing Shan even had an abortion . With Yan Xiaoyi's reputation, who would have thought of her lying?

Nevertheless, it did not end in that . When Yan Xiaoyi found out that Zi Jue was with her, her jealousy reached the peak . During their father's birthday party, Yan Xiaoyi drugged her drink and arranged for her to be found by Zi Jue in a compromising situation with another man . This was in hopes for the latter to be angry enough to leave her . However, what happened was the opposite . The furious Zi Jue dragged her to the Civil Affairs Bureau instead and registered their marriage . Yan Qing Shan was indignant back then, inevitably she was subjected to another round of torture when they got back to Ying Yue Garden .

Yan Xiaoyi had taken upon herself to make Yan Qing Shan always fall into some sort of trouble . Trouble which would always trigger Zi Jue's possessiveness and jealousy, leading to her suffering .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!