The Ruler of Gilead - Chapter 32

Published at 12th of June 2019 09:12:17 PM
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Chapter 32

Arriving by Portal at the central continent, the group led by Empress Samara was transported back to the castle by an awaiting flying chariot . The chariot was made of Alexandrite and Moonstone crystal with Pearl inlays around the doors and windows . It had an oval shape like a polished pebble .

"Welcome back . "

"Thank you uncle Abdiel . Has father been well?"

"Yes uncle, did he furrow his brows so much that a new line has formed?

"Kaia, stop that . "

"Such good girls . Kaija you don't need to worry so much about him . He has us and we're doing what we can to lessen the burden on him . "

"Thank you, uncle . "

"It is our honour young one . Plus I see that it was a good choice to have Ragna carry you to Sky Element Academy instead of the Royal Academy here in the Capital . "

"It is where they were meant to be, brother . Girls, let us go meet my busy Husband . "

"Yes, Mother!" They answered in unison .

As the guards pushed the door to the throne room, they announced the arrival of Empress Samara accompanied by the Princesses and Overlord Ragna . They all bowed, to greet Emperor Vanya with the exception of Samara who went straight up to the vacant seat next to him .

"Husband, have you been stressing yourself again? The girls are worried about you ageing too quickly because of it . Why do you cause us to worry so much?"

"Sorry to worry you, my Queen . Girls, by awarding you both with the shared Prime Legacy of our Alicorn Ancestral Queen I hope you can forgive me for placing this burden on you . But it is necessary for the stabilization of our planet . So tomorrow you will be taken to the final resting place of our first Queen to begin the inheritance ceremony . The process should last about a month and after which we will announce both of your engagements . "

It was here that the girls hoped that Hittan could be a little faster in coming for them .

"Many things can change in a month's time girls . Just focus on the task at hand as you must not be left behind . Okay, go prepare . "

As the girls left the throne room Vanya was curious to his wife's words and questioned her actions right away .

"What is the meaning of this Samara?"

"What do you mean?

"Telling them more fairy tales of things not likely to come true . "

"If you are a none believer then my actions can only be seen as flights of fancy to be disregarded . "

" . . . "

"But I will say this to you, my precious husband . Was it not my Master, the former Oracle, that said we would have twin girls?"

"Yes, she did . But a convenient guess to something that happens naturally in the practical world . "

"Well, I am sure you can recall the rest of the prophecy?"

"Yes, the girls are destined to marry a King, not of this world . "

"And if he were to appear what would you do?"

" . . . I would need proof of his kingship . "

. . .

"My Lady Laura, you have finally returned, oh we've missed you in these 6 years!"

"Yes, I have missed you and this city of Emerald . "

"Oh, this is the young Madam, Lagina . Welcome home Lagina!"

"Well, this is not really my home yet . "

"Don't worry about that . Everything has been set for your arrival and the ceremony will begin tomorrow and it will last for 3 weeks . After that week we will head to the Central Continent for the engagement ceremony of your eldest brother to Princess Kaia . "

"Oh really? Won't that be an interesting visit . "

. . .

Finally landing in the Village square the group disembarked . After being told that a coronation is being planned they could not help but look to Hittan . He himself gave an absent-minded response as he was preoccupied with thoughts of a month-long separation from Kaia and Kaija .

The guys knew that his lack of energy was due to his separation from Kaija and Kaia and could only chide him for his depressive mood . Afterword, they focused on the fact that so many things have changed since getting to know Hittan . They have all had to re-evaluate the height to which a mixed breed Beast King could grow . Just thinking about the second strongest member on the team being Edan, made them surer that it was not a one-off .

They already viewed Hittan as the leader, their teacher and a friend so if he was presented with the title of King then it would just be one more that meant "Boss" . But even they knew that others may not see it that way .

"Okay, young Challengers, head straight to the main Hall . There your families and Clan Elders have already gathered along with most of the other villagers . Hittan, after the meeting the Clan Elders would like to speak with you . "

"Yes, Elder Fahim . "

"Greetings Village Chief Fan!" Shouted the juniors along with the attending parents and other Elders .

"Settle down everyone . We have gathered here today to announce three things to the village . But before that let me take this time to congratulate the new generation team of 7 who have only been out of the village for less than a full month . (One month on Gilead is still 4 weeks . However, each day is 72 hrs long . ) Yet, under the leadership of Hittan, they have all entered the Tier 3 Diamond Rank! A feat that would otherwise take others 3 years or more!"

"A Job well-done boys and girls!"

"Good going!"

"Great Job Hittan!"

The crowd cheered and offered congratulations to the new generations' team .

"Okay, okay, back to business . As we all know the generational teams represent the next top choice for leadership in the village . Based on their performance that team would then be presented with a legacy of a former Godbeast Elder, that has restarted the cycle of life . It is important to know that even though a candidate may be presented or even if they find a legacy . Only the Legacy has the power to grant you access to the inheritance and how much they choose to share with you . In that way, many may share the same legacy as others . But only those that are granted the full inheritance can be seen as a 'Vice-Prime' inheritor .

