The Ruler of Gilead - Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

(Be advised, Mature Content)

Six days had passed since Hittan started his inheritance ceremony . After dawning the armour on the second day it took him 2 days to get familiar with the strain on his body . Another two days to complete the Phoenix Dance and Phoenix Fist at proficient levels and by the 6th day, he was comfortable in completing the Flicker Step . However, ease of executing the styles and increasing the time in the armour was not directly related . Only power could push the time limit . It was on the 6th day that the Trial Guardian asked Hittan a strange question .

"Hittan, why are you suppressing the innate skill of the 'King's Aura' in your released state?"

"What are you talking about?"

"A unique ability of any Sun Beast is to command his people with complete dominion . As a creator, you have the gift of a Divinity . Why are you actively suppressing this right?"

"I'm not sure I am, or if my restraint on using spirit power is accidentally stopping that skill . But I know what it means to have dominion over others and it is not what I want in this life . "

"Really? Your Generals will depend on you in a battle to boost their moral and zeal and with your ability, you could increase their output by as much as 20% . The reverse would also be true, with a 20% drop in your enemy's strength . This is the power of the Sun and the same effect can be seen in nature yet you wish to stifle it, out of fear?"

"Do you know that you've been scolding me none stop for 6 days!?"

'This bastard must have been an arrogant prick in his first life!'

"Rest for 6 hours . "

"Why not 4? I am not in dire need of rest to wait 6 hours . "

"Oh really, we will be adding Starfire to the training to see how far you fail, to maintain the time . Do you still wish to take only 4 hours?"

"6 is fine . "

'Bastard . But I am tired of these near-death training sessions . In less than a week and my power as basically doubled without the use of any weapons or external forces . So I really shouldn't complain… but his voice is so damned irritating… I don't care if he was me, shit! I need to rest . '

At that moment Hittan caught sight of the bracelet Samara gave him and he immediately thought of the girls .

'I wish I knew how this was bracelet worked and then maybe I could see Kaija and Kaia . Even Lagina, at least that would be a change of pace and a fresh voice in my head . His voice sounds like a slightly huskier version of mine, I think . Shit, I've been locked in this damned fire prison again but this time I'm with an asshole!

I need to sleep . . . '

In the same breath, a delicate white hand gently rubbed her bracelet out of what now seemed like a habit .

"Second Mother, I feel tired . . . wake me when it's time to continue the inheritance please . "

"Rest my child . "


"Honey, I'm home!"

"Okay dear! I'm in the kitchen, just have a seat and I'll carry the food shortly!

"Do you need any help?"

"No, it's fine . "

'What's happening here… that's me? My hair is still white but my eyes are white? Phoenix lineage? No, those would be a paler blue than my Sapphire eyes . It must be Alicorn lineage . But does that mean the person in the kitchen is…'

Reaching from behind him a slender unblemished arm stretched around from his right to place a tray with a plate of barbequed snake on his lap . She then gently placed her chin on his left shoulder smiling softly at him .

It was at this moment that Hittan found himself in his "dream" body and looking into the Emerald green eyes and flawless face of Lagina!

"Did you see those men again dear?"

"No, but I could feel dark energy near the south cliffs overlooking the city . "

"I'm so tired of running . Do you think they'll find us quickly like the last time?"

"I don't think so . But we must be careful, unlike the last time where I caused a commotion in the market . "

"Sorry, about that dear . " She looked down when she apologised . A point Hittan could not miss given how close her face was to his .

"Should I also blame you for being beautiful or the ugly fool for touching you? Come . " Leading her by the right hand he pulled her around to the front of the couch while placing the tray of food to his left .

Resting his forehead against her belly as she stood before him while he was still in a sitting position .

"I wish I could give you a child right now so those motherly instincts of yours can be put to good use and not wasted on me . "

Holding his cheeks with both palms as she pulled his head back to look into his eyes . "Don't say that, I love you and I will always love you and I love taking care of you, child or not . "

"You are the love of my life and you will forever be a part of my life . "

"Wait! Hittan where are you taking me?!"

"The bedroom, where else?"

"But the food?"

"I'll still eat it after I've had you . "

As they entered the bedroom Hittan could see her head was still kept low which caused him to chuckle a bit . But soon he pulled her into his embrace and whispered into ear, "wife how many times have I planted my seed in your garden? Why so bashful?"

"That's why! You always describe our love so unashamedly, I'm a lady you know . "

"Yes, my lady . "

Separating from her slowly, Hittan started to unbutton her simple button front white top while he gently kissed her forehead and nose before landing on her lips . He then gently passed his fingers over her cheeks ever so softly before asking, "Are you ready now my bashful queen?"

Wrapping her arms around him, she toppled forward onto the bed and started to undress him! Determined to keep the upper hand this round she vigorously kissed him while sliding her hand across his firm chest then down his rippling abs to finally into his pants! Grabbing his dick firmly with her right hand she started to stroke it repeatedly as she listened to his increased breathing! Realising he would lose to her this round if she continued like this so he pulled her body closer and moved away from her face down to her breast where he started sucking and caressing her perky nipples . Now it was his turn to listed her moans!

Realising she was the verge of winning this battle she went down to finish him off! Slowly, she pulled down his pants as she crawled on top of him . Seeing that her waist was just about to pass his head he unhooked her skirt and slipped it off along with her panties!

