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Published at 25th of February 2020 10:45:09 AM

Chapter 78

Yan Qing Shan gracefully descended from the limousine . She asked the driver to drop her off across the street . Yan Qing Shan had not been at the Monarch despite knowing that her Jii-chan had built another of his hotel in the country, recently . She raised a brow as she looked on at the Monarch Hotel . The tall building held the charm of a baroque revival architecture, exuding class and elegance befitting of the name .

"Heh . Jii-chan sure knows how to flaunt . " Yan Qing Shan murmured to herself as she appreciated the old-school opulence of the building . The domes and elaborate arches gave a sense of movement and motifs of undulation in every detail . Crimson and gold intertwined into a meticulous yet distinct facade giving a nod to Huaxia's rich and colorful culture .

The architectural style of every Monarch Hotel varied depending on the country . She had half-expected for her Jii-chan to build the hotel according to a traditional Oriental mansion but Yan Qing Shan could understand why he didn't . Anyhow, the little intricacies he had input taken from Huaxia's culture made the hotel even more grandiose . This way the guests could enjoy the aesthetics of a neo baroque building and the noble air of traditional Huaxia .

With a faint smile lingering on her cherry lips, Yan Qing Shan walked in its direction .


Aki stood in front of multiple monitors, his gaze flitting from one to the other . This mission of theirs was relatively simple compared to the ones they usually do back then . Foiling the plans of two pampered women was a piece of cake . Except, it concerned the reputation of their mistress therefore Aki didn't want to take chances .

Truthfully, he prefers that Yan Qing Shan deal with her enemies in one fell swoop instead of going a roundabout way through schemes . But he also knows her principle of returning things tenfold in the same manner so he could only follow her plans through .

"Oi, Aki can't I really go to the party? I want to join in the fun . Please! Please!" Aki glanced stoically at the small person lounging at the recliner behind him . She had her feet up and her hands was holding on a piece of cookie .

"No . "

"Why?" Akane pouted angrily .

"Akane, you've asked this a few times already . If you acted your age, maybe I would have let you . " Aki pinched his philtrum in frustration . Akane was almost the same age as him . And yet her petite frame and cute features belied her living years . What's worse was that Akane loved playing up the pretense . She relished the fact that people always thought she was but a child .

'It's a natural instinct to let down your guard around children . Looking like this, it takes lesser effort to end my enemies . '

Akane scoffed loudly, waving her hand in obvious scorn . "Bah! Wearing gowns and makeup, so much trouble . So uncomfortable . "

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Aki shook her head and chose to ignore the temperamental "child" at his back .

[I'm in front of the hotel . What's the situation there?]

Yan Qing Shan's voice sounded out from Aki's ear . He focused on the monitor flashing the happenings in the party .

"All is good . I must say though, that boyfriend of yours caused quite the commotion when he arrived . It was akin to an emperor meeting his ministers . If I hadn't known beforehand I would have thought that this was his party . " Aki reported neutrally, adding a light tease when he mentioned Zi Jue .

Even if he had only met the man a few times, Zi Jue gave Aki an incomprehensible sense of fear . The light smile Zi Jue had on him felt like an omen of doom contrasting greatly with that pretty face of his . It gave Aki the shivers just thinking about it . Everything changes when it comes to Yan Qing Shan though, the fear inducing smile changes into one that was capable of calling on spring . Aki remembered the dissociation he felt when he witnessed this abrupt change .

Yan Qing Shan merely laughed bemusedly in response .

[Aki-nii, were the staff informed of my identity?]

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Aki shifted his attention to the monitor showing the lobby . He couldn't help but chuckle at the scene . Yan Qing Shan was met by two rows of hotel staff bowing respectfully to her . Her stunning face was scrunched up in unease .

"Ah, that would be Master's handiwork Ojousama . " He replied with a laugh . Aki was not surprised at the least . Asahi Reo made sure that every single one of his employee, from the highest managerial position down to the janitor and utility staff, is aware of who Asahi Ami was .

Aki remembered clearly how this circumstance came about . It was back when Yan Qing Shan just left for Huaxia . Asahi Reo called for an urgent meeting with all the concerned staff . Some of them were even forced to drop all their work and fly to Japan immediately . It was a day full of tension and the people speculated the worse . Except what they thought was a meeting regarding a crucial matter of the company was actually just for a single picture of a gorgeous woman with a cold expression on her face .

'This is my granddaughter and successor, Asahi Ami . Make sure you remember who she is . Anyone who makes a stupid mistake and offends her better be sent packing away . If not, an even worse fate would await them . Understood?'

Asahi Reo phrased it bluntly and didn't even bothered to veil his threats . Aki didn't stop him for he knew this was the old man's way of looking out for Yan Qing Shan now that she chose to leave his scope of influence .

'It seems that the people from that meeting took Master's words to heart . ' He thought as he looked on at the monitor again .


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"Seriously, Jii-chan overreacts sometimes . But it is kinda heartwarming . At least I won't embarrass myself if ever . " Yan Qing Shan told Aki as she waved her hand in dismissal at the hotel staff who were giving her a respectful 90° bow .

[Well, that's just Master doting on you Ojou . You are after all his only successor . ]

Yan Qing Shan shook her head subtly . She headed for the ballroom, her heels tapping on the tiled floors . The sound echoed in the hallway, creating an almost tangible atmosphere of anticipation .

"Oh well, I'll revel in it then since he insists on it . " Yan Qing Shan answered like a spoiled child enjoying the praises .

The huge doors to the ballroom was shut and Yan Qing Shan stood in front of it, her hands softly touching the surface . After a pause, she then put a bit of force and pushed the door open .
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The ballroom's light was much brighter than that in the hallway . Yan Qing Shan had her head hung low as she let her eyes adjust . As she lifted her head, she noticed the silence and the questioning stares of the people .

"Sister, you're here!" Yan Qing Shan smirked to herself as she heard the grating sacharrine voice of Yan Xiaoyi .
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