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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:18 AM

Chapter 33

Yan Qing Shan stood indifferently in the middle of the sparring ring in her long cotton shirt, soft jeans and sneakers . She looked as if she was just going for a walk compared to the fully suited up Hong Zhen Yue .

She shook her head discreetly . Was there really a need to change outfits just for a fight? Isn't that just silly? Wouldn't it be more helpful if they simulated real-life fighting instead?

"All right, let's get this straight . I want a fair fight from both of you . Zhen Yue, she's a girl . Spare the face, okay? Take it a bit easy on her . Yan Qing Shan, good luck!"

Xu Lei who immersed himself in being their referee said . Yan Qing Shan frowned . He was doing something uncalled for . She turned to him her face sharp and cold .

"I don't need him to give a handicap nor take it easy on me . Why ask for a fair fight when in the end you're asking that?"

The man stiffened at her words . He scratched the back of his head and laughed awkwardly .

"I'm shutting up . Shutting up . "


Hong Zhen Yue watched Xu Lei fumbled out of the arena . He got to give it to Yan Qing Shan . She can shut that chatterbox up like it was no big deal .

He turned to the woman standing a few feet from him . Her stance was casual and nonchalant . But Hong Zhen Yue couldn't find a single opening .

A minute passed . Then three . Three minutes turned to five . Five minutes turned to ten . Qin Jiran yawned loudly as 15 minutes passed yet they were still looking at each other face to face .

Hong Zhen Yue couldn't prolong it anymore . He opted to strike first . Offense is the best defense, after all . Only, never in his wildest dreams did he expect what happened next .

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Yan Qing Shan could have made the first move . But she didn't want to waste such futile effort . So she merely waited for Hong Zhen Yue to be impatient and attack first .

'Ah . As expected . He couldn't hold for long . '

She thought as she watched him prepare to strike . Yan Qing Shan shook her head discreetly . It turns out that Hong Zhen Yue still needed a lot of training . If she wanted to make him her subordinate, he at least needed to be able to land a blow on her .

However, the current him now wouldn't be able to take even one of her full-powered strike . She lamented in her heart . She was going to make sure these aces are molded properly with her care .

The Aces who were oblivious to Yan Qing Shan's thoughts felt a shiver run up their spines . An ominous feeling surrounded them .

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Meanwhile, Yan Qing Shan cringed as looked on at the incoming punch of Hong Zhen Yue . It was directed at her solar plexus . But his form exposed a glaring opening to Yan Qing Shan, aside from other small openings that were honestly negligible .

She tried her best to ignore it . Really, she did . However, her reflexes had already reached an instinctual level . Aside from the fact that her fighting style consist of mostly no nonsense one-hit kills .

The outcome was as expected . Hong Zhen Yue's fist was still in the air when Yan Qing Shan's palm connected with his gut . She held back her force by half . But the poor guy was still thrown back ten steps away and landed on his back with a loud, pained groan .

Yan Qing Shan walked towards him with calculated steps and stopped right beside his head . Her shadow casted over him unconsciously emphasizing her superiority which made Hong Zhen Yue even more sullen .

He didn't even realized she had made a move . It was all too quick even for someone like him who bitterly trained . He had greatly underestimated this seemingly cold and indifferent woman . She was a monster beneath that exterior .

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"You're form is poor . You leave too many openings and you're impatient . You're loss was inevitable . "

Yan Qing Shan's bluntness made Hong Zhen Yue vomit blood for real .

'Sister, you already won . Is there a need to sprinkle salt on my wounds? Leave me a bit of my pride will you?'

He grumbled internally . The other Aces were too stupefied to even make a squeak of a noise . Their flabbergasted looks were so amusing Yan Qing Shan almost laughed out loud . She held out her hand to Hong Zhen Yue and helped him up .

"Yan Qing Shan, you have my acknowledgment . Just you wait . I'll be able to beat you soon enough . "

She scoffed audibly at his words but chose not to retort further . Though she couldn't help but commend once again the unrelenting battle spirit of Hong Zhen Yue . Yan Qing Shan did not utter another word . She was afraid that if she did, his poor ego will be shattered to dust .

Instead, she roamed her eyes on the spectating Aces . One down . Seven to go .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!