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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:33 AM

Chapter 20

"Dean! May I please have a word in private?"

The head teacher's frantic voice resounded amongst the crowd, finally catching the attention of his two companions . Yan Qing Shan saw the apologetic looks he was directing at her . She just cocked an eyebrow at this and crossed her arms lazily as she waited for what would happen next .

"Head Teacher Hua, what is it?"

The tall man with glasses who was, in fact, the dean asked with a frown . Head Teacher Hua merely gestured to follow him to a corner far from the crowd .

Yan Qing Shan saw the myriad of expressions which colored the Dean's face as he listened to whatever the Head Teacher was saying . Surprise, anger, reproach then turning lastly into grim yet calm look . She also did not miss how they occasionally glanced at her way .

She smiled coldly . It seems like somehow she was truly involved in this . There it was . Her plan to remain obscure flying out the window .

A short while passed when the two men went back in front of them . Head Teacher Hua turned to her and was about to speak but was once again interrupted by a certain oblivious airhead .

Yan Qing Shan facepalmed at Head Teacher Hua's misfortune of always being interrupted . She wouldn't be surprised if the man blew off his top any minute now .

"Is something wrong, Head Teacher? What is it?"

Shen Ling asked concernedly . Yan Qing Shan jeered . Though Shen Ling's tone was respectfully inquisitive, it did not change the fact that she was questioning a teacher . Head Teacher Hua scoffed and ignored her .

"You are Miss Yan, right? Yan Qing Shan?"

He asked her with a careful tone . Yan Qing Shan nodded briefly as she asnwered .

"That I am . Is something the matter, Head Teacher?"

She asked politely, her face still indifferent . Head Teacher Hua grimaced uncomfortably and afterwards cleared his throat . He looked at her apologetically again .

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"This . . . We are truly very sorry about this misunderstanding . I hope you won't take offense . "

Yan Qing Shan retained her smile whilst waiting for the Head Teacher's explanation . However, an airhead's guts cannot be underestimated . Shen Ling once again cut off Head Teacher Hua .

"Head Teacher why are you apologizing to her? This doesn't concern her anyway . She's merely an ordinary student who knows nothing but disgrace our famed Z University with her scandals . "

Shen Ling spouted nonstop . She even pointed her fingers at Yan Qing Shan while she continued her tirades .

"Yan Qing Shan, just leave here . You're not a media student . An outsider is not needed here . Even if you're Xiaoyi's sister, that doesn't mean you get to be treated differently . Shoo! Don't bring down our precious Xiaoyi with you . "

To top it all off, the eternal airhead even made shooing motions at her . Murmurs were once again incited in the crowd .

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"That's Yan Qing Shan? Is she that woman who they say is a gold digger and have countless sugar daddies?"

"Yes, that's her . She's Yan Xiaoyi's half-sister . "

" I saw her arriving to school in an expensive car . But as far as I know, The Yan Family Head doesn't even acknowledge her . "

"Really? Then that car's owner must be one of her rumored sugar daddies . "

"Aiyah! Such heaven and earth difference between siblings . One is a beauty and brain while the other is but scum . "

Yan Qing Shan kept her cool amidst the insults . She had developed an immunity against such baseless accusations . In the past, what hadn't she heard?

Contrary to her calm, the Head Teacher and the Dean were already sweating bullets while the other man remained blissfully unaware of his companions' predicament .

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"Student Shen! Cease your nonsense!"

Head Teacher Hua roared, stupefying the poor airhead leaving her thoroughly flabbergasted . Yan Xiaoyi also had a shocked appearance .

"Head Teacher, why are you scolding me? I'm only telling the truth . "

Shen Ling still insisted, feeling aggrieved . Yan Qing Shan couldn't help but admire her lack of ability to perceive the situation . This is another level of oblivion . Ignorance truly is bliss .


The Dean interjected at this time . Head Teacher Hua anxiously wiped non-existent sweat on his forehead . The Assistant Dean alternately looked at his two companions . He wouldn't be the Assistant Dean if he could not comprehend that there was something wrong by now . Yet he remained frozen and chose to watch on .

Even Shen Ling has clamped her mouth shut . The imposing air he carried affected everyone . This was the dean ah . It was expected that he has such overbearance . Head Teacher Hua took this opportunity and hurriedly talked, sincerity and respect in his tone .

"Miss Qing Shan, welcome to our department . And congratulations for qualifying as Ace!"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!