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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:41 AM

Chapter 13

"Yan Xiaoyi, since you have courted death, you should prepare to be annihilated . You and Zhao Ming Hua will pay for everything . Especially my mother's death . "

Yan Qing Shan murmured as she gritted her teeth . In her past life, she had learned that her mother's death was not an accident at all . Zhao Ming Hua had a backer who helped her machinate Zhao Ming Yue's death . However, Yan Qing Shan was unable to find out who that backer was except for the fact that it was someone from the underworld . She died before she could even discover who it was .

She took deep breaths and calmed herself, the killing intent shrouding her slowly faded . Yan Qing Shan took out her phone and dialled a number she had avoided contacting for so long . After a few rings, a deep aged voice resounded . Her throat constricted as she clamped down the emotions bubbling up in her heart .


Yan Qing Shan said with a hoarse voice . There was a hint of yearning and reluctance in her tone .

[A- ami? Is it really Ami-chan?]

There was an undeniable joy in the old man's voice . Yan Qing Shan was taken off- guard . When she left this grandfather of hers, she only left a measly note . She did not even think of how he would feel when she left . She did not think much of why he was so against her going back to the Yan family . He must have known about everything . He must have suspected the circumstances of her mother's death and feared for her safety . That must be the reason why after her father immediately remarried her aunt . He took her in without her father and Zhao Ming Hua's knowledge . At that time, she was too aggrieved by her father's actions so she went with him . He pampered her a lot . And gave her the love of a real family . Even going so far as proclaiming her his heir .

But in reality, he wasn't . Yan Qing Shan's maternal grandparents had long died . Asahi Reo and Zhao Long, her real maternal grandfather were best of friends . Only the former returned to his country to manage his inheritance . They lost contact afterwards . Reo tried to look for Zhao Long again but he had long gone . It was only his twin daughters who he found . Reo was a sharp and cunning man . He was particularly fond of the pure and honest Zhao Ming Yue . Having no children of his, Reo registered Ming Yue as his adoptive daughter . However, he completely seen through Zhao Ming Hua's nature and did not even bother with her .

When he learned about Zhao Ming Yue's death, he was furious . Doubting the circumstances of Ming Yue's death and fearing for her daughter's safety, Asahi Reo immediately looked for her . And tried his best to protect Yan Qing Shan . However, when Yan Qing Shan's father came to know of her whereabouts, he persuaded her to go back .

Yan Qing Shan couldn't help but ridicule herself . She had been naive and gullible . She believed her father really wanted them to be a complete family . And despite her knowing the maliciousness hidden in Zhao Ming Hua's innocent facade . She risked it . But all of Asahi Reo's fear came true . She met her demise under Ming Hua's hands . Yan Qing Shan thought of how devastated he must be when she died . It was another one of her regrets .

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But it was different now . This time she'll come back to him . The only person along with her brother who gave her a semblance of warmth in the past . This time she'll be the one to protect them .

"En . It's really me, Jii-chan . How have you been?"

Yan Qing Shan answered him in fluent Japanese .

[So, you still remember me huh, brat? Of course, I'm good . Even better without you . ]

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The old man replied haughtily though his choking voice betrayed his emotions . She laughed merrily at this .

"Really? You're still the same, Jii-chan . Your words are the opposite of what you mean . I missed you, Jii-chan"

Yan Qing Shan replied to him sweetly . This tsundere old man .

[So what? I certainly did not miss you too . Why have you called after all this time?]

She shook her head . Really, he still did not change . Still as sharp as ever .

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"Can't I call just because I miss you?"

She said with a hint of mischief . If someone saw her at this moment, they would be seriously shocked . The woman talking on the phone was certainly a far cry from the indifferent and aloof one that they usually see . The Yan Qing Shan looking over the windows while talking was like a mischievous fairy . Beautiful but dangerous .

[As if I'd believe that . Tell me what is it . ]

The old man insisted gruffly . He still know her like the back of his hand .

"Grandpa, Izanami is returning . "

Yan Qing Shan's smile took a strange transformation . From a mischievous fairy, her aura had completely changed . It was as if a goddess of destruction had descended .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!