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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:45 AM

Chapter 9

Zi Jue was about to leave right after he had dropped Yan Qing Shan's gift at her door . But then, he heard a muted scream followed by a thud inside her room . Without realizing it, his feet scrambled and slammed the door open . His heartbeat racing with worry .

He didn't see her in the room so Zi Jue headed straight to the bath . His breathing slackened when he saw her sprawled at the floor, her hair still having remnants of shampoo with only a miniscule towel threatening to slip out from her body . Zi Jue gulped as his eyes landed on the trail of her collarbones which were slick with soap, glistening under the flourescent lights .

However, the pained groan that went out from her mouth roused Zi Jue from his dangerous thoughts . Ignoring his now parched throat, he kneeled beside her and helped her up .

"Are you alright? What happened?"

He asked concerned . He held her back carefully, deliberately ignoring how silky it was under his touch . Zi Jue felt her shiver, so after making sure she was stable, he moved himself far away from her . He reached out for the robe at her hamper and wrapped her in it as tenderly as he could .

Zi Jue felt her staring at him . But he held himself and avoided meeting her eyes . The worry he felt was now overridden by his fear and guilt . He clenched his fists, nails digging into his palms when he saw the fading bruises in her neck and wrists . His face clouded with gloom as he realized that she had just recovered from what he did and now there were new bruises marring her fair skin .

"Where does it hurt? Sigh . I'll have Liu Ying put rubber mats to your bathroom tomorrow . "

Zi Jue said as he led her to the bed . He noticed a small scrape in her elbow . He wanted to treat it but she hasn't even finished her shower yet, it would be useless .

"My hips feel a bit sore . And my elbows too . But that's about it . Thank you for the rescue . "

Qing Shan's voice was soft and melodious . Zi Jue was stunned . Her answer exceeded the usual one or two words cut . And she even thanked him . It took a moment for him to recover .

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"You should rinse off and get dressed . It won't be good if you catch a cold . "

He told her after a slight pause . Zi Jue saw her nod and stood up slowly . He then proceeded to the door to get the box he left in front of her door . He was already inside her room anyway, it would be better to just give it to her right away .

"Zi Jue, stay here for a moment . There's something I need to talk to you about . "

Zi Jue froze halfway to the door when he heard that .

'She wants me to stay? Sh*t what do I do? Should I really stay? Zi Jue, what the f*ck is wrong with you? Be a man . Be a M-A-N!'

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Zi Jue took the box and sat stiffly on the edge of Qing Shan's bed . There was turmoil in his head but he made sure to look cool and composed . He did not want to embarrass himself in front her . He was the freaking smiling devil, damn it!


'Dummy Qing Shan! Do you really have to make yourself look stupid?'

Yan Qing Shan berated herself as she washed off . She did not expect that Zi Jue would come rushing in . She got too flustered she couldn't even speak half the time . It was good that she was able to amass enough guts to ask him to stay and talk . But somehow, Qing Shan felt she was being too suggestive asking that while she was in a towel . So, she quickly dashed to the bathroom without waiting for his answer .

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She sighed and just focused on washing off . Thankfully, she took her clothes with her . Qing Shan silently walked out and found Zi Jue in her bed .

It was no wonder that almost all women in City Z coveted this man . He was sinful even just sitting there in a simple house clothes . Even dressed in a sack, he would sti be immaculate . Despite being dubbed as the smiling devil, Zi Jue actually had gentle features . His eyes framed by thick, dark lashes were seductively languid, like the night sky made resplendent by the full moon . Complemented by straight brows that seemed unable to carry the slightest malice . He had an aquiline nose, and heart shaped lips that beckons for a kiss . Qing Shan was a woman, but even she feels inferior to this man's looks . Pairing it up with his matchless status and wealth, voila! A lethal combo .

Seemingly feeling her stare, Zi Jue turned to her .

"What did you want to talk about?"

His warm, mellow voice rang in her ear, sending shivers down her spine . Qing Shan steeled herself and approached him . She sat herself by his side before she spoke .

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