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Published at 1st of May 2020 03:45:07 PM

Chapter 98: 98
"Enough of that . Let's get serious, here . In truth I had been planning to incorporate a variety of aspects within the prospective academy . I want it to simulate society as much as possible, in every single aspect . In this way, the moment they finish their studies there wouldn't be a need for adjustments . Of course, given this nature the students will be required to stay on-campus for the entire duration of their school years . " The playful atmosphere was reined due to Yan Qing Shan's explanation . The Aces listened intently as she finished her statement .

Qi Xia raised his hand after a pregnant pause and adjusted his glasses before speaking . His eyes beheld Yan Qing Shan in a stern light .

"This kind of project is asking for quite a large sum of money, Qing Shan . The land requirement itself is already troublesome . You want the academy to emulate society itself . Population, culture, material products, social organization, and social institution; finances aside, all these must be emulated at a lower scale . How do you plan to tackle all of that?"

Yan Qing Shan lowered her head and sighed . She expected these questions at the onset . Qi Xia asking them was within her calculations . She also knew that the other Aces were united in this regard .

"Honestly, that is what I gathered all of you here for . To help me come up with the necessary structure of the academy . Compared to just one head, wouldn't nine do better? This is the very reason I said to all of you that this was a long term joint project . "

Ning Xie Zhi tapped on the table slightly and gazed at Yan Qing Shan with a raised brow .

" I see . That's why you wanted it to be a joint project . Those aspects mentioned is an easy task to address . It's practical as well for all of us to have a hand in it . If the project succeeds aside from individual recognition, collective renown is also possible . But sister, do you also plan for us to raise the fund ourselves?" Yan Qing Shan smirked at him . Ning Xie Zhi might be foul mouthed half the time but his intelligence cannot be taken for granted . Only that his gap moe concealed such intelligence .

"Quite rare for you to be this insightful, Xie Zhi . " Yan Qing Shan answered him in a playful tone .

"I actually plan to do that . We will raise the money ourselves . " She continued .

"How will we do that?" Xu Lei asked with concern .

Yan Qing Shan gave him a reassuring gaze along with a reply . She knew why Xu Lei and even Qin Jiran looked worried . They were only relying on the scholarship of the school and weren't capable of pitching in a huge amount of money . The most that they could have offered was manpower and administrative assistance . But Yan Qing Shan didn't plan on letting any of them spend any money related to their families . What she actually meant by her words was that they would earn it all themselves .

The academy was the final phase of the project . And of course before reaching the final phase, one must take a step forward first . Earning funds was the sole purpose of the first phase .

"How, you say . Of course we'll earn it . We'll put up our own business empire . " She answered grandiosely . Except, instead of an excited response, Yan Qing Shan was met with darkened faces and uncomprehending stares .

She sighed with lament . Aiyah, these people . They seem to be too taken aback with her response . She couldn't really blame them, however . After all, it wasn't that simple to put up a business empire . Not to mention an empire, they didn't even have a commodity or service to offer yet .

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"I hate to burst your bubble, Qing Shan . But that's not quite feasible is it . " It was Qi Xia who remarked, followed by the affirmative nods of the others .

"Oh my, you people need to think outside the box . Qi Xia, you're the business genius here . Are you sure it isn't feasible? I beg to disagree . There are a lot of ways to put up an empire . Besides, I'm not planning to take it the long way around . " Yan Qing Shan paused, a grin gracing her delicate face .

"I'm not saying we start a company from scratch . That would be troublesome . We'll be playing hero instead . We'll acquire companies on the brink of downfall . Of course, these also calls for serious investigation and studying . But I don't believe you lot, especially you Qi Xia, are incapable of choosing a suitable company that caters to all our requirements and fail to clinch a suitable deal for it . I also refuse to believe that we will fail to rejuvenate said companies . That would be an embarassment to the title of Aces that we have, right?"

A helpless sigh passed Qi Xia's lips followed by a flash of determined glint in his eyes .

