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Published at 3rd of April 2020 12:55:04 PM

Chapter 88: 88
Actually it was not just Shen Ling that was dumbfounded, even his companions held a flabbergasted looks on their faces . Luo Chen paid them no heed, however . He merely gave Qi Xia and the others an inquiring gaze . Qi Xia cleared his throat in response and adjusted his tie to dispel the awkward air .

"The current generation of Z University's Aces are present in this party . And we assert the validity of our companion's statement . The university upholds the principle of non-bias and fair judgement, it is with this that we claim authenticity of our stand . I believe that our words somewhat carry weight in this circumstance unless one has a compromised common sense . " Qi Xia then flashed his gentle, business smile which made Yan Qing Shan's scalp tingle . She knew that smile . When Qi Xia swindles… er… asks people for money and payment, he flashes that smile full of concealed cunning .
"I-I… How about that engagement scandal with Young Master Lan? Surely that would negate all of the things that you just said . Yan Qing Shan is a slut who has no prerequisite for men . She's just looking for sympathy and slandering Xiaoyi . She was always mean to Xiaoyi since the start with her cold, overbearing demeanor . She even ruined her party with this situation . " Shen Ling insisted .
"Miss Shen, I am not trying to gain sympathy . I am simply stating my side of the story . I have no intention of messing my own sister's party, of which for the first time in a while, that I was invited to . My relationship with Young Master Lan is strictly platonic . I do admit that there were marriage talks within our families but both parties deemed it null . Be that as it may, it also seems that even said marriage talk has been against me . So, please do not speak nonsense . I have already dishonoured the Lans by dragging them into this . Also, I am not someone who would think maliciously of my family . " Yan Qing Shan retorted back to the woman unfazed .
Shen Ling was about to snap back when a light cough halted her tongue . A palm was held momentarily in the air catching the attention of the crowd . The owner was the tall, handsome young man that Yan Qing Shan had just mentioned .
"Please, Eldest Miss Yan I am also at fault for not clarifying things earlier which had blown the issue out of proportion . It is far from dishonour to be associated to a future pillar of Z City and this nation . Don't mind us . On that note, I would also like to reaffirm Eldest Miss Yan's statement . We are merely friends and future business acquaintances . I hope the people present here cease to involve my name and that of my family's . It's not exactly pleasant to be used, we might retaliate if need be . "
Lan Jing Er had been lying low at the party . He was also sent an invitation of which he would have ignored if it weren't for Yan Qing Shan's request that he attend .

'I might need your help somehow . If not, it won't hurt for you to watch the show . ' He remembered her cryptic words back at their last phone call . He had a feeling that the lady was up to some mischief involving the people who set them up . Except, the chaos she had created exceeded his expectations . Lan Jing Er glanced at the lady in question . Yan Qing Shan has been quite expressive when she argued back yet now her expression has gone back to neutral .

"Hmm . If I know, you're all in on this . You've briefed each other beforehand to gang up on us . Really despicable . Shameless!" Shen Ling bellowed back . Yan Qing Shan wouldn't be surprised if smoke started to come out of her nose . Now that would be a sight to behold . Despite her thoughts, Yan Qing Shan didn't let out an ounce of its trace and merely gawked at the outrageous performance Shen Ling was insisting on .
'They're really making her take the fall with this act . Pity that it's futile . '
"Shen Ling! Stop it! Just shut up!" Yan Xiaoyi who had remained quiet throughout the ordeal shouted . Yan Qing Shan surmised that Yan Xiaoyi had long realized that instead of helping, Shen Ling was only aggravating the situation .
Except Yan Qing Shan seemed to have underestimated the shamelessness that Yan Xiaoyi and Zhao Ming Hua were capable of .

