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Published at 27th of January 2020 11:55:07 AM

Chapter 74

It has been a week since the scandal surrounding Lan Jing Er and Yan Qing Shan first erupted . Strangely so, the issue is still hot as ever . The passing days didn't calm the fires of gossip but somehow made it even grow bigger . Countless discussions littered the web, even in articles at news sites, entertainment columns, and entertainment shows caught wind to it .

At a marble gazebo within a spectacular garden somewhere in the outskirts of Z City, a stunningly, gorgeous woman tittered bemusedly as she browsed the articles on her mobile phone . Aside from that, countless newspapers with its entertainment columns face up were laid out beside a stack of books . The scenery painted quite a pretty picture of leisure .

"Aiyah! This is so disappointing . Why are they being so dreadfully obvious in fanning the flames of the issue? Anyone with a properly functioning logical mind would figure out that someone was fueling the scandal secretly . "

"I take it back . It's not a secret anymore since it's too apparent . Aiyayay . "

"Haven't they realized that this will merely make it easier for me to deal with them?" The woman's titter was replaced with a frown bordering on a scowl as she mumbled to herself .

"At this rate, my retaliation is going to hurt them so bad already . And this is only the beginning . Their suffering won't be enough to fill the gaps of my teeth . Tsk . Tsk . Ugh, how frustratingly stupid . " Yan Qing Shan huffed in annoyance .

A light shuffle of feet snapped her from her reverie followed by the sweet voice of Meili, the maid she befriended on the day of her rebirth . "You seem irrititated, Miss . Have some tea, it'll cheer you right up . "

Yan Qing Shan smiled gratefully at the little woman and proceeded to partake to the refreshments she had set down .


Whilst Yan Qing Shan ate happily, Meili observed the former discreetly . Ever since the miss had woken from that time, she had changed . When they were first introduced to her, Yan Qing Shan looked out of sorts . The first thing that Meili thought of was a doll . Like that strange little stringed puppets that are moved through strings . A marionette .

Yan Qing Shan exuded an empty feeling, as if she was there but not entirely . Somehow, she was even more frightening than their master, especially the void that were her eyes . Even here struggle to escape, it was all merely like an instinct to fight against the fact that she was taken against her will .

The night of her last escape was a horrible one . They had never seen their master so enraged, so desperate, and so . . . broken . Meili was strongly against the actions of her master that night . Yet, she couldn't meddle nor could she justify the reasoning behind the situation .

Still, Meili was over the moon with how the circumstances are today . Their master and the young miss get along quite well . The whole of Ying Yue Garden was harmonious .

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'I sincerely hope for you happiness, Miss . ' Meili silently prayed as she gazed at Yan Qing Shan .


"Hey there, beautiful . " Yan Qing Shan almost blew out the tea she just sipped in her mouth at the sudden greeting of the one and only smiling devil . She rolled her eyes at him and composed herself . Yan Qing Shan was normally vigilant with her surroundings . It was just that Ying Yue Garden gave her a semblance of security that she finds herself unconsciously relaxing . Hence, Zi Jue's arrival caught her unaware .

Soft, warm lips landed on the apple of her cheek . Yan Qing Shan couldn't help her smile . At this point, Meili had excused herself to give them some privacy which Yan Qing Shan was grateful for . If Meili stays, she might witness the image of their great master crumbling to bits . Zi Jue could care less, but Yan Qing Shan prefer to spare the people a bout of heart attack .

"You're home early . " Yan Qing Shan raised a brow at the man who sat in front of her . He held his head in his palm as he stared at her .

Zi Jue grinned like a kid on Christmas at her words . "I knew you were here . The earlier I go home, the more time I have with you . Besides, I'm the boss . I can go home whenever I want . "

Yan Qing Shan scoffed at his overbearing words before she took a bite of the almond cake that Meili served a while ago .

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"You're probably the only one audacious enough to say such words, Ah Jue . "

Zi Jue smirked naughtily . Contentment evident in his whole being . The glaring scandal dragging Yan Qing Shan's name through the mud during this time was like a punch through cotton . It couldn't break their little bubble of bliss .

As the days progressed, their relationship was pretty much the same . Except it was firmer, sturdier . The trust that they had with each other was stronger, aside from the little gestures of intimacies . Zi Jue didn't want to rush Yan Qing Shan . He wanted her to free herself first from all her worries . It wasn't as if he's leaving anyway . That was probably the last thing that he'll ever do .

"Your father sent me an invitation . " Zi Jue started slowly, checking for subtle changes that might register in that exquisite face of hers .

"He did? Invitation to what exactly?" Yan Qing Shan asked, curiosity obvious in her tone .

Zi Jue pouted when he remembered the contents of the invitation . Liu Ying had kindly read it out loud for him . Zi Jue didn't have the time for such trifles .

"Apparently, it's for a party in honor of your sister . " Zi Jue spat out the last word like it was acid . Yan Qing Shan couldn't help but giggle at such childishness . Despite her thinking that way, she still liked Zi Jue's action .

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Yet, she furrowed her brows as she went through with his answer .

'A party? In honor of Yan Xiaoyi? How ominous . '

Yan Qing Shan tried to remember if there was such a party in her past life . It was only her father's party that retained itself into her mind . It led to her marriage, after all .

'Ah . Yes, there seem to have been a party like that . Except, I wasn't invited . '

"Am I invited to?" Yan Qing Shan asked after a short pause, to which Zi Jue took out an elaborate invitation . He pushed it in her direction, his eyes never leaving her face .
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"Are you going?" Zi Jue tilted his head towards her, his fingers reaching out to the stray strands of hair in her countenance . He twirled it playfully as he waited for her answer .

Yan Qing Shan's face bloomed with a smile of mischief . She leaned her head towards him, closing in their distance .

"Of course . It is unsightly manner if we decline such a precious invitation, wouldn't you say, my love?" Yan Qing Shan stated in a shushed, oddly appealing voice .
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