The Ruler of Gilead - Chapter 19

Published at 12th of June 2019 09:12:29 PM
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Chapter 19

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Headmaster Fahim had arrived back at the village for the past three days . He had no choice but to wait on the second generation of Elders to also return from their own missions or global patrols . Fahim didn't mind the wait more so he wanted time to find the most ideal reason to fast track Hittan legacy transfer .

He knew he had a compelling reason, but some would still be against it given how young and inexperienced Hittan was . But today he had gotten some good news and Hittan himself provided the answer in the death of Andras and by extension his own survivability . So finally it was time to call the meeting to order .

… . . .

"Elder Fahim, you asked us of the 2nd generation to gather here . So you had better have a good reason . "

"I do Elder Aaron . But before the meeting starts we need Chief Fan, High Lord Jalil as well as the parents of Hittan to be present as it speaks to his future . "

"Oh, the new generation's team captain?"

"Yes, many of you had not been to the Coming of Age Ceremony . But you all would have seen the report I left before I returned to the Academy the following day . "

"Yes, indeed we read it and it was quite impressive . But what of it? He's still young and untested in a real fight . "

"Elder Ebele is correct Elder Fahim . He is untested . "

"Elder Sandor I can assure you as of a few minutes ago Hittan has defeated an Immortal Balancing ranked 1 warrior . While he himself was a Diamond level 1 warrior . "

"Very impressive for a friendly sparring match . "

"No, Elder Aaron . It was a life and death challenge extended by the Aapo Clan junior . I'm also told that the fight was a one-sided beating ending in a fatality . Hittan decisively snapped his opponent's neck without hesitation . "

"Mmh, not bad indeed . This Aapo clan, how strong is their leader?"

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"The clan leader Aapo himself is at 600,000 units . But not to worry the Captain of the guards is looking over the situation . If Hittan and the group cannot manage the situation he will step in . "

"Good . "

"Yes, Elder Ebele… Oh, it seems the others have arrived and we can get to the meat of the matter . "

. . .

"Elder Fahim, you've gathered us all here to discuss Hittan, my grandson . So I'm very interested in getting started . "

"We shall begin immediately Chief Fan . Let me confirm with everyone present what was Hittan's birth sign?"

"Dragon Phoenix, White Diamond . " Onora looked at the group of old men and women who simply nodded at the response .

"Alright, since that's been confirmed let move onto the matter of his inheritance . But before anyone rushes to interject let me also add that he has found his wives!"

"What?! So soon and correct me if I'm wrong but you said wives, plural?" A perturbed Egil addresses the crowd of elders .

Onora only looked at Fahim with concern and expectation for him to continue .

"First let me say that he seemed to have been looking for them and is determined to have them, 'back' . "

"Looking for them? Determined to have them back? What are you saying Elder Fahim?" It was now, that Onora thought it necessary to question his statements .

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"He believes that they are fated to be and nothing or no one will stop him from accomplishing that . It so happens that he has set his sights on the twin Princesses of the Alicorn Empire . "

"Really!" It was Elder Sandor who was the first to respond .

"Yes, the inheritors of the Moon Goddess, Madam Kata's legacy . Those of the second and third generation should know that madam Kata was Gilead's only wife . "

"Haha, my grandson truly was born to rule!" Jalil was as proud as ever for his grandson .

"However, if what Overlord Ragna has said is true, then the Highlord of the Alicorn Empire has already selected their future husbands despite the Oracles foretelling that they will marry the Dragon and Phoenix King . "

"I know him, he's a practical person that sees the safety of Gilead as a practical matter that disregards the need for prophecies . Strength is all that matters to him . "

"Yes, you're right Egil, which is what brings me to this meeting . To aid young Hittan and convince Highlord and Emperor Vanya we need to give Hittan his inheritance as soon as possible . Otherwise, we risk an imbalance between our two sides and a grudge being born by Hittan . "

"What is my son doing now?"

"Lady Onora, I am told he is spending his time with the princesses but has recently gone back into the Flame Realm for training . He's involved in a minor conflict with the Aapo clan and apparently, he's preparing for further escalations . "

"I assume we are observing the situation carefully?"

"Yes, Elek is overseeing the situation as we speak . But I would not worry too much as this year's team as already moved to tier 1 Diamond Rank and Hittan as already proved that he is much stronger than 150,000 units . "

"They've all moved onto Diamond ranks already, not bad . It seems Hittan is stimulating their desire to be stronger . "

"Yes . I would agree . But what about Hittan's inheritance, are we in favour?"

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"I think, for us to truly be convinced he is ready we need to see how he handles the Aapo clan . Have Elek stand watch, but he is not to interfere unless absolutely necessary . "

"We agree with Elder Aaron's suggestion . Have Elek stand down and observe . What say you, Chief Fan?"

"Elder Sandor, you'll find my grandson a more capable person than you think . I expect the preparations for the Legacy Ceremony to be readied shortly . "

"I will inform Elek and return quickly to the Academy to oversee the situation myself . "

. . .

"Sister-in-law, it seems his mind is set against the possibility of giving my nieces the option to choose!"

"Don't worry Ragna, fate is preset and not he nor I can change it . The Oracle before me had told me my children will marry a True King and one not of this world . So all I need you to do is sit here and wait a few more days with me and after that, we will go for the girls . "

"But why not now? Why can't we go for them now?"

"He's not yet ready, he needs a little more time . Haha, don't worry he's a bit impatient so it won't be long . "

… . . .

Knock, knock, knock…

"Enter . "

"Sir, your son wishes to have an audience with you?"

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"Haha, what has he done now? It seems he only calls on me when he needs help . But it can't be helped, he is, after all, the most talented of all my children and the only one to enter the Academy on his own merit . Send for him, let's see what need he has now .

"Father! You have to help me! Some new Student-teacher was recently accepted into the academy and has shown no respect for me or our clan!"

"I have heard of this new instructor, Hittan, correct? He started a few days ago . Why would you have problems with him so quickly?"

"I had booked the Flame realm a few days ago and I was a little late when it came time to exit the portal . Which I took full responsibility for, but during a small verbal disagreement with him, he attacked me! So I employed the Elder Andras to duel with him but he was worthless!"

"Wasn't Andras at the Immortal Balancing Ranks with 150,000 units? Interesting . So what you're saying is that you intentionally delayed your departure time from the portal . But what about the guards that are assigned to you? Were they of no help? We pay them good money to ensure you are taken care of . "

"The guard that was securing the portal was also attacked, worthless trash!"

"I see, so what do you plan on doing next?"

"The Academy has a monthly liberty weekend in the next 3 days . I'll make sure his little group of friends visit the Town of Heaven's View below the Academy . Where I'll need a strong warrior to kidnap them and after that, I'll use them as leverage to force him to his knees! I'll show him his place in this world, beneath my feet!"

"Okay, if all you plan on doing is to embarrass him and not kill his friends then choose a few of the warriors from the arena . "

"Thank you, Father! I'll take my leave now . "

" . . . Aatami . "

"Yes, Sir . "

"Follow my son and watch him from the shows . Let me know the moment something seems off with his actions or possible dangers . "

"Yes, Sir . "

. . .

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