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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:11 AM

Chapter 39

Yan Qing Shan wanted to take back her acquiescence . But Ning Xie Zhi and the other's hopeful faces held her back .

"You know, you could just ask me to cook you lunch directly . No need for flattery or even proclaiming me as the Ace Sovereign . "

She said resignedly with a hint of reprimand . Being the Ace Sovereign is equivalent to her being their leader . After all, one cannot become the sovereign without the other Aces oath of allegiance . The concept of this is a similar to knights swearing fealty to their monarch .

This particular pledge is something that the Aces can never take back . Simply speaking, it is an unbreakable oath . That was why there were only a number of Ace Classes in the past which proclaimed a sovereign .

The way Ning Xie Zhi was going with this was a bit too casual and perfunctory . Not to mention, it was way too impulsive . He can't possibly be serious with what he was saying since it involved everyone's fate as well as their pride and dignity . What does he take their honors for? Candies?

Though becoming their Sovereign was in line with her plans and would make circumstances a lot easier for her . Yan Qing Shan also didn't want them to be so rash . Besides there was this dark brooding thought hovering around her, saying that becoming their Sovereign is one big trap .

Qi Xia walked forward and patted Ning Xie Zhi's back . The latter nodded and stood aside .

"Actually, we agree with what Xie Zhi is saying . You have already beaten the four of us . This is enough to prove yourself worthy . These remaining four already took their stand, as well . Besides, even if you insisted on continuing the challenges, I'm pretty sure Yi Lan would rather lose to you . Wei Ren would never go against his sister and follow suit . Chen Luo would prefer to read . Aside from the fact that he's clueless as to how he'll fight you . As for Xie Zhi, this one relegated himself as your little brother . You can't expect anything from him . "

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Yan Qing Shan kept her silence, processing Qi Xia's words carefully .

"We're all willing to have you as the Sovereign . This may be sudden but all of us are sensible enough to realize that if you lead us, it'll be very beneficial . Us Aces do not care for background or anything . We picked you for your abilities . If you're worrying about whether we're being forced to this, trust me we're not . It would be better for you to accept our pledge and prove that we aren't wrong in choosing to follow you . Wouldn't you think so, Miss Yan?"

Qi Xia continued his self-promotion . Yan Qing Shan was a straightforward person . Since it was already in her plans to make them her people and they were already offering themselves, who was she to refuse?

Yan Qing Shan nodded and smiled genuinely at them for the first time . She was never really good at interpersonal relations . A smile is the best she can do to prove her sincerity . This foreign feeling of being relied on was strange for her . But Yan Qing Shan didn't really dislike it .

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"I think it would be better if we discuss this further during lunch . I believe I still have a request to fulfill . If you all want a feast, time is running . "

She said her voice warming up . The stunned Aces couldn't say anything and merely nodded as the followed her to the kitchen . They were all thinking that Yan Qing Shan should smile more . It makes her less of an ice block and more of a human .

. . . .

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A few hours later a surge of mouth watering and hunger inducing fragrance wafted out from the kitchen to the dining table where the Aces are currently lounging around . They all whipped up their heads at the kitchen's direction and collectively swallowed the pooling drool in their mouths .

Such fragrance was unprecedented . The majority of them were rich and have obviously tried a whole range of gourmet food cooked by Michelin starred chefs . But they can all agree Yan Qing Shan's dishes had a charm to it that was absent from those food .

It seems like their newly acknowledged Ace Sovereign wasn't just an overpowered prodigy of various fields, she was also an up and coming culinary genius . How lucky could they get?

As they waited for her call to serve, the Aces secretly discussed how to trick this Sovereign of theirs into eternal kitchen duty .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!