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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:19 AM

Chapter 32

As befitting of the abode of this generation's geniuses, Ace Villa boasted a state-of-the-art training center . It consist of a highly modernized shooting area . A sparring arena along with top-notch fitness equipment and other basic sports gear . Outside was a wide track field as well as an obstacle course . Beyond the training center was a forest suitable for hiking and parkour practice . Obviously, the administration didn't want them to be mere intellects .

Yan Qing Shan was currently facing off seven handsome men and a delicate woman . It was time for her test . Qi Xia had informed her of what they had agreed on . Though Yan Qing Shan was a bit surprised, it did not matter to her either way .

"So which one of you will challenge me first?"

She asked going straight to the point . It would be best for her if this was over and done with as quickly as possible .

"That would be me . We'll have the shooting first then a hand-to-hand combat . Do you accept?"

Yan Qing Shan didn't bother replying and merely glanced fleetingly at Hong Zhen Yue's buff form . She went straight to the shooting range without waiting for him and the other aces to recover .

"How do you want to play?"

She asked neutrally when she felt their presence come nearer . Seriously, why are these people dilly-dallying so much? At this rate, it would take her another day to compete against all of them .

"Ten shots . Highest score basis . "

Hong Zhen Yue curtly answered . The corner of her lips lifted up in an indistinct smile . Heh . This guy didn't even bother explaining . At least he's moving a lot quicker now .

Yan Qing Shan assented to his words before turning away from them to pick out a gun . After shuffling through the stack of firearms, Yan Qing Shan took out a small, inconspicuous handgun .

She heard Hong Zhen Yue snort when he saw her choice . She internally sneered . Not that he could blame him, of course . As a man and of a military origin at that, using Sig Sauer P938 is a joke .

But Yan Qing Shan goes by the principle of familiarity . She would rather use one she was familiar with and be ridiculed than show off and lose . The handgun may be merely 5 . 9 inches but she knew how potent it was as a concealed carry weapon . Besides, unknown to those not from the underworld, Sig P938 was Izanami's scythe .

"You go first . "

She turned to Hong Zhen Yue who as she expected picked a Smith & Wesson M&P . The latter shrugged and proceeded to the booth . Hong Zhen Yue put on his ear and eye protection, afterwards he aimed and shot his first bullet to the target .


10 pts .


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9 . 8 pts .


9 . 9 pts .

Consecutive gunshots echoed within the shooting range . Hong Zhen Yue's scores never strayed far from the range of nine and 10 . Finishing up, he looked at Yan Qing Shan with a smug smile .

A corner of her mouth twitched in slight annoyance at the guy . Where was that smugness coming from? His score was worse than hers even when blindfolded . This Hong Zhen Yue was blaspheming the honor of marksmen .

Yan Qing Shan squinted her eyes at him . A sudden mischievous thought crossed her mind . He needed to learn how fatal complacency can be .

She went to the booth, not bothering to put on eye and ear protection . Yan Qing Shan found those gears cumbersome . You can't possibly ask an opponent for a time out just to wear those during a battle .

Then she casted a glance at the target . Her gaze lingering for a mere couple of seconds . She turned herself sideways . Her hand aiming at the target but her eyes directed to the bewildered Aces watching her . Without much ceremony, she fired her Sig P938 . The shots were seamless and nonstop .

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A resounding boom of fanfare reverberated in the shooting range .

"Perfect score! Congratulations!"

Eight pairs of bulging eyes met her nonchalant once . Hong Zhen Yue, specifically was stupefied and full of disbelief .

Pin-drop silence blanketed the atmosphere . Suddenly, a certain glutton was too dense to notice the tense air spoke in his pleasantly cute voice .

"Jie jie! You're so amazing! You weren't even looking at the target . Hong Zhen Yue, this stupid battle maniac was totally trashed without so much a sweat . "

Ning Xie Zhi's tone was fawning . On top of that his eyes glittered with awe and admiration . The Aces even thought he was about to go and prostrate at Yan Qing Shan's feet . Not to mention, it almost made them forget his contemptible tongue . Except it still wreaked its havoc, with Hong Zhen Yue as the victim .

Yan Qing Shan: " . . . . "

Other Aces: " . . . . " Who are we? Where are we? What is going on?

Hong Zhen Yue: " . . . . " Vomits blood .

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Ning Xie Zhi: " . . . . " Why are they so silent?

Hong Zhen Yue cleared his throat and then chuckled awkwardly . He didn't expect her to be an expert sharpshooter . He lost so terribly he couldn't even utter a complaint .

However, this did not lessen his enthusiasm in testing out Yan Qing Shan . It increased his excitement and interest in her even more .

He even formed a sliver of respect to Yan Qing Shan . He knew that her skills with the gun has far surpassed his . She was most probably already on par with his father and grandfather who were military elites .

"It's my loss this time . I'm not going to let you off in the hand-to-hand combat though . "

Hong Zhen Yue spiritedly said . His confidence brimmed . After all, she may be a sharpshooter but that doesn't mean she'll be an expert at handfighting as well .

Yan Qing Shan raised her brow . As expected of the battle maniac from the Hong family . Able to take a loss gracefully .

"If you say so . "

She replied, her lips holding a trace of a mysterious smile .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!