Looking at her round ass hovering above him and her exposed emerald garden inches away from his face . He held her in place as both her head and vagina lowered onto him . Greeted by wetness at both the south pole and north garden, soft moaning sounds were heard as they both enjoyed each other's nectar .

It was clear that Lagina would not be bullied alone that Low Sun as she crawled further down his body once they had their fill . With her back facing him she lowered herself onto his still hard cock . Hittan watched has his dick disappeared into her tight honey hole and watched for a moment as she slammed her perfect ass against his hips forcibly! Unable to resist the urge he grabbed her breast from behind her as he sat up and started to squeeze and rub her nipples once more while returning his own upward thrust! The sounds of unrelenting moans continued for the night as his dinner grew cold on the couch .

The dream world seemed to have sped up by a few months as both Hittan and Lagina were once again on the run and this time all 4 moons of Gilead were present! This signified that these memories came from his fourth reincarnation!

Hittan watched and experienced the constant running and desperation of the couple . Day in day out they would be on the move . Then there came a time when their luck ran out .

"Hittan, you're hurt!"

"It's nothing . We need to move, it won't be long before they catch up to us . "

"Dear, do you think we can make it?"

"Don't give up on me now Lagina . "

"I won't, I can't give up on us . " subconsciously Lagina rubbed her stomach .

"Good… honey, is there something you want to tell me? Why are… rubbing your stomach?"

"I think I'm pregnant… sorry, are you upset?"

"No, I'm very happy for us! Now that our family has grown, then we have no choice but to survive . Right, little one?" rubbing Lagina's stomach Hittan made funny faces despite their situation .

. . .

"To your left Hittan!"

"Got it!" Bang!"Are you, okay?"

"Please pay attention!"

"I am . Just stay close to me!"

It was then that one of the attackers stretched you his hands and with another member of the attacking party, the darkness grew from their bodies! The day became twilight then utter darkness! Lagina grew frantic and reached out for Hittan, but he was gone! In the sudden shift in daylight, Hittan was ambushed and forcefully separated from her .

In a split second, he heard her screams! So he activated Solar Flare and became a spectre of light! But what greeted him was Lagina on the ground with her chest wide open and her heart missing!


Screaming in madness he rushed over to her lifeless body as her Emerald blood flowed out . Tears streaming down his face he scanned the area to find who took her heart!

With the speed of light, he moved within the darkness illuminating their end and the bodies fell! Until he found his target! Green blood on his hands and a satchel on his back, in a moment the satchel was in Hittan's hand . As for the killer of his wife and unborn child, his body laid on the ground in chunks of unrecognisable meat!

Kneeling before his dead wife, Hittan took his wife's heart out wanting to return it to her body . But the moment he touched her heart it glowed then moved on its own and entered his chest . He could feel it fusing with his own heart . It was not painful but he found it hard to suppress the tears that rolled off his cheeks .

Hittan would eventually return her body to her clan members . He stayed for the official death ceremony and prayed he would see her in his next life . He also prayed he was stronger! After months of wandering aimlessly, he came to the conclusion that they were always after her and her heart, but he was still unclear as to why .


Back at the scene of the inheritance ceremony, the Trial Guardian noted that while Hittan slept he clutched his left chest which glowed Emerald . The Guardian watched as tears would stream down Hittan's face unabated .

Meanwhile, at the Emerald inheritance ceremony, Lagina held her stomach as she cried non stop . But soon she would be greeted with another set of memories…


Hittan found himself running for his life through a forest at the tender age of 4 . Ragged and worn it seemed he had been fighting off wild animals . He had not known where he was headed he was simply following an uneasy feeling he got from the direction he was headed to . As if someone was panicked and anxious and somehow he felt it! So he ran to that direction with his fastest speed!

Upon his arrival, he saw a young 4-year-old Emerald haired girl hiding in a tall 20-foot tree as a 7-foot tall bear inched his way up the tree to attack her . He saw that she was already bruised and her clothes torn from possibly running away from it to this point .

Without further hesitation, he rushed the bear and engaged it in a savage battle! The fight was short and ended with Hittan pulling out the Corundum Dragon Fang sword and stuck it into the side of the bear clear through the other side . Killing it on the spot .

Lagina looked at the Ruby red-haired boy with Sapphire blue eyes from up in the tree . For a brief moment making eye contact with him before she collapsed from exhaustion! Falling 20 feet from the branch she had been clinging to for dear life to now giving her complete trust to the unknown boy to save her once more .

'I met Lagina first . I must have been too caught up with just being banished from the village to properly question the connection between us . Then when I met her again I was with Kaija and Kaia so I didn't notice the same attraction? Oh God, I messed up big time!'

Hittan watched himself care for Lagina's wounds and waited for her to regain consciousness . Once she did he placed her on his back and he carried her home . Little was said between them apart from the directions to her home located just outside of the main square of Heaven's View city below Sky Element Academy .


Waking up from his dream Hittan slowly sat up and looked at the Trial Guardian . The Guardian seemingly aware of what he wanted to ask preemptively answered, "A day, you slept for a whole day . "

"Thank you . " Was his only response as he seemed to have matured even more . If that was even possible . But it was clear that he seemed less combative and more focused .