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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:31 AM

Chapter 22


The loud sound of things being smashed and broken echoed within the walls of Yan Xiaoyi's bedroom . She chose to go straight to their home instead of her dorm .

She was fuming . Yan Xiaoyi did not expect that she would be embarrassed so greatly in front of a large crowd and higher up of her department . What drove her even madder was she was embarrassed in front of that bitch, Yan Qing Shan .

Yan Xiaoyi could take it better if that slut wasn't there . Instead not only was she there, she was even the reason why she lost all of her face . She was absolutely unreconciled .

Her chest heaved . The stifling feeling suffocated her . Yan Xiaoyi heard her door open followed by a loud gasp from her mother Zhao Ming Hua .

"Xiaoyi dear, what happened? Why is your room in this state?"

Upon hearing her mother's inquiries, Yan Xiaoyi burst into tears and ran to her mother's embrace .

"Mommy! You have to help . That bitch! That slut! She humiliated me in front of a lot of people today . Our dean was even there! I've lost all my face! How can I go to school now?"

She sobbed uncontrollably as she voiced out all of her grievances . That's right . It was all Yan Qing Shan's fault .

Her mother patted Yan Xiaoyi's hair lightly and gently coaxed her to stop crying .

"Alright . Tell me what happened first . "

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Yan Xiaoyi rubbed her eyes and wiped away the tears in her face . She looked up at her mother pitifully and recounted what happened .

"I was announced as the Ace of our department today, Mommy . I tried my best to do qualify for it so I could surprise you and Daddy . But that slut! That slut sabotaged me . After the Dean and Assistant Dean congratulated me, the Head Teacher she was in cahoots with suddenly requested to talk to the Dean in private . "

Yan Xiaoyi paused for a while, taking in deep breaths as she tried to stop her tears .

"Next thing I know, she suddenly became the Ace . It was okay for people to laugh at me, Mommy . But why does she also need to take away the Ace position from me? I didn't do anything to her . Why does sister take away everything that's supposed to be mine?"

Her voice full of ire and sorrow caused Zhao Ming Hua's eyes to sharpen with malice . Yan Qing Shan continued to provoke them again and again, just like how her mother did .

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Zhao Ming Hua comforted her daughter with another hug .

"Don't worry, Xiaoyi . Mommy will deal with this . Let her enjoy being the Ace . Let her ascend to the highest heavens first . That way, it will be more satisfying for us when we take her down . I will make sure that what is yours cannot be taken away by that slut . Believe in mommy, okay?"

After hearing her mother's assurances, a sinister smile bloomed from Yan Xiaoyi's face .

'Bitch, I'll take everything away from you . Just like how I took away your status, your wealth, and your family . A slut like do not deserve them . Only I deserve them . '


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After Yan Xiaoyi had calmed down, Zhao Ming Hua went out of her room . She treaded the way to the study where Yan Tian Yu was .

'Daring to take away my Xiaoyi's place . I will ruin you Yan Qing Shan . Slowly . Just like how I ruined your mother . '

Zhao Ming Hua clenched her fists at that thought . When she reached the door, she knocked softly . A deep voice told her to come in . She plastered a worried and anxious smile . Her countenance evoking concern to whoever sees it . This was the look Yan Tian Yu can never let slide .

"Hua Er, it's you . What happened? Why do you look like that?"

Zhao Ming Hua sighed, her fair brows remained scrunched up as she took her seat in front of the man's table .

She looked at the man whom she had loved and hated at the same time . Time did not lessen his attractiveness but even added an undeniable refinement to it . Zhao Ming Hua shook her head to rid her of such useless thoughts . It was not the time to appreciate the man's looks .

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