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Published at 28th of February 2020 10:45:08 AM

Chapter 77

The Monarch hotel's grand ballroom at the moment casted a fantastical atmosphere . The majestic crystal chandeliers hovered above glittering with whimsical light . Instruments harmonized with each other in a pleasant, lively tune as people lavishly dressed in ballgowns and formal suits swayed to the music . The muted murmurs peppered with laughter here and there weaved a scene straight out of a fairy tale book .

The musicians engrossed in romance with their instruments suddenly received a subtle cue . Their playing changed into a melody of calm and grace, soothing the enlivened atmosphere . A lady dressed in an immaculate periwinkle blue ballgown . It was an off-shoulder style which showed of the lady's delicate, white collarbones . Her attractive showcased a tear-shaped sapphire necklace .

Her willowy brows exuded gentleness beyond measure . The pert nose added a youthful vigor to her, coupled with the little smile she had on her pink, supple lips she was quite an adorable woman; much like a sweet, little fairy coming down from her enchanted garden to give joy to people . Every single guest was in awe of the pleasure her kind and soft beauty awarded .

"Yan family's Young Miss sure is a rare beauty . "

"I agree . She's pretty much an otherwordly fairy . "

"Beauty, brains, and a splendid background . The heavens have quite favor this young lady . It would be a man's good fortune to marry her . "

"Do you think the Yan has already arrange for her marriage? If not, it would be a loss if I don't offer up my grandson to such a spectacular lady . "

Murmurs of compliments buzzed across the room . Yan Xiaoyi gloated internally as she took all of it in along with the captivated expressions of the people in the ballroom . She had doubled her efforts to look exceptional tonight . It was expected for them to react that way . Her excited eyes darted around to look for a certain figure .

However, even before she could find him Yan Xiaoyi was met with the flattering faces of her acquaintances . Yan Xiaoyi had no choice but to swallow her frustration and greet the annoying people back .


Ying Yue Garden .

Liu Ying gaped at the cold, imposing form of his master as he leisurely flipped documents as if he had nowhere to go . As far as Liu Ying was aware, the master and Miss Yan were going seperately to the party . Except, Zi Jue insisted that he wouldn't leave unless he sees the Miss in her attire first .

Well, speaking of attire Liu Ying 's eye twitched at his master's suit for tonight . Who would have expected that his master would wear such a flashy color? Not that he didn't look good . Quite contrary, in fact . The scarlet tuxedo Zi Jue wore gave a dangerously magnified attractiveness to him that it was beyond the understanding of a mortal like Liu Ying .

The Housekeeper sighed pitifully . At this rate, a carpet of flowers would definitely bloom around his master tonight . Liu Ying was just afraid that it might enrage a certain goddess .

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'Aiyah, master . I will pray for you . You better crush the flowers yourself later lest we incur the wrath of your beloved . At that point, even I might kneel on the washboard alongside you . ' He lamented secretly in his heart as his gaze once again returned to the oblivious man .


Zi Jue heard the clacking of heels beneath the marbled floor . He promptly lifted his head up from the papers in his hands . His breath hitched at the sight while his hands unconsciously dropped the papers he was holding leaving it a pile of mess on the floor .

The woman in front of him stood tall in a blood red gown that fitted the contours of her slender form and flared at the end . The modest sabrina neckline of her dress along with the shimmering, translucent bishop sleeves gave her an elegant, dignified aura . Her hair was let down in waves with one side tucked behind her ears revealing delicate ruby earrings .

"You're drooling, Ah Jue . " Yan Qing Shan fought the urge to laugh at Zi Jue's expression . Yet there was little pinch of pleasure deep inside her at his shock . The hours she spent getting ready weren't wasted .

"Huh? What?" Zi Jue absentmindedly replied . He was still stuck in a trance gazing at the stunning woman smiling at him . Yan Qing Shan laughed for real this time .

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"Silly . I thought we agreed you'd go first . " She fiddled open the purse in her hand as she spoke . Yan Qing Shan raised her brow when she saw him pout .

"Can we not go? Flies will surely buzz around you if we attend that stupid party . Let's just stay home . " Zi Jue mumbled grumpily .

Yan Qing Shan tsked and glared at him . "That would waste all my effort, wouldn't it? You're that glad to ruin my fun?"

Zi Jue sighed in defeat . In truth, he was merely saying things . Zi Jue was aware of how crucial this party was to her . Yan Qing Shan needed to vent her anger and take revenge for all the slight she had to suffer . He wouldn't deprive her of that . Except, she was just too beautiful tonight . A sliver of fear grew in his heart, along with the ugly feeling of jealousy .
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"I was just kidding . " Yan Qing Shan breathed in deeply as she gazed at the sullen man .

'Truly like a child . '

"Ah Jue . " Yan Qing Shan approached him, her voice softened to a degree . Zi Jue didn't respond nor did he bother to glance at Yan Qing Shan . He was fighting against the turmoil in his heart . He didn't want to be like this . He didn't want to be irrational and lose his sanity . He was scared he might hurt her again . Zi Jue vowed to never do anything that will cause her pain again .

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Suddenly, he felt a slightly chilled hands against his warm ones . Zi Jue couldn't resist and looked up . What met him were Yan Qing Shan's gentle, understanding eyes .

"Ah Jue, you won't let me out of your sight will you?" Her mellow voice beckoned at him . Zi Jue nodded . A beaming smile graced her lips in return .

"Good . Because I won't let you out of my sight, as well . I'm afraid you'll catch the eyes of every woman there . Tsk . I'd rather not commit murder tonight . You better behave . " Yan Qing Shan tone was sharp and commanding, her almond eyes narrowing at the sulking man .

Zi Jue straightened himself up . His chaotic heart gaining peace at her words . "Yes, madam . I'll be at my best behavior . " He answered with a mock salute .

Yan Qing Shan merely smirked before telling him to go ahead and wait for her arrival at the hotel . The pacified devil happily complied . A flabbergasted Liu Ying followed him out while Yan Qing Shan smilingly shook her head .

As soon as Zi Jue left, Yan Qing Shan turned back to her usual self . Her eyes glinted dangerously as a her lips quirked up in a cold smile .

"Ojou, everything is in place . " Aki's voice rang out in her earpiece .

"Commence . " Yan Qing Shan commanded .
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