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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:32 AM

Chapter 21

Silence .

A deafening silence followed Head Teacher Hua's words . Yan Qing Shan smiled lightly at him and nodded . Even though, they were part of the administrative staff they were still required to give a certain degree of respect to an Ace . It is another privilege entitled to them . But this is not what caused the silence in this situation .

"Many thanks, Head Teacher Hua . "

She replied to the man curtly . Her gaze wandered around as another round of commotion broke through .

Yan Qing Shan took particular note of Shen Ling's shock and the gradual paling of Yan Xiaoyi . Head Teacher Hua's bomb had served its purpose .

"Wh-what's the meaning of this Head Teacher? You must be mistaken right . It should be Yan Xiaoyi, not Yan Qing Shan . That girl is not part of our department . "

Shen Ling's indignant words sounded out amongst the chatter of the spectators . Yan Qing Shan was baffled at her words . Has this woman truly lost her brains? This is not a simple case of a low IQ anymore . It's an absence of it . She snickered . Head Teacher Hua's words were already so obvious .

"Student Shen, you do not have a right to question us . Know your place . As Head Teacher Hua said, there has been a misunderstanding . This is caused by our over enthusiasm . The Miss Yan that we are referring to is Miss Yan Qing Shan . Not Yan Xiaoyi . "

Yan Xiaoyi's current appearance has become worse . Blood had long drained from her face and her eyes wide with shock . Yan Qing Shan sneered at her internally . Serves her right! There's more though .

"But Dean, it was you yourself who congratulated Xiaoyi . And how did she even qualify as Ace?!"

Shen Ling was close to shouting . The Dean, Assistant Dean, and Head Teacher Hua frowned at her actions .

"Yes, they did that . But if you had let me intervene and talk instead of spouting words, assuming things you are not sure of, and cutting off my explanation then we may not have come to this . "

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Head Teacher Hua glared at the girl . His annoyance was understandable . Who wouldn't be irritated with Shen Ling who repeatedly interrupted an important conversation .

The girl was tongue-tied . Even Yan Xiaoyi couldn't refute . Head Teacher Hua approached Yan Qing Shan and then faced the crowd .

"I would like to clarify something all of you . The new Ace of our department is actually Miss Yan Qing Shan . She had recently transfered to the Media department . For transparency reasons, we will reveal how we administer the qualifying test for Ace in our department . During admissions, we place an optional extra task after the exam . Miss Qing Shan here did the task and with flying colors . "

Head Teacher Hua looked her way and then at the Dean and Assistant Dean who awkwardly coughed in embarrassment at the next words he said .

"After the Ace Committee of the department determined she passed, I immediately informed the Dean and the Assistant Dean . However, due to their surprise with the situation I was not able to clarify the person to them . Thus leading us to this situation . Miss Yan, I apologize sincerely . This blunder will not be repeated again . "

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Yan Qing Shan half-smiled at the Head Teacher . In her opinion, he absolutely had nothing to apologize for . If not for him, she won't be enjoying this splendid show . As well as the tragic expression that is on Yan Xiaoyi now . Yan Qing Shan surmised that if not for the crowd and her delusional pride, Yan Xiaoyi would have bolted from the place .

"But . . . If she's the ace, then Xiaoyi why did you reply like that to me earlier?"

Ah . The beauty of a pig-headed team mate . Yan Qing Shan was so close to laughing . But her image of cold indifference must be upheld, so she curbed it . Conflicting comments floated from amongst the audience .

"Hah! The heck? So the Ace is Yan Qing Shan . Tsk . What's this? A sister stealing the other's thunder . Isn't that just awful?"

"Didn't they say it was a misunderstanding? My belle just assumed it due to happiness . Even I would do that in such a situation . "

"Aiyah, but the way she replied a while ago really makes one think that she was hiding being the Ace for a long time . "

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"Right . I think that too . Instead of refuting her friend's claims, she even acknowledged it . So shameless . "

"Yan Qing Shan wasn't even talking the whole time . Yet she dared take all of the glory . "

Yan Xiaoyi eyes watered, tears brimming in her eyes which she stubbornly prevented from falling . The sight evoking a scene of an aggrieved damsel desperately trying to be strong .

"T-that . . . Ling Er . . . I- I was overwhelmed by their congratulations . I was too happy so I didn't think about the situation . I- I'm so sorry everyone . "

Her voice gradually softened until it was merely a whisper, magnifying her pitiful appearance . After she spoke, Yan Xiaoyi briskly walked out followed by Shen Ling . Adding the finishing touches for her drama .

Yan Qing Shan scoffed, she's got to hand it to this lotus . She knows how to play her strengths .

However, with Yan Xiaoyi running off with her tail between her legs, the show has ended with quite the bang .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!