The Ruler of Gilead - Chapter 38

Published at 14th of June 2019 11:25:04 PM
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Chapter 38: 38

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"Lady Kata, this is my unfilial son, Hittan . "

"Hi, Young Lord . "

"Lady Kata, may I speak with you in private please?"

"Yes, why not . "

"Mother, Father, if you don't mind, we will be back in a few minutes . "

"Oh, okay son . "

"Samara, stay here for a bit I shouldn't be too long . "

"Yes, Aunty . "

Walking along the private gardens of the estate Hittan struggled to find the words that would aptly describe his situation . So he repeated the line from before, "I am a widower . So before you agree to a childhood agreement between our families, I think you should weigh your options and review your prospects . "

"I know you're hurting right now, I can see it in your eyes . So the fact that you're a widower makes no difference to me . I just hope you haven't locked your heart away . I'm also sure that you need me right now and I know you can feel what I'm saying to be true . "

" . . . Yes, I do get a sense of familiarity and comfort from being near you . But what makes you so sure?"

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"The same reason I'm here today . Because I knew you'd return today . "

"I see . The Moon clan's Oracle is not without merit . Do you . . . "

"Mind if you test me? No, I don't mind . But you should have said outright that I'm a flawless gem . With beautiful Sapphire eyes . "

" . . . "

"I'm sorry about your wife… I could not prevent that . But right now you need to be by my side . Because your reason for returning today still involves me . So let's protect each other, husband . "

" . . . Wife, will you always be so invasive and direct?"

"Do you really wish to change me?"

"Truthfully, no…" softly responding, Hittan looked down at the emerald grass in the garden and whispered, "forgive me, but I'm sure I'll be with you soon . "

Pulling his hand she planted her feet and pulled him to a stop in the middle of the garden . Stepping in front of him she looked up into his eyes .

"I said before, I know you're hurting, right? I also said your reason for coming back led you to me . But fighting the darkness is one thing and protecting me is another . Fate has tied you to me and to… Lagina . I promise you that you will always have us…" Touching the left side of his chest as she spoke .

" . . . But before that, you need to allow me the chance to care, comfort and love you . "

Taken aback at her direct approach to state her mind and feelings, Hittan was at a loss for words . So what she did next completely caught him off guard .

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Stepping into Hittan's personal space leaving no room between them, she wrapped her arms around him . Never once dropping eye contact with him, she softly said, "be strong, and show me why you deserve the devotion of two ladies such as us . Be my King . "

Being caught up in her loving embrace and the feelings of familiarity he rested his head on her shoulder and allowed himself some reprieve . Leaving a tear-stained shoulder, Kata grasped his face by cupping his cheeks with her palms before making her next request .

"For having such a good wife don't you think you should reward her?"

Not sure if this could be considered being taken advantage of in his weakened state of mind . Or the medicine to his recent chaotic heart, he allowed her to pull his head into hers . Where she kissed him passionately as if she had been starved of his affection for a lifetime and afraid to lose it again .


Back at the Moon Goddess inheritance both Kaija and Kaia were undergoing the memory transfer part of the inheritance . The memories were being fed via a dream so the girls could truly relive the moments and understand their purpose .

In that moment of their dream, they were both reliving the scene of standing in a garden comforting Hittan as he cried on their shoulder at the loss of Lagina . A surreal experience to say the least . But they also witnessed the bold action Kata in her attempts at consoling Hittan and blushed .


Back in the garden, after a full 10 minutes of kissing, they both came up for air . Hittan was lost in passion as his soldier had long since stood at attention after the first 5 minutes! Yet Kata had not pulled back, but instead held him tighter pressing his soldier firmly into her abdomen .

"You naughty boy, am I to expect this reaction at each kiss?"

"I don't know, but I want to forget the pain even if it's just for a little while . "

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"Are you hiding from your problems or do you want me?"

"Both, is that bad?"

"At least you're honest . I like that, don't lie to me in the future as I'll know . "

" . . . I promise . "

While they spoke Hittan found himself undoing Kata's dress buttons that ran from her neck across to her right side . While she was being undressed in the private garden for the first time a slight flash of nervousness ran across her face . Something that Hittan, at that moment, missed . But not the three other people reliving the moment with them .

"Sister, do you see! He's always been some sex crazed beast!"

"Kaia, aren't we also the ones encouraging him?"

"Kaija, sometimes I wonder if you two are more alike than I think?!"

"Are you saying that you would refuse him in this situation?"

"I never said that, but he could have waited until we told him yes…"

'Am I really that fickle of a person in all of my reincarnations?? I swear if there is a 4th wife in another past life I'll condemn myself to a life of solitude in the next life . '

Having undone her form-fitting dress that had an elegant blue floral pattern print, that ran from her right shoulder front to her back left hem . Hittan looked at her snow white body in contrast to the emerald grass and thought she also embodied perfection . Throwing himself into ecstasy hoping to feel some amount of relief he neglected any form gentleness .

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Now on top of her having lost his clothes while admiring her body, he began kissing her, hoping to steal her breath! He would only ease up when she stopped him by biting his lower lip from time to time . The pressure on his lip was returned in his firm hold on her breasts, as he would squeeze from the base while the gap between his fingers would pull on her pink nipples!

Losing control of the recent events in his life must have increased his want for control and dominance . This was seen in his actions of mounting her stomach and he squeezed her breasts together and readied his cock to slide through . Seeing the intentions of his actions Kata gave him a command, "stand up . "

Coming to his senses he apologetically looked down as he stood . To his surprise she came to her knees, placing herself immediately in front of his erect cock . At that point another command was given, "don't move . " Which immediately surprised him as he saw how much of a sacrifice she was willing to put herself through for him . Despite knowing that this was possibly foreseen already he thought it was extremely brave of her .

As soon as her mouth had opened up and about to swallow his . . .

"Stop . It's okay, I don't need you to make this sacrifice for me . I'm also sorry I lost myself amount ago . I'll happily marry you but give me time to know you more, trust you and love you . " While speaking Hittan covered his face possibly out of shame or weakness . It's not like he really wanted to forget anything, pain and all, as that would in a way be dismissing the existence of his wife and unborn child .

Again, tears started rolling off his cheeks . He thought what an impression he must be making on his new wife . An out of control crybaby that lacked the proper etiquette in how to treat a lady . Trying hard to cover his shame he uttered, "I'll earn this and I'll find a way to make it up to you . "

Turning to get his clothes and hers as well, wetness greeted him followed by warmth as she gently placed his cock into her mouth . Slowly she started to use her tongue to caress his penis and with each rub of her tongue, her mouth went deeper!

Slowly going into a seated position on the ground where she followed him without breaking contact . She continued to gently massage him with perfect control of her playful tongue action and suction . To the point where he thought she was in his head and knew how he liked it or maybe she was his woman, in another life? With her stomach bracing her knees and her head in his crotch it left her butt up in the air for him to admire .

"My wife is perfect in every way . I'll make sure to work hard to make her happy . Mmh" Hittan whispered to her .

After making sure he released some of his anxiety and pain she sat up in front of him .

"You've earned that and much more long ago, but next time choose a better place . Even as your wife for aeons you still need to consider the little details of comfort and romance, okay?"

" . . . Aeons?"

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