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Published at 3rd of April 2020 12:55:06 PM

Chapter 87
Yan Qing Shan covered her mouth to muffle and conceal an amused giggle . She could practically hear resounding slaps throughout the entire room . It was quite refreshing for her . This was something she should have done long ago .

She glanced at the two frozen statues by the side whose eyes were boiling with rage and humiliation . If looks could kill, Yan Qing Shan would have dropped dead at the onset . She was pretty sure that the two loathed her more than ever at this point .
'This is just the start Yan Xiaoyi, Zhao Ming Hua . Continue scheming against me . Continue trying your best to ruin everything of mine . I'll counter each and every one of them until you collapse in on your own failure and despair, until you destroy your selves on your own . '
Yan Qing Shan's snicker lit up a fiery discussion amongs the guests . Almost all of Z City's elites were in attendance thus this scandal was on a whole other level compared to her and Lan Jing Er's engagement rumors .
"Oh my, what is the meaning of this? I could never have imagined that the Miss Yan and Madam Yan had such malicious hearts . You really can't judge a book by its cover . "
"It seems that Yan Qing Shan was being set up . I dare say if there wasn't that passerby employee, she could have suffered something a lot worse . How utterly vicious . "
"Then if she was being set up, wouldn't that mean all ther rumors surrounding her are merely machinations of slander? My, my, they had everyone fooled it seems . Aiyah, Yan Qing Shan is actually the most pitiful one . It's commendable how she had endured all this time . "

"This is such a big scandal! The Yan family is one of the prominent families in Z City . The second madam and her daughter trying to ruin the eldest, this is a blow to their reputations . "
Hong Zhen Yue tapped Qi Xia who was busy watching the growing chaos that was Yan Xiaoyi's party . Although they already knew the turn of event that had happened, the actual furor was still something to behold to the point that even they were caught up in it . The Aces knew that Yan Qing Shan was going to counteract with a video but they weren't aware of its content . Hence, they were also taken aback by the spiteful plan of the Yan's second Madam and Miss . The high society was aware that the familial relationship between the Yan's weren't the best but it seems even that was an underestimation .
"Qi Xia, did you know about this?" Hong Zhen Yue's voice held a heavy tone . He grew up in a military family; though the disciplinary measures imposed on him were strict along with the fact that his father and grandfather drilled into just and upright principle . Thus, the fact that someone he respects and admires was actually on the verge of being violated and ruined just a while ago left a bitter taste in Hong Zhen Yue's mouth .
Qi Xia shook his head to him and sighed . Truthfully, families of upperclass societies were far from ideal . In a sense, those of the lower and middle income classes were better off when it comes to familial relationships . At the very least, they didn't fear for their own lives and safety in their own homes .

"Sister Qing Shan has spoken a lot more words today more than she ever had these past few weeks . What a miracle . " Ning Xie Zhi interjected . His companions glared at his incredulity yet they couldn't refute him either . Yan Qing Shan usually stuck to monosyllabic or bisyllabic answers on a daily basis except for the times where she finds it necessary to explain .

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"You're totally focusing on the wrong thing here, Xie Zhi . " Jia Yi Lan riposted .
"It's true, though . Sister has a really pleasant voice . She should talk more . " Jia Yi Lan rolled her eyes at the pretty boy with a foul mouth and turned to the others .
"So, shall we head closer to the center of the commotion now? After all, our performance isn't just confined to mere spectating . "
Yan Qing Shan gaze at the people around her and paused at the mother and daughter duo . Her eyes shone bright with unshed tears . The snicker that had slipped her lips sounded like a pitiful attempt of alleviating remorse of a wronged lady .
"Oh my, I didn't know that I was a nuisance . I wasn't aware that my existence was this unwelcome . Who would have thought that Aunt and my sister sees me this way? I seem to have caused them quite a grief . " Yan Qing Shan spoke indignantly, her shoulder shaking slightly .

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"Sigh . Truthfully, I don't know that my speculation would turn out to actually be true . I should thank whoever played that video for enlightening me . That aside, I might as well take this chance to clarify things . I do not rely on men for anything . I am simply doing my best as a student pursuing her dreams at Z University as peacefully and quietly as possible . I became the Ace through my own efforts . Z University isn't an institution that would besmirch its own name by appointing an unworthy Ace . This is an established fact, I dare say . " Yan Qing Shan clenched her fist and breathed in .
"I stay at the dorms for convenience and the cars that I was seen in are owned by a generous, close friend of mine . As for the events of this party, my brother and his companion are well aware that a waiter has bumped into me and messed up my gown . I was convinced to go changed and was coincidentally locked inside the suit . Though, it seems now that this incident was not mere coincidence along with that of the recent scandal with Young Master Lan . Young Master Lan was a friend and a prospective business partner . S-such a thing… I- I…" Yan Qing Shan paused and sported a pained countenance .
"I was always called the shame of the Yan family . Such a vicious scheme against a family member . I don't think a proper person would come up with it . Now, who is the real shame of the Yan family, I wonder?"
The people were tongue- tied after her piece . Yan Qing Shan lowered her head and waited . A smile formed in her lips when the ever faithful sidekick started her fuss again .
"Yan Qing Shan, what is this scheme of yours? This is your aim, isn't it? Acting like the victim so you could have the sympathy of people . Aren't you content with ruining Xiaoyi's party that you had to slander her and Aunt Ming Hua too? Don't you think you're going too far?! You say you're nothing like the rumors . Where's your proof huh?"
Yan Qing Shan stared at Shen Ling with an are-you-an-idiot look . It seems like the girl still hasn't realized the situation yet . Oh well, not that she had any problems with that . Her idiotic acts were to Yan Qing Shan's benefit anyway .

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"Miss Shen, Yan Qing Shan is our fellow Ace . We could testify for all of her words . "
Luo Chen who was beside Qi Xia and Hong Zhen Yue along with Ning Xie Zhi, Jia Yi Lan, Jia Wei Ren, Xu Lei, and Qin Jiran spoke and entered the fray .
Yan Qing Shan glanced to them in surprise . Not for the fact that they intervened, that was actually part of their plan . What she was astonished about was that it was Luo Chen, the Ace who valued silence and books more than people, who spoke . Yan Qing Shan didn't have any specific assignment for them except to stand as witness so she wasn't aware of what they had in mind .
"Eldest Miss Yan had taken shifted from her former course to the Media Departmend . Doing so she had to take an exam to determine whether she could enter the department or not . Within that was the Ace qualifying exam . The higher ups of the department deemed her qualified for the position . These higher ups consist of the highly esteemed personas of the media world . They cannot be bribed nor coaxed into instating an incompetent Ace . Second Miss Yan and Miss Shen Ling should be aware of this since you are in the very same department . Or is it that you are actually bogus students hence you are unaware of this glaringly obvious fact that every freshman is oriented about?" Luo Chen continued to speak, his voice husky yet commanding .
'Wow, who could have thought that Luo Chen was this eloquent? Well, he isn't the Ace of Law for nothing I guess . ' Yan Qing Shan commented in her mind .
"Furthermore, despite the hastiness of establishing Eldest Miss Yan as an Ace, the university would have done various checks before she could set foot in the Ace Villa . If they had found dubious and immoral information about her such as those of the rumors, she could have never set foot at the Villa . Is that a satisfying explanation for you Miss Shen or should I still elaborate further?" Luo Chen adjusted his glasses at the dumbfounded woman .
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