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Chapter 75

Ace Villa . Early morning .

"Oi, oi Xu Lei what's that you're holding? You can't be reading this early?" Qin Jiran, in his loose gray shirt and joggers, asked off-handedly as flopped himself at the couch where the Ace of Public Relations was currently lounging and flipping around an invitation . His expression like that of someone in a pinch .

"I got an invitation . Well, actually all of us did . " He said pensively, gazing at the piece of paper . Qin Jiran suddenly smirked and took the invitation from his hands .

"Invitation huh? Is it for Yan Xiaoyi's party?"

Xu Lei gaped at him, stunned . Why was it that this guy was informed earlier than he was who usually dealt with PR?

"Hey, hey don't look at me like I'm stealin' your job, alright? I just caught up with the news while I was browsing around . They're hyping it up so much, it's hilarious . "

Xu Lei scowled at Qin Jiran and took back the invitation . He looked around, searching for their other members .

"Where are the others? What do you think? Are we going to this farce?"

Just as Qin Jiran was about to answer his question, the doors to their living swung open . Clad in a crisp white blouse tucked into a ripped boyfriend jeans paired with an immaculate white sneakers was their Sovereign .

The easy-going air she had around her was nothing reminiscent of a woman in an ongoing scandal . Qin Jiran and Xu Lei couldn't help but snicker . Their Sovereign was such a devil-may-care, it contrasted greatly with her cold, uptight mask .

Lately, the more they interacted with Yan Qing Shan, the more they could see that she wasn't really cold, snobbish, and all that . In fact, in some areas she was similar to an innocent kid exploring the world for the first time . That and also she sometimes has a sardonic sense of humor and a keen culinary sense . Yan Qing Shan has more to her than facial paralysis .

"Hey, everyone! What's up?" Yan Qing Shan greeted as she crossed the threshold . Her lips curved up in amused smile .

"Hey, Sovereign . Did you get an invitation too?" Qin Jiran asked, mischief written all over his complacent face .

Yan Qing Shan tittered in response as

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she held up the same invitation .

"I've called up the others . Let's move to the study . We have a show to plan . We need to give such a grand stage the justice it deserves . " Yan Qing Shan's righteous tone was so convincing that anyone who overhears might nod and agree right away . Qin Jiran and Xu Lei however, shook their heads indistinctly . Her words, to them, is an edict sentencing the downfall of people .

It didn't take long before all of the Aces were standing in a single file, albeit almost all of them were still in their pyjamas . Yan Qing Shan raised her brows at the sight of them . They resembled sleepy kindergartens, it all of her to remain stoic about it .

'Sigh . I guess after this incoming fiasco I need to sort out our project for graduation . Or else this bunch would just idle around the entire year . '

She nodded her head at this thought indistinctly before turning her attention back to them . Yan Qing Shan gestured for them to take their seats .

"Oh right . How are my brothers and sisters settling down? The past few days have been quite hectic for me . I wasn't able to check in with them . Not that they would mind though, but are you guys going along well with them?" She inquired . Yan Qing Shan was preoccupied with tying up loose ends and finalizing her deal with the Lan family that she wasn't able to get in touch with the Guardians aside from the necessary business phone calls with Aki and Yui .

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A cricket-inducing silence reigned the room for a long while painting a doubtful frown on Yan Qing Shan's face .

"Err . . . " It was Qi Xia who broke the silence . There was a strange tone in that single syllable of his that made Yan Qing Shan fear for the worst . What had happened to them these past few days of her absence?

"Tell me the truth . " Yan Qing Shan insisted .

"We . . . we are going along swimmingly, Sovereign . " Qi Xia continued with an awkward smile . He was at loss . How was he supposed to explain to Yan Qing Shan the strange circumstances around them and the guardians? She might say that he was slandering them .

In truth, even they did not expect that the guardians would be like that . A strange bunch . And he thought they were eccentric enough . Apparently, they don't even come close to the people Yan Qing Shan grew up with .

"Your statement is suspicious, Qi Xia . " Yan Qing Shan grunted, her frown deepening as she spoke .

The man in question couldn't help but sigh . He looked around at his companions, all of them bore the same expression . Schadenfreude .

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"Well, it is true that we are going along with each other just fine . It's just we didn't expect your guardians to be like that . " Qi Xia didn't have a choice but to bite the bullet . He grumbled in defeat .
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Yan Qing Shan exhaled in relief . She seem to have an inkling as to where Qi Xia was leading .

"Explain . " She replied neutrally .

"I'm not really sure where to start but whatever . You know how much of a fighting maniac Zhen Yue is, right? Basically, he asked for a spar with them . The ladies declined him . But it was your brother Mamoru who agreed . Long story short, he got beat up . A few days after that, he challenged him again . Same result . That thing is still ongoing actually . I must say, your brother is good at playing people . "

Yan Qing Shan giggled at Qi Xia's recollection . That was Mamoru alright . She wouldn't be surprised if Hong Zhen Yue was seen as a past time at this point . Anyway, he wasn't taking a beating for nothing . Hong Zhen Yue has probably figured that out at the onset . She gestured for Qi Xia to continue .

"Miss Yui is relatively easy to be with . However, she's too stealthy . I dare say one of us might get a heart attack one of these days because she keeps showing up so suddenly . Your brother Aki, on the other hand, keeps to himself most of the time . But Sovereign, why didn't you warn us that he likes to experiment in the kitchen? It's fine if he's as terrific in it as you . Except, he almost blew up the entire Villa . As for Miss Akane, it will be better for you to ask Chen Luo about her . " After his tirade, Qi Xia slumped at his seat seemingly exhausted .

By then, Yan Qing Shan was full on laughing . She didn't expect the situation to be so . . . so amusing . Of course, she was aware of her guardians' antics . But Yan Qing Shan wanted the Aces to find out for themselves . At the very least, when training comes they'll have memories of the guardians semblance of humanity .
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