"You got me there . Fine, I'll look into it . Honestly, I'm guessing this is merely a prelude to a bunch of crazy ideas you have in store . " He answered with slight indignation . Yan Qing Shan chuckled in response .

"In fact, I already started . I recently acquired a company . It's quite a promising one . I'll have to trouble you, Xu Lei, and Luo Chen to discuss with Aki-nii about the circumtances later . "

"Woah . You're really determined aren't you, Yan Qing Shan . Qi Xia is a given . He's a capitalist draped in human clothing, I understand why he's needed . But what do you need Xu Lei and Luo Chen for?" Qin Jiran asked curiously . Luo Chen and Xu Lei also gave her questioning looks .

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"Well, it is because Heidelberg Productions is in need of a capable PR manager and an eloquent lawyer . After all, despite the good prospects of this company it still faced an imminent downfall . " Yan Qing Shan quirked an enigmatic smile at this .

"Heidelberg . . . Heidelberg . . . The name sounds familiar . Oh! I know! It's the company who won multiple awards because of a film of theirs . I can't really remember well the name of it . But my mother is a fan of movies and whatnot to the point that she is aware of every single detail from actor's names to affiliated companies . I remember her mentioning this a few times . Heidelberg seems to be facing a few predicaments right?" Jia Yi Lan interjected, her hand cupping her chin in contemplation .

"That's right . That is the very reason they were forced to sell the company . " Yan Qing Shan affirmed .

"You knew that they were in a pinch, why still buy the company then?" It was Xu Lei who replied in a puzzled tone .

"Oh, it's because the one behind their dilemma is my enemy . The enemy of my enemy is a friends, my dears . " Yan Qing Shan snickered as she remembered the details surrounding Heidelberg's predicament . It angered Yan Qing Shan so much . Yan Group has been tainted .

"It's the Yan Group, isn't it?" Hong Zhen Yue included himself into the discussion .

"Oooh! Zhen Yue, your muscle-brains are working outside it's scope . Well done!" Ning Xie Zhi teased which earned a glare from Hong Zhen Yue .

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"Indeed . Heidelberg earned the ire of the bigwig company that is my family's . Pretty convenient, if you ask me . I'll retaliate with all due respect for their efforts . I had the company listed under an anonymous person . and had Lan Jing Er handle the formalities . I ensured that they'll go berserk with this unknown variable suddenly springing up on them . The more drastic they are, the more mistakes they make . Coupled with their hubris, it will be quite the opportunity for me . " Yan Qing Shan, despite the sweet smile on her face, radiated a piercing coldness as she spoke . The Aces felt shivers run up their spines . Tsk . Tsk . It was truly never a good thing catching the "hospitable" attention of their sovereign . In that twisted way, the Yans were remarkable .

"Sister, you look creepy . Stop smiling that way . " Ning Xie Zhi rolled his eyes at Yan Qing Shan and rapped at the table rhythmically . Yan Qing Shan gave him a dead look and ignored his remark .

"I'd like to volunteer my services, as well . I could help with the information gathering . In this day and age, information is also a form of weapon . " Qin Jiran voiced out with a sly grin .

Ning Xie Zhi scoffed loudly in his direction and crossed his arms at him .

"If I know, you just wany a legitimate reason to satisfy your perverse desire to pry into people's secrets . . . " He commented snidely . Except, instead of refuting Qin Jiran merely grinned devilishly at the bishounen . Jia Yi Lan flicked Ning Xie Zhi's head causing the latter to cry out loudly .

"Isn't that enough sarcasm already, Xie Zhi?" She asked with a threatening glare which immediately shut Ning Xie Zhi's protests .

"I'll take you up on your offer, Jiran . Luo Chen, if you have any opinions or questions you can tell me now . " Yan Qing Shan turned to the Ace of Law who kept his silence throughout the discussion .

Luo Chen shrugged his shoulders . "Just call me whenever I'm needed . "

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