As for those that are 'Prime' inheritors it is even rarer, as these legacies are hard to win the approval of and also to find . Because they represent the Godbeast Clan Ancestors of the Ancient Era . The Elders and I have agreed to award this generation's new team the right to access the ancestral burial ground to undergo the inheritance ceremony . If they are found worthy of an inheritance, then that is their destiny!

This is a ceremony typically reserved after one has achieved peak Rank 10 Diamond class and have proven themselves in service of the clan . All of which, this generation's team has already achieved!

As for the second announcement, it is more of a reminder . Our Ancestor and King of Gilead had long ago promised his return when the time was right . Many years have passed and many of us may not remember certain details . But Gilead was not a Phoenix nor a Dragon, but a hybrid!"

"What! No, that can't be right!"

"How can a Beast King compare to a Godbeast?!"

"Chief Fan, you must be mistaken!"

"Yes, we all know that your grandson is a Beast King and now you're trying to claim the Ancestral Inheritance for your family!"

Some of the younger members of the 4th and 5th generation started shouting their own theories and speculations . To which Chief Fan simply stood calmly, facing the accusations being thrown at him until he gestured for the 3rd and 2nd generation Elders from both Dragon and Phoenix Clans to speak .

"I, Aaron of the Dragon Clan, can confirm this to be true . "

"I, Sandor of the Phoenix Clan, also confirm this to be true . "

"I know that most of you see the mixed breeds as subclass individuals, but this is a mistake . One bred from our impatience and thirst for strength . But who can blame us? We were in an environment of battle and constant vigilance . Even now we still need more strength . Which is why the Elders of the 2nd and 3rd generation have nominated Hittan to attempt Gilead's inheritance . "

"May I speak a few words?" A question that came out of nowhere and certainly not expected by Chief Fan . It was none other than Hittan himself .

As the crowd looked at him, some with clear dissatisfaction while others saw him as nothing but an immature brat .

"Step up to the stage and address the village my boy . "

As Hittan walked up to the stage he saw that the Beast Pavilion members were at the back of the Hall . Clearly disregarded by most and not even given fair opportunity to sit at the front with the other village members .

"Greetings my fellow villagers, I am Hittan . For those that don't know me, Hittan of the Dragon Phoenix Lineage and Member of the Beast Pavilion .

Some of you are displeased with my nomination for the inheritance . You think I'm weak because I am a mix breed lineage or you think I'm too young . But the solutions to these two issues are one and the same, strength!

So I will gladly waive my right to the legacy and pass it to any of you that can best me in battle . Since I am 5 years old I can only challenge those in my power range potential…"

"Haha! You Naive little brat you think the world is fair! You can't even fight someone stronger than Tier 4 Elemental warrior! Ha!"

"Yes, I wonder how he even achieved a Rank so high in the first place?!"

"He must have happened upon some treasure outside of the village to quickly reach that Rank!"

"Shut your worthless mouth! Hittan worked harder than anyone else did at that Academy to achieve his strength!" Fumes were pretty much rushing out of Samir's mouth by the time he finished speaking .

"Worthless fools! Do not interrupt our leader again!" Falkner was unable to restrain himself any further and nearly charged one of the more boisterous youngsters .

Edan and the others stayed as quiet as they could manage, but it was clear they were bubbling with anger! Edan himself knew it was better to have Samir and Falkner speak as they represented those Clans . So their voices would not be easily disregarded .

"Let me finish, my power range goes all the way to Demi-Godbeast and all below Godbeast are not my equal!"





Suddenly Hittan disappeared and once he reappeared he was standing on the Coming of Age Ceremony stage!

"Any below Godbeast Rank is free to step into the ring with me . If they can even manage to do so!"


Hittan's body blasted out a radiant heat that flared outward like the sun! White light illuminated from his body and he became the 4th SUN of Gilead!


His maximum heat tolerance DOUBLED! It was now 10,700°C!

The roof of the hall was immediately blasted open with twisting gravitational forces! Everyone below Godbeast had to flee! Panic ensued as his naysayers rushed the doors in a maddening fright! The heat wave that blasted the surrounding forest was akin to a nuclear bomb as the vegetation ignited!

The Elders of the 3rd and 2nd generation immediately used their power to cover Hittan's supernova release! Fearing that innocent or weaker members would be hurt they immediately called a stop to the demonstration!

When the dust finally settled no one spoke, not a word and some found it hard to breathe! No one objected again to his nomination . No one dared to!

"We will resume the assembly tomorrow at Early Sun, given the accidental damage to the Hall . I am sure most would appreciate this recess . " As Chief Fan dismissed the crowd he gestured for Hittan to stay behind .

"The Elders of both Clans wish to have a word with you . I hope you can think it through rationally . "