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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:48 AM

Chapter 7

'Ah . I was so stupid . This kind of life wasn't so bad . In fact, it's perfect . This is freaking heaven . Why the hell did I not indulge in this in my past life? I'm such a moron . '

Yan Qing Shan was currently basking in the soft sunlight, greedily taking in the beauty of gardens surrounding her as if it was for the first time . The past days have been truly blissful for her, thus her lamenting above . It was also a blessing that Housekeeper Liu had already dealt with her absence from university . She no longer had to worry about it and only think of enjoying her little break .

At first, the changes she showed scared the servants of Ying Yue Garden . Yan Qing Shan especially found Housekeeper Liu Ying's flabbergasted expression thoroughly funny . And this expression of his seems to automatically appear whenever she's around .

Qing Shan was glad that despite her being eternally indifferent to them at the start, they had now warmed up to her . She can now converse happily with the maids, whom she found to be pure and quite simple-minded people . Qing Shan also developed particularly close ties with the gardener Uncle Shen, with whom she discusses the future of her beloved garden about; and the cook Auntie Rong . She was quite stunned when she found out that Auntie Rong was also Zi Jue's nanny since he was a baby .

Because of this, she had developed a hobby of staying in the kitchen to help Auntie Rong out, while also gossiping about Zi Jue . At first, the old lady was skeptical of her . But when she proved to her that she truthfully wanted to get to know Zi Jue better, Auntie Rong conceded . In actuality, she just pestered the old woman until Yan Qing Shan grew on her . In the process she had also gotten herself a motherly figure in Auntie Rong, to which she had no qualms about .

Though Auntie Rong would nag at her sometimes, Qing Shan found it endearing . For someone like her who was an invisible entity in that cold place called her family home, the old lady's concern was a lethal shot of warmth . Not to mention, Auntie Rong makes wickedly delicious dumplings . The very dumplings which she had thrown her dignity for .

Qing Shan still shivers whenever she remembered acting like a spoiled brat just to have Auntie Rong make her those dumplings . Though the old lady indulged her, she still could not believe she was capable of such feat . Her aloof and indiferrent reputation crumbled for good .

'But those dumplings are totally worth it, ah . '

Yan Qing Shan smiled sweetly to herself as she looked forward to her days in Ying Yue Garden, to her days with these people she had already acknowledge as family . It didn't matter that they were servants . It didn't matter if at first, they took care of her because Zi Jue asked them to . These days, she could feel their sincerity . Qing Shan realized that be it now or in her past life, they really did treat her with honest and utmost care . It was another of those that she had overlooked in the past .

'Truly like their master . Sigh . This time I won't ignore them anymore and properly reciprocate . They are my people now . '

Qing Shan silently vowed as she breathed in the fragrance of the flowers .

"Miss Yan, I brought you some rose tea and sakura cakes . "

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She heard the soft voice of the maid, Meili, who was setting down the food she brought at the glass table of the gazebo . Qing Shan nodded at her and smiled .

Meili was the first person she had interacted with after her rebirth . Thus, she had kept a valuable impression of her . The girl was lively and honest . Also, she seems to have acquired an attachment to her and had become fiercely loyal .

"Xiao Lili, haven't I told not to call me Miss Yan anymore . If saying Qing Shan is uncomfortable, then let's compromise with Miss Shan . "

Qing Shan said warmly .

"En . Understood, Miss Shan . I figured you'd be in the gardens reading at this time . So I thought why not bring you something to eat and drink . You tend to forget these things when you read ah . "

She chuckled at this rant of the little maid . Well, she did have a point there .

"Thank you so much for your concern . Xiao Lili is the sweetest . "

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Meili blushed at her words but nevertheless, her smile grew wider .

"Oh right . Your master, when is he coming home? I thought he'll only be away at Country M for five days? It has already been a week . Why isn't he here yet?"

Qing Shan inquired . She could ask this to Liu Ying, however she ought to give that poor housekeeper a break lest his flabbergasted look really become permanent .

"About this, I don't know for sure miss . It's housekeeper Liu Ying who has contact with the master . "

Qing Shan nodded at this . It was well within her expectations .

"I see . Nevermind then . I just have to wait . Hopefully, he didn't meet any mishap . "

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She said absent-mindedly . Qing Shan had not seen Zi Jue yet . She was curious to see him in this life .

"Don't worry, miss . Master will surely go home any day now . Especially if he knew that you are already missing him so . I'm sure he'll fly right back . "

Qing Shan almost choked on her tea . Her? Missing Zi Jue? Where did that come from?

"Miss him? How do you say so?"

The little maid looked at her, brows furrowed in confusion .

"Haven't you noticed yourself miss? You have been asking about master repeatedly for the past days . If that does not mean you miss him, then I don't know what else it means . "

Qing Shan wanted to refute Meili but her innocent look as she said those words was enough to stop her . She really couldn't shatter this young lady's views .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!