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Published at 9th of April 2020 02:55:05 PM

Chapter 94: 94
Yan Qing Shan plopped herself in the soft bed and snuggled deep into the embrace of the covers . She was about to send off Zi Jue who was still lounging about in her room when the said person invited himself unceremoniously in the very same bed, she was in . Yan Qing Shan eyed him sharply .

\"Are you gonna mooch off of my blanket and sleep here again, you big baby?\" Yan Qing Shan asked scathingly . Lately, whenever she was home, Zi Jue sees to it that he always ends up on her bed come nightfall .

Well, whatever the circumstance he will always end up on her bed but hey, a girl needs her king-sized mattress to her own sometimes . Zi Jue shrugged it off with the reason that he could sleep better with her on his arms . It holds the same for her though, so she always \"unintentionally\" relinquished to his wiles .

In truth, she had also gotten used to having him beside her as she slept . The prank was just a small reason that she went home earlier than planned . The other one, and the main reason was that she knew it will be difficult for her to catch some sleep if she spent the night at the Ace Villa . Her personal heater slash bolster pillow namely Zi Jue was not there, after all .

\"Yes . I am . Will you coot off a little there, darling?\" Zi Jue answered with a shameless grin . Yan Qing Shan gaped at him stunned, her mouth opening with small O .

\"If you keep that expression on I'm going to kiss you . \" The audacious man leaned to her leaving only a few inches of space between their faces . Yan Qing Shan's eyes widened for a second before a grin appeared in her lips .

Yan Qing Shan quickly closed in the gap and gave Zi Jue a peck on the lips . Before the latter could even react she dove under her covers for safety .

Zi Jue froze at the unexpected attack . He heaved a defeated sigh and stared at the woman in the bed who had successfully rolled herself into a burrito . This woman . . .

\"That wasn't fair Eldest Miss Yan . \" He said with a stern voice as he settled himself beside her . Yan Qing Shan peeked at him from the blanket with blank eyes .

\"The world doesn't know the word fair Patriarch Zi . \" Yan Qing Shan retorted . Zi Jue wanted to keep up his facade but the current sight Yan Qing Shan presented made it difficult for him . She was too cute and goofy .

Zi Jue shook his head and didn't reply anymore . Instead, he took the book he was reading when she was still in the shower . He intended to read it till he felt sleepy . Zi Jue did want to talk and catch up with Yan Qing Shan but he also thought that she might have been tired from the day's events . As far as he knew, today was the onset of the Aces second phase of training .

Yan Qing Shan raised a brow when she saw the book Zi Jue was holding .

\"I didn't know you read fiction . You don't seem like the type . \" She remarked . Zi Jue glanced at her with a smile .

\"I don't . Strangely, however, I can't seem to put down this book . A . Saunniere's style of narration is quite as tedious as others . I feel relaxed despite the genre being cut off from my usual kind of readings . \" Zi Jue replied lightly, his eyes going back to the pages of the book .

\"Is that so? Well, I do like her books . If you want, you can borrow the others and read during your breaks . Tell me what you think afterwards . It will be a good subject of conversation . \" Yan Qing Shan suggested as she snuggled up at his side . Sensing this, Zi Jue wrapped his right arm around her and held the book with the other .

Yan Qing Shan didn't really want to hide that she was in fact the one who wrote the book in his hand and the others that for sure he saw at the table . It's only that she wanted to get his opinions about them first before revealing to him that she was Ami Saunniere . After all, it was a good assurance to have the thumbs up of Z City's Emperor before she try to put her novels into film .

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\"Sure . Go to sleep, I'll read for now . \" Zi Jue agreed and then proceeded to pat her hair soothingly .


\"What are you doing here?\" Yao Changying glared at the shameless invader standing in front of her apartment .

\"Ying Ying, I'm hungryyyy . \" She sighed exasperatingly at the man and let him in . Yan Qing Yu has always been like this .

The two of them were lab partners back in university . Ever since then Yan Qing Yu has always clung to her like glue . Despite her efforts of distancing herself, she still found her heart being drawn to him . Not that it was entirely her fault .

People usually found her difficult to deal with . Her sharp and fierce features aside, the blunt and frank way of her speech usually gives people the wrong impression . Because of this Yao Changying never had a proper friend in her life . Until Yan Qing Yu .

