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Published at 25th of February 2020 10:45:08 AM

Chapter 79

Yan Qing Shan supressed the urge to roll her eyes and punched the woman who just spoke . Yan Xiaoyi's voice grated her ears irritatingly . Yan Qing Shan breathed in and out methodically .

"En . " Yan Qing Shan grunted coldly . Yan Xiaoyi ignored this typical cold-shoulder of hers and amiably wrapped her fair arms to Yan Qing Shan's . The latter furrowed her brows but chose to play along . Yan Xiaoyi waded her way around the guests who were whispering around about them .

"Who is that lady walking with Miss Yan? They look intimate . "

"Isn't that the Eldest Miss? Chairman Yan's eldest daughter with his first wife? Yan Qing . . . Ah, Yan Qing Shan!"

"Oh! Yes, it is her . Why is she here? I didn't know the two sisters were close . I seem to have heard rumors that the eldest miss hated the younger one to the bone . "

"Really? Why is that? Yan Xiaoyi is known to be kind and gentle . She is elegance incarnate and has a lot of considerable achievements . Aside from her beauty, she is also intelligent having skipped grades in all levels of education . She got into Z University by her own capabilities . "
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"That's exactly why . Yan Qing Shan is a country bumpkin . She's jealous of her younger sister being capable and lavished with affection by the family . While she . . . aiyah, there's not one bit of redeeming quality . "

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"I have heard about that . Even her entry in Z University was done through the backdoor . Actually, it's surprising she even had the guts to go here . It's impossible that she was invited . She was already kicked out of the Yan family for being an embarrassment, resorting to clinging on to sugar daddies and various men for her needs . I heard she's even into drugs . Tsk . Such pretty face is a loss on her . "

"Oh my! It's no wonder Chairman Yan kicked her out . Someone like her would just drag the good Yan Xiaoyi down . Even now, the kind miss is trying not to embarrass her . Aiyah, her mother must be squirming in her grave giving birth to such a wench . "

Yan Qing Shan heard all of these murmurs and snide comments behind her back . Unfortunately for these people, she doesn't have a sliver of care about them at all . Although a trace of annoyance passed her eyes when she heard them involving her mother, Zhao Ming Yue . She reeled it in and scoffed internally at the gloating face of Yan Xiaoyi . Contrary to her expectations, her expression did not escape Yan Qing Shan's eyes .

'What an amateur . She's being so obvious, I kind of pity her . ' Yan Qing Shan thought in disdain .

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The two of them arrived at the forefront of the ballroom where Yan Tianyu and Zhao Ming Hua were talking with their peers . Yan Qing Shan gave her estranged father a once-over, complicated emotions arose from within her heart . The last time she had seen him, he was encased in a coffin . All that he left her were letters explaining everything and expressing the love he had failed to give her .

In truth, Yan Qing Shan couldn't blame Yan Tianyu . She didn't want to . He was merely a husband desperate to solve the murder of his one and only love . He was merely a father desperate to protect his children the best way he knows . He was just a man who was driven to a corner . It was already a great feat in itself, the things that he did . Even if there were better ways . Yan Qing Shan understood the complexities the situation, despite the fact that she was still trying to grasp unto the reasoning that her father had .

Besides, despite the other options that her father might have made; all of it involved him knowing her other identities . All of it involved him making the choice of informing her about his predicaments . A choice he didn't want to choose because he thought that ignorance of the circumstances would protect her better . She felt slightly bitter and resentful at this belief . Ignorance was merely a form of bliss . It wasn't salvation . In fact, not knowing would just lead to one stupid mistake after another . Just like what happened in her previous life .

Yan Qing Shan had to admit . She was angry with Yan Tianyu and his decisions . Despite her demeanor, she was just like any other daughter . She wanted to be doted upon and treated like a pearl in her father's eyes . That was why she came back even if she knew that it was all a trap to ruin her . Yan Qing Shan hoped to feel the warmth of her real family . She wanted to know what it felt like to have a mother, a father, a sister, and a brother . And his decisions took that all away from her . Though, she had a witch for a stepmother and stepsister the experience of having her father and brother back would have made up for it . Except, reality doesn't go according to one's wishes .

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Now, Yan Qing Shan was more or less guarded . Though she still had the same yearning deep in her heart, she wasn't greedy for it to the point of oblivion . Yan Qing Shan could now appreciate the love of those who had acknowledged her . The love she had disregarded in the past . She was still determined to save her brother and father, however . Yan Qing Shan wouldn't let go of the chance to salvage what's left of her family despite her clashing emotions .

"Dad, Mom, Sister is here . She came to congratulate me and celebrate with us . " Yan Xiaoyi said to the couple . A sweet and delighted smile bloomed in her face .

"Hi, dad . " Yan Qing Shan smiled lightly at her father . Surprise colored his face along with a momentary joy . He recovered himself almost immediately and grumbled a perfunctory reply . Zhao Ming Hua had other plans, however not minding the fact that Yan Qing Shan purposedly ignored her . She greeted her warmly like a helpless and yearning mother meeting her wayward, prodigal child .

"Qing Shan, dear it's good that you could come . Don't be shy and enjoy yourself alright? There's no need to hold back . This is Xiaoyi's party, even if you made a mess somehow we can easily deal with it . It's so rare for you to spend time with us after all . " Zhao Ming Hua's tone was indulgent and understanding . Yan Qing Shan narrowed her eyes at her . One might think that she was merely spoiling her out of affection but anyone with a few brain cells could detect the hint of insult and mockery within her words .

"Oh? Stepmother sure is generous . Then, I'll let loose and enjoy the festivites . No matter what happens I know you'll surely deal with it splendidly . " Yan Qing Shan put on a delighted smile yet her eyes stared chillingly at the woman .
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