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Published at 27th of January 2020 11:55:08 AM

Chapter 72

"Zeus . " Yan Qing Shan started . Qin Jiran immediately perked up at her use of his favored name . However, he wondered why Yan Qing Shan would refer to him as such at a time like this . Here we can see that Qin Jiran's brightness is quite erratic . Most times he would immediately understand the underlying reasons for a situation, other times his mind's gears were dismally slow .

Qin Jiran straightened up . "Yes, Sovereign?"

"You up for a little web excursion?" Yan Qing Shan asked playfully . She was aware of the turmoil that the Zhao mother and daughter has created in the web . She was going to let them enjoy their victory . . . for now . Yan Qing Shan still needed to create the perfect stage for them . It would be a loss if she was not able to let those two shed a little bit of skin .

"What do I need to do?" Qin Jiran tried hard to suppress his excitement but his trembling voice betrayed him . It's been so long since he has wreaked havoc on the web . People has forgotten to fear his other name by now .

"I'll mail you the specifics . Get down to it in your own pace . No need to rush . You can exchange ideas with Yui as well, if you're up for it . "

Qin Jiran pursed his lip .

"I'm enough for the job, Sovereign . No need to use an oxcleaver to kill a chicken . How wasteful . " Yan Qing Shan chuckled at this but nevertheless relented at the hacker's declaration .

Yan Qing Shan felt warm fingers tenderly combing her pin-straight hair . She leaned her head at Zi Jue's broad shoulders with a little smile on her fair face .

"You're sure you don't want my help?" Zi Jue mumbled softly to Yan Qing Shan . She revelled in the feeling of his arms which snaked in lovingly to her waist .

"No need . I can handle this much . " She declined which earned a helpless sigh from him . Yan Qing Shan giggled at this and met his dark, brooding eyes .

"I won't allow you to meddle for now . Don't deprive of the satisfaction in dealing with them myself . If I do need assistance, you'll be the first person I'll turn to . " She patted Zi Jue's hand assuringly, her smiling gaze fixed on him .

The latter's eyes darkened with an unfathomable emotion . Yan Qing Shan was unaware that at the moment her expression was so endearing, it took Zi Jue's breath away .

"Don't look at me like that . " Zi Jue growled lowly, his voice thick with desire . Confusion flashed in Yan Qing Shan's features .

"Look at you like what?" She inquired with furrowed brows . It deepened further when she felt Zi Jue's embrace tightened .

"Don't look at me so sweetly like that . I might kiss you . " Zi Jue replied with frustrated scowl .

It took a short while for Yan Qing Shan to register his meaning . Afterwards, an amused laugh echoed within the confines of the car .

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"Go on, laugh at my expense . " Yan Qing Shan's laugh grew even more delighted at this, especially when she saw him pout like a child whose candy was stolen . Ah really, Zi Jue could be so dense sometimes it was a stark contrast to his brilliant intellect .

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"You are so . . . clueless . I don't see what's holding you back from doing it . " Yan Qing Shan answered after her bout of laughter .

"Doing what?" Zi Jue asked as he cocked his head to her . Question marks were all over his face .

'Alas . He's denser than osmium . '


"You did a good job . Make sure the thread stays in the trending list . As for what's next, you know what to do . " A lilting voice spoke softly on the phone . But what was supposed to be an attractive sound was distorted with such heavy malice, it tainted an otherwise pretty picture .

Yan Xiaoyi smirked deviously as she ended the phone call . Their plans were going smoothly, she could almost see the despair in that disgusting slut's face . To say that it made Yan Xiaoyi ecstatic was an understatement .

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Her train of thought was cut off when she heard the soft raps from her door .

"Xiaoyi, are you there?" Yan Xiaoyi heard her mother, Zhao Ming Hua, knocking . She headed to the door and excitedly let her in .

"Mom, come inside quick . " Zhao Ming Hua raised an eyebrow at her daughter who's good mood blanketed her every feature . Yan Xiaoyi was practically beaming with delight . Zhao Ming Hua felt satisfied . Nothing else matters as long as her daughter is happy .

"My daughter looks happy, huh . Something good happened?" Zhao Ming Hua teased . Yan Xiaoyi tittered at her mother's words .

"Of course I'm happy, mom . That slut Yan Qing Shan is the talk of everyone in the web . No one even bothered defending her from all the slander . Your idea was brilliant, mommy . Young Master Lan's reputation precedes him . I won't be surprised if Yan Qing Shan gets mobbed by his admirers . "

Zhao Ming Hua held her arms akimbo and scoffed mockingly .

"She's too full of herself . Humiliating you like that and taking away your Ace position, she's getting her just desserts . But this much still isn't enough . "

Yan Xiaoyi smiled sweetly at her mother . Yes, Yan Qing Shan deserved all of this and more for everything she did to her, for everything she had taken . Yan Xiaoyi's gentle eyes glinted with hate when she remembered that little tidbit the papparazi she hired told her .

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'Yan Qing Shan, I won't stop until I take everything away from you . I'll make sure Zi Jue abandons you, too . He's mine . Mine!'

Yan Xiaoyi clenched her fist, her nails digging into her palms threatening to draw blood .

"But mommy, are you sure Zi Jue wouldn't meddle? How dare she stay with him? What right does she have?" Yan Xiaoyi asked, rage evident in her tone .

Zhao Ming Hua patted her daughter's hand in assurance .

"Don't you worry, my dear . I don't know why Zi Jue took her in . I'm still trying to find out about this . But remember, no one has ever taken that man's fancy . Besides, if Yan Qing Shan has I'm pretty sure it's only temporary . She's just a plaything . "

Yan Xiaoyi nodded at Zhao Ming Hua's statement . Zi Jue, that powerful man couldn't possibly care for someone like Yan Qing Shan . And now that her reputation is stained, she doesn't even deserve being Zi Jue's plaything .

"I've sent a tip to Zi Jue's secretary . No matter what she is to Zi Jue, I'm certain a scandal like this would land her in dire straits with him . " Yan Xiaoyi added to which Zhao Ming Hua chuckled .

"Definitely . So, don't lose patience . We'll have your party in a couple of weeks . I'll make sure Yan Tianyu invites him again just as he did back then . We'll let him see how much of a slut Yan Qing Shan is . " Yan Xiaoyi beamed at her mother, excited at the prospect of getting rid of the thorn in her side which is Yan Qing Shan and of course, in seeing the elusive Zi Jue .

The mother and daughter duo moved on to lighter topics as they conversed in Yan Xiaoyi's room . Caught in their bliss, they were thoroughly unaware of the subtle red light intermittently blinking at Yan Xiaoyi's desktop computer which was situated in a far corner .
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