Sometimes, however, she thinks that it would have been better if Yan Qing Yu was a girl instead of the opposite sex . Maybe then, she wouldn't have the misfortune of falling in love with a dense idiot .

When she realized that fact, Yao Changying decided to go back to Huaxia and manage their family business . She knew Yan Qing Yu wouldn't be able to come back with her . Yan Qing Yu told her of the circumstances he was in . Despite that fact that she wanted to help his case and that she would feel despair away from him . Yao Changying knew that she needed time to sort her feelings and resolve away from the source of her turmoil .

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\"I don't have much . If you're fine with ramen, then I still have some in the kitchen . \" Yao Changying said before turning her back on him and heading to the living room .

\"Hey, didn't I tell you that ramen is not a proper meal? Seriously, Ying Ying, you should eat properly . Instant noodles are not included in the list of proper meals . \" Yan Qing Yu sternly reprimanded her . Yao Changying merely shrugged her shoulders and stopped paying attention to him .

Yao Changying heard the shuffling of utensils followed by the sounds of chopping . She figured that Yan Qing Yu had started his habit of cooking again . It was always this scenario . He'd raid her house complaining that he's hungry . But if he finds out that she ate fastfood or anything remotely similar, he'd start cooking and force her to eat with him . This was the reason that she always made sure that her fridge was never empty .

After about half an hour, Yan Qing Yu clad in a frilly pink apron which she kept stashed around in her kitchen dragged her to eat . The table was already set with a serving of sweet and sour pork, stir-fried vegetables and her favorite fish fillets with lemon garlic dipping . Yao Changying sat on the table opposite the smiling Yan Qing Yu and without further ado started eating before the latter could even start nagging her about it . Because she was so focused on the food, Yao Changying missed the indulgent smile Yan Qing Yu had as he looked at her .

\"I might be extending my stay here in Z City . Father has asked me to take up Zhao Ming Hua's position in the office while he had her under house arrest . \" Yan Qing Yu started . Yao Changying halted her hand from taking in another bite and looked at him .

\"Is it really wise for you to do that?\" Yao Changying asked with furrowed brows . The longer Yan Qing Yu stays here, the more danger he is in . Especially since that Zhao Ming Hua and Yan Xiaoyi seemed to have struck a dead end dealing with his sister Yan Qing Shan . Honestly, Yao Changying was surprised with how capable Yan Qing Shan was . The stories that Yan Qing Yu had told her made it seem that his sister of his was someone who was fragile and unable to defend herself . But when Yao Changying met her at the party, she saw someone who held herself with confidence and power . She surmised that Yan Qing Yu's sister was a lot more capable than he was . She certainly gave that kind of feeling .

\"I don't really have a choice . I need to stay and do some damage control . At the very least, I can look out for Qing Shan while I'm here . \" Yan Qing Yu replied with a shrug .

Yao Changying scoffed audibly . \"I'm pretty sure it will be your sister who'll be looking out for you instead . \"

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\"Well, she seems to be different now . Anyway, can I crash at your place for now? I really don't want to stay at home . \" Yan Qing Yu gazed at her with pleading puppy look, his amber eyes reflecting the light .

\"As far I know, your father is capable of getting you your own apartment or something . That aside, you're capable of such as well . Why would you bother me for that?\" Yao Changying coldly responded, diverting her sight from those sinful eyes .

\"Aww, I'd be lonely . Besides, there'll be a lot of benefits with having a housemate . I can cook for you, share in the rent and bills, clean the house, do the laundry and recycling . You'd have a guard as well . These days it's dangerous for a woman to live alone . \" Yan Qing Yu smiled playfully as he enumerated the so-called benefits she'll have if he lived with her . Yao Changying curbed the urge to smack his face .

'Isn't that the same as a house husband?' She choked on the sudden thought . Yao Changying hurriedly banished the assumption and composed herself . What was she saying? She can't get carried away .

\"No need . I'm better at fighting than you . \" She retorted curtly . Yan Qing Yu chuckled in response and pinch her cheeks .

\"That's settled then . I'll stay here for the time being . Even if you're better at fighting, you're basically useless in chores . \" The man, shameless as he is, declared . Yao Changying glared at him scathingly .

\"Yan Qing Yu! You're being shameless again . Find your own place!\" She spat each word acidly . But the man merely smiled sweetly at her, as if she was merely throwing a cute tantrum .

\"Yes, yes, I know . But you love me anyway . \"

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