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Published at 27th of January 2020 11:55:10 AM

Chapter 70

"What . . . What was that? I feel so lost right now . " Jia Wei Ren who was quiet the whole time murmured to himself .

Hong Zhen Yue turned to Qi Xia and eyed him incredulously .

"Is this what you mean with what you said a while ago, you sly fox? How'd you know?" He asked with an unbelieving tone .

Qi Xia merely sighed at Hong Zhen Yue's words . He pondered about the sudden turn of events . Qi Xia didn't know what to make of it . At this point, they can't choose a course of action and move immediately for damage control . It seems like they'd have to confront Yan Qing Shan about it .

"There was something wrong with Jie's smile at the last photo . " Ning Xie Zhi blurted out of nowhere .

"What do you mean, Xiao Zhi?" Jia Yi Lan turned to him in confusion . All she saw was that beautiful yet rare smile of Yan Qing Shan . Ah, even in this situation her beauty could divert attention .
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Ning Xie Zhi stood up and walked to Qin Jiran's side . He gestured for the latter to allow him the controls of the laptop to which Qin Jiran obliged . Ning Xie Zhi selected the last picture .

Yan Qing Shan stood at the floor to ceiling french windows looking ethereally beautiful as her hands hovered at the side of the windows . She had a smirk on her petal like lips but her eyes glinted sharp as they stared head on at the camera .

Wait .

The Aces gasped consecutively as they realized a fact that was staring at them in the face . It must be said that these geniuses were worthy of their name . They were able to process this information quicker than others . It would have been faster had they not been preoccupied with their emotions . Yes . These usually uncaring and apathetic people let their emotions get ahead of them for the first time .

"Qing Shan Jie knew . She knew that she was being tailed and taken photographs of . " Ning Xie Zhi voiced out the obvious .

Qi Xia felt the hairs on his skin rising . It seems Yan Qing Shan has already predicted everything . It was even possible that she already has a counter plan laid out . Such a thing . . . Qi Xia couldn't help but admire this Sovereign of theirs even more .

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"It would be best if we wait for Yan Qing Shan to reach out to us . Let's not be drastic lest we might derail whatever the Sovereign is planning . " Qi Xia advised them .

Jia Wei Ren shrugged and spoke in a bitter tone . "Do you think she'll reach out to us? I mean, Yan Qing Shan has the guardians on her side . What would she need us for?"

The others froze up at this . Even the unconcerned Chen Luo snapped his head at Jia Wei Ren, his brows furrowed deeply .

That's right . Yan Qing Shan was Izanami . And Izanami had lots of capable people, including the guardians at her side . There was even Hades who could solve everything for her with just a snap of his fingers . Then, what are they, the Aces for?

The intelligent lot couldn't help but recall the past few days where they did nothing except their assigned chores . They even relied on Yan Qing Shan to cook and feed them .

Ah, what a shame!

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"No . This can't be . We can't let ourselves be useless . " Xu Lei lamented .

Ning Xie Zhi and Chen Luo nodded vigorously . "Qing Shan Jie might not cook us food anymore . I'm already at the point where my picky palate prefer her cooking over anything else . If we become useless, she might drive us out . "

"Right . " Chen Luo seconded the foul-mouthed bishounen .

"I feel like you're focusing at the wrong things here . " Qi Xia commented but was ignored by the worried lot .

"I'll lose the chance to beat her or fight with those guardians of her . That can't happen . I only got this opportunity . " Hong Zhen Yue the fighting maniac complained .

"No! I won't allow myself to become the only lady around here . I'll go crazy . " Jia Yi Lan added .

Qin Jiran shook his head . Qi Xia was right . These people were really focusing on the wrong aspect of the situation .

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"Hey, stop your chatter . It's not helping . " Qin Jiran reprimanded them .

Except, instead of grateful looks Qin Jiran found himself on the receiving of bright, hungry glares . He crouched on his spot at this .

'What's with them? Why are they suddenly looking at me like some rabid and starved dogs and I'm their designated food?' Qin Jiran shuddered at this thought . He turned to Qi Xia in confusion, imploring for clarification . The latter just raised a brow at him and acted dead .

The complaining Aces suddenly surrounded Qin Jiran .

"Jiran, ah . You're the expert in computers and hacking here . Why don't you make yourself useful huh?" Jia Yi Lan uttered slowly, with her eyes shining that peculiar light whenever she was about to get violent .

Qin Jiran blanked out . He was taken out of stupor when he heard the cracking of Jia Yi Lan's knuckles .

'Damn you, Qi Xia!' He cursed the fox in his mind before facing the rabid dogs . . . erhm Aces .
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