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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:03 AM

Chapter 46

Yan Qing Shan was having the time of her life . She knows it was a bit too much of her to take advantage of Zi Jue's discomfort . But this fact also made her amused and happy . It was kind of fun to tease him . It helped distract her from feeling nervous .

She might act nonchalant and all but darn it, she was nervous as heck . This was her first date, alright? She lived her first life cooped up in a library and utterly clueless about real-life romance . Let's admit it, those on novels are simply too unrealistic and high-handed . What goes well in writing can end up a disaster in actuality .

Yan Qing Shan definitely did not want that . She was finall living life . She wanted the best . She researched for this date even before she had the time to invite him . If she was going to try out this relationship, she was hell-bent on doing it properly .

She tried to focus on the movie . But deep inside, Yan Qing Shan was waiting for him to put his arm around her . Or even just hold her hands . That was what boyfriends were supposed to do right? Wait, Zi Jue was already her boyfriend at this rate, isn't he? Or is it ex-husband? After all, their marriage was never annulled before she died . That would make him still her husband . But, they haven't married yet in this lifetime, though .

She shook her head, disregarding those useless thoughts . It doesn't really matter at this point . One thing was for sure, they have a relationship . And she has already claimed dibs on Zi Jue . She couldn't deny the attraction she felt for him . There was no point . And was there a need to in the first place? Of she kept on denying that spark of attraction, it would be quite a loss .

He was after all, a dreamboat and hopelessly in love with her . Yan Qing Shan could now understand why Zi Jue was the most sought-after bachelor . He was quite a fine specimen . His genes were topnotch . He has everything at the tip of his hand . Who in their right mind wouldn't want to be his woman?

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Oh . Wait . Wouldn't that be me? I didn't want to be his woman in the past . Well, not didn't want to be his, per se . But more like, she didn't want to be anyone's woman . Such was the pride of a genius . So does that mean she wasn't in the right mind back then?

Aish . It was the fault of this smiling devil . He was on the verge of disappointing her completely . She wouldn't think of other things if he only make his move . It is already half-way into the movie and Zi Jue was there with his eyes intent on the screen and eating popcorn like it was the most delicious thing in the world . Was the movie that great? Should she have picked a horror movie instead and acted scared so he would embrace and comfort her? Yan Qing Shan took note of that .

This was why when the opportunity presented itself, Yan Qing Shan took her revenge . She teased him with an almost kiss when a steamy scene played out . The guy became stiff as a hardwood . Yan Qing Shan was pleased .

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The movie ended with no significant something happening . Yan Qing Shan was sulking inside . Should she be the one to make the first move, in the end? But she was already the one who invited him out . Aiyah! Where was the dream date that the articles were saying? There was no doubt about it, they really were faulty .

Yan Qing Shan toughened herself . Maybe things will be different at the amusement park . She would be able to finally try kissing and prove if it really was pleasurable as they say . That would be a good research material . Not to mention, Zi Jue has really nice lips . They looked soft and inviting . But first she must make sure Zi Jue actually kisses her .

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The whole ride to the amusement park went on without a hitch . As in they were both awkwardly silent . Yan Qing Shan waited for him to talk . But in the end, they arrived without a sound coming out of his luscious mouth .

"What do you want to ride first, Shan Er?"

She heard him ask coolly when they entered the premises of the park . The place looked like a wonderland and it made anyone feel like a princess . Including her . If only her prince cooperated . Sigh .

Yan Qing Shan stared at him for a long time . Then she pointed at the inconspicuously, huge, and bright wheel with its glimmering light beckoning to them . In a curt tone, she said

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