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Yan Xiaoyi approached Yan Qing Shan and held her hands in a tight grip .
"Sister, please believe me . Mom and I are being set up . We can't possibly do something like this to sister . Mom is not just your stepmother . She is also Aunt Ming Yue's sister . She couldn't possibly want to put you in danger . " Yan Qing Shan didn't speak and just gaped at the fair face of Yan Xiaoyi whose eyes brimmed with tears falling without care, evoking pity from the hearts of men . Even at this point the latter cannot bear to shed her pretenses and be truthful to her self . There was no saving her .
"Qing Shan dear, we will get to the bottom of this offense . Please don't misjudge us and distance yourself . Think of your father and your brother . I know they will give us justice . " Zhao Ming Hua added stiffly trying to hold on to composure as she spoke sweet assurance that sounded poisonous to Yan Qing Shan . She gritted her teeth . What a nice veiled threat! They were dragging her brother and father into it now .
'I guess it's time to let down the curtains of this show . I wonder what father will do . ' Yan Qing Shan peeked at her father . To her surprise she found him staring at her with anxious, worried eyes . However, Yan Tian Yu looked away immediately the moment he met hers .
Yan Qing Shan sighed internally . It seems even in this time it will be difficult to resolve their father and daughter issues . Sometimes she even thinks that this distance is also good enough . She could protect him as much as she could without the worry of explaining her actions . Her father didn't need to know, the same goes with her brother . This time she will repay their efforts of protecting her and loving her in their own way in the past .
"I know this is just a scheme to sow discord in our family . I'm sure father and brother will do what they can . " She replied simply and took back her hand from Yan Xiaoyi's grip . Contrary to Zhao Ming Hua's knowledge, Yan Qing Shan saw the brief vicious killing intent she directed at her . To this she merely smiled .

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Yan Qing Shan will let them struggle a little bit more .
"Qing Shan, are you truly content with this kind of end?" Lan Jing Er asked Yan Qing Shan the moment they had sat down at the penthouse's private lounge specifically provided for her at The Monarch .
The party was ended abruptly due to the commotion . Yan Tian Yu sent the baffled Zhao Ming Hua and the crying Yan Xiaoyi . Yan Qing Shan slipped away stealthily from the crowd of guests whom her father was busy apologizing to . For all she knows, these people were just pretending to feel bad from the sudden cut of the festivities . They, in truth, couldn't wait to get back to their homes and gossip about the turn of events at the extravagant banquet which revealed deceit at its finest .
Yan Qing Shan had already achieved her aim . The finale was more or less on the bounds of her expectation so she wasn't really bothered if it seemed anti-climactic . After all, her counter wasn't confined to just the party . Yan Qing Shan was going to let them experience the power of rumors
"It's alright . " She replied with a shrug . Lan Jing Er tagged along with her along with the Aces as she escaped from the ballroom . Aki had already asked the management to prepare the penthouse for her .

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"It would have been better if they were dealt with worse though . " Lan Jing Er lamented . He was also fuming at the shamelessness of Yan Qing Shan's family . He wondered at the vast difference of their characteristics .
"Young Master Lan, do you really think this ends here? You underestimate my sister too much . " Ning Xie Zhi interjected . Yan Qing Shan was surprised at how easily the Aces acquainted with Lan Jing Er . Maybe it was due to their mutual dislike of her relatives .
"You should check the trending board tomorrow . Add the internet and all other media channels . This show's stage was quite grand after all . Something of this magnitude happened in its spotlight . Those media bloodhounds have probably sniffed the scandal by now . " Xu Lei added with a chuckle . Yan Qing Shan also smiled for Xu Lei has hit the bullseye .
"Oh, I'm looking forward to that . I can imagine the tantrum that white lotus princess is going to throw when she sees the spectacle . " Qin Jiran slapped his thigh in excitement . He could finally get rid of the foul feeling he has for the past few days brought by seeing Yan Qing Shan's name being dragged here and there within the forums . He might also contribute a little push to the trends for his personal revenge .
"Luo Luo! You were so good! You looked cool back there . Here's a reward . " A loud bang resounded in the lounge followed by Akane's cheerful voice . She bounded like a bunny personified towards the silent Luo Chen who was leisurely sipping some non-alcoholic cocktail that Yui prepared before she went to order food .
The entire room was brought to a standstill at this, even more so when Akane stood in front of the man and patted his head like a puppy . The Aces along with Yan Qing Shan's jaw dropped at the bewildering, eye-popping sight .
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