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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:27 AM

Chapter 25

After her first meeting with the Aces, Yan Qing Shan settled the matters with regards to her move in the Ace Villa . It only took her a day to transfer all her things from her previous dorm . Which led her to having a free day before she met the other Aces for the big test .

Having nothing better to do, she decided to surprise Zi Jue with a visit to his office . It was her way of pacifying him . Yan Qing Shan couldn't forget his forlorn, puppy dog look when she left for school . She was also thankful he didn't insist on keeping her at Ying Yue Garden .

"I might as well cook some lunch so we could eat together . "

Yan Qing Shan thought . Then she paused . A sudden realization dawning on her . Was it okay for her to be like this? It all felt so strange . She shouldn't really care about whether he had eaten or not . Or should she? And what was she going to do at his office anyway? Besides, was she even doing this right?

"Qing Shan, you said you'd try . This is considered trying . Alright?"

After her self-assuring pep talk, Yan Qing Shan proceeded to the Villa's kitchen and cooked some of Zi Jue's favorites . She packed it in a lunchbox along a with a flask of chrysanthemum tea . There were leftovers from her cooking, so she set it in the middle of the dining table with a note that anyone could eat it .

Yan Qing Shan dressed herself up in a crisp trousers paired with a coral button-down blouse . She slipped on her favorite penny loafers . Yan Qing Shan dabbed on a light coral shade lipstick and also put on some tint to give color to her absurdly fair face .

'Hmm, I really should do something about this limp hair . '

Yan Qing Shan checked her watch . It was only half-past 10 . She still had time to go to a salon and have her hair fixed . With that in mind, she left the Ace Villa in anticipation .

However, as she boarded the taxi Yan Qing Shan realized one crucial problem . She didn't know a good salon . She had never really tried having a make over or anything of the sort . She was used to cutting her hair herself using ordinary scissors . It was easy and economic .

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'Really, Qing Shan! How much of an introvert could you get? You don't go out . You have no friends . And now, you don't even know where to find a salon! Aiyah . You're a hermit . A hermit!"

She berated herself . Yan Qing Shan then took out her phone and whipped up trusty ol' google . 15 minutes later she arrived at Hair Goddess Salon . It was the first one that popped up at her searches . And Yan Qing Shan was too lazy to even bother searching for another .

When she entered the premises, she saw a familiar, friendly face .

"Ah! Yan Qing Shan? You're here as well?"

Jia Yi Lan greeted her enthusiastically . Yan Qing Sham was secretly happy . She didn't know much of the girly stuff . Even putting on light makeup, if lipstick and cheektint are considered as such, was something she learned through video tutorials . She gave up watching those halfway because it was too complicated for her . The women in the videos were speaking in a language alien to her . It was fortunate enough that she had a passable fashion sense . So, she wasn't that tragic .

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"Just call me Qing Shan . I wanted to get my hair done . It's too limp and dull . " She replied to the girl with a smile .

Jia Yi Lan was momentarily dazed by her smile . Added to the fact the person seemed to be unaware of how charming she is, so it took Jia Yi Lan a few heartbeats to answer .

"Then call me Yi Lan, as well . Let's drop the formalities . I could help you if that's okay?"

Yan Qing Shan gave her a full-blown smile . What can she do? Relief overtook her to the point she couldn't keep her cold face .

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"That would be great . You're a lifesaver . I don't know what I'm going to do with it, anyway . "

The poor Jia Yi Lan who was shot with her megawatt smile just nodded a long . After recovering herself, she called for her trusted stylist and asked her to do Yan Qing Shan's hair .

Before Yan Qing Shan braved the torture that is having her hair done, she sent a text to Housekeeper Liu Ying . She informed him that she was going to Zi Jue's office and that if possible he could fetch her at the lobby .

She haven't been to Zi Jue's company before and thus, she feared that she might be barred from going there without prior appointment . Yan Qing Shan also repeatedly cautioned him to keep her visit from Zi Jue since it was a surprise .

She put down her phone, afterwards . Then asked the stylist to proceed with the torture . . . erm . . . the styling .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!