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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:25 AM

Chapter 27

Zi Jue has been irritable these past few days . Things have just been looking up between him and Yan Qing Shan and yet they had to be separated .

Alright, maybe he's a bit exaggerated . She was just going to school . Z University was just half an hour ride away from where he is . He could visit her anytime he wants to . But then again, it was still different without her in the house .

The previous days before she moved to the dormitory, Yan Qing Shan has always greeted him at the door when he arrived from work . And God fobid, he misses that . He misses her greeting him . He misses her small smiles and blushing face when he greets her back with a forehead kiss . He misses her pleasant voice berating him for not eating vegetables during dinner . He just misses her .

If it was previously, when she still indifferent to him then he could take the temporary seperation . That's not the case this time though . It was like Zi Jue was given his favorite food in the whole, wide world but was refrained from even seeing it .

Aside from that, Zi Jue was pretty sure Yan Qing Shan would just scold him for skipping work . Such scenario was highly probably considering her personality .

Work can only do so much to distract him . Instead, it's even adding to his irritation . Worse thing was, the heartless hermit did not care for his sanity enough to send even just a text . Zi Jue would never admit, even to his death, that everytime his phone rang he would hope for it to be her .

Zi Jue sighed and slumped in his seat . He was acting so mushy, he couldn't even recognize himself . He glowered at the documents in front of him as if he was facing his archenemy . If he finished these troublesome things earlier, then he could go and see his baby girl .

With that thought, his vigor was renewed . Zi Jue immered himself in the proposals again that he didn't even bother looking up when the door to his office opened with a click .

It was only when the overpowering fragrance of artificial perfume assailed his pitiful nose that he glanced at the person who came in . His eyebrows furrowed . What is this woman doing here at this time?

"Chairman Zi, do you have a moment?"

The girl's saccharine voice rang in Zi Jue's ear . He never realized how irritating Yu Yan was . If not for his baby girl pointing it out, he'd be oblivious until now . Zi Jue shivered ominously when he felt the slick stare she was giving him . He wanted to fire her but he remembered Yan Qing Shan's words . Besides, despite her covert overtures, she had not stepped out of bounds . Zi Jue did not have a concrete reason to get rid of her . But as a measure he had cut down her duties which involved him . However, it seemed like she couldn't handle it anymore and now went for a direct confrontation .

"No, I don't . "

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He replied curtly and went back to reading the papers . As if Zi Jue would give her the chance to prolong their interaction .


Yu Yan stiffened at the direct rejection of Zi Jue . She noticed how he seemed to be avoiding her lately . Even her work was lessened . She was alarmed . This could not happen . She had expended a lot of effort to get close to Zi Jue .

He was her ideal man . He had power, wealth, and status . Not to mention his overly good looks besting all of the eligible bachelors in the country . Yu Yan knew she would live like the queen that she is with him around .

At first she had only pursued him through subtle cues . But despite the gentle smile Zi Jue always seem to have, he was in reality really cold . He was especially ruthless to those women who openly pursue him . That is why Yu Yan chose to lie low . He treated women the same anyway, so she was not that worried .

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Until that time . Yu Yan clenched her fists when she remembered it . She was so glad that Zi Jue finally allowed her to go with him to Ying Yue Garden . But she was enraged when she saw a woman there . Zi Jue even kissed and acted gentle towards her . That slut took her position . That was supposed to be her . Someone as ugly as that Yan Qing Shan didn't deserve Zi Jue . The worse thing was after that time, Zi Jue ignored her completely .

Yu Yan knew she couldn't hold back anymore that was why she braved everything and directly went to confront him . Only, Zi Jue wasn't going with the script .

She steeled herself and approached him nearer . Yu Yan knew this was her only chance . She directly went to Zi Jue's side with her head downcast .

"Chairman Zi, have I done something wrong? I . . . My work was suddenly handled by Mr . Liu Ying . A-Are you perhaps unsatisfied?"

Yu Yan made sure her voice sounded pitiful . With her voice like this, she was sure Zi Jue's protective insticts will kick in . Men always fall for this delicateness .

Yu Yan fluttered her eyes evoking a gentle charm as she peeked at him . She didn't wait for Zi Jue to speak when she moved to her next step .

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Yu Yan went closer to him and then pretended to suddenly trip . She fell directly to his lap, her arms wounding around his neck . Yu Yan was elated . She reveled in the feeling of Zi Jue's hard chest muscles and intoxicating scent .

"What are you doing?"

Zi Jue's cutting voice snapped her out of reverie . The aura around him turned deadly making her whimper in fear .

'Oh no! I overdid it . '

Yu Yan panicked when she felt his hands gripped her arms, which was laying on the crook of his neck, so tightly it hurts . She was about to shout out when Yu Yan felt Zi Jue stiffen .

"What is going on here?"

Yu Yan forgot the pain she was feeling when she heard that frosty voice . She turned her head down to hide the sinister smile which formed in her lips . The timing of this slut was great . With this, she could drive Yan Qing Shan away . Her plan was somehow still a success .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!