The Sacred Ruins - Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: A New Chapter for Earth
It was a shocking incident—a black bird had dived down from outer space . Although it was in a miserable state, it successfully descended without losing its life .

That was because the mysterious energy blocking it was disappearing!

People were shaken . Everyone watching this scene was overwhelmed because its influence was too great . The bird was shockingly large and comparable to a demonic mountain smashing down onto the earth, its aura boundless and majestic!

At the same time, the scene in outer space also shocked everyone . The satellites captured clear images of meteors passing through smash and smashing towards earth .

The white-winged blonde man, the beautiful and elegant lady as well as the brightly colored tiger halted their steps and no longer continued rushing towards earth .

That was because they also saw four meteors approach!

Every country was in an uproar!

This very day, there was first a demonic bird and then several meteors from outer space charging into earth .

It could be said that the countries and major powers that had space surveillance capabilities were shaken . The news soon spread and shocked the whole world .

No one had expected that such a big incident would take place today . This was too sudden and too terrifying .

"Demonic gods, there are demonic gods on the meteors! Those things look like their vehicles . They came here riding upon stars!

Afterwards, all the powerful nations were trembling . Even though the higher-ups were mentally prepared and had steeled their nerves since the great upheavals, they couldn't help but palpitate .

The skies were about to change!

People noticed that earth had turned a new chapter and was destined to change!

In outer space, four meteors glided through the cold space and approached earth .


Terrifying light erupted as a revolving space station was struck and immediately disintegrated . A huge explosion ensued .

Everyone on earth who witnessed this scene felt chilled . Was this a sign of hostility or was it an accident?

The higher ups of various countries were quite worried . The outcome of such an incident was too serious .

Afterwards, numerous satellites began to transmit pictures back to earth—those with surveilling power focused on capturing the trajectories of those four meteors .

To be precise, these were four gigantic meteors with surfaces pull of potholes . Their metallic parts had melted and condensed on the surface to give it a certain metallic look .

The four figures stood upon their respective meteors without the slightest bit of movement as if they were statues . They were cold, resolute and didn't even frown after shattering the space station .

They were wearing thick armor on their bodies which covered part of their faces . Only a pair of cold eyes were revealed .

"Oh heavens, demonic gods are descending . Quickly watch the latest live broadcast from Shenzhou Television . It seems an age of demonic gods has descended upon earth!"

Commotion descended everywhere after this news was spread .

That was because, after some thought, the governments decided not to withhold the truth . They immediately began to broadcast the process live, informing everyone about what was happening in outer space .

The whole world's attention was focused on developments in outer space .

Hundred-meter-long meteors began to slow down and actually started revolving around earth .

"Which star system are you from?" It was at this time that the white-winged blonde man rose up .

He was handsome and outgoing, but his expression at this time was serious . He stared at the four uninvited guests upon the four meteors .


One of them began to speak with a deep voice . The energy fluctuations were shocking . At least, they were much more powerful than the evolved beings on earth .

They were using an odd and incomprehensible language .

Following which, the two sides began to communicate telepathically . That was because they came from different star systems and couldn't understand each other's language .


Afterwards, people saw them break out in conflict and actually began to exchange blows . The meteors exploded—the frightening destructive force destroyed all satellites passing by .

People on earth were astonished and overwhelmed .

The outer-realm life forms were fighting in outer space . The energy spreading out from their midst was simply too frightening . How were they to contend against them after their successful descent to earth?

People were afraid because, with their methods and attack powers, they could easily destroy a big mountain .

Just how many mountains could earth have for them to ravage? If people like them kept coming in batch by batch, the whole world would become a cruel battlefield .

Later on, the lady with long flowing black hair and clad in purple attire rose to the air with a mysterious weapon in hand . The brightly colored tiger had also arrived .

But the other demonic gods standing on the other meteors also moved to block them!

The white-winged blonde man and the cold armored life form were embroiled in an intense battle . The others were also locked in confrontation . The atmosphere was extremely tense .

"Fight on . It's best if both sides become wounded and all of them die in outer space . " These were the words within the hearts of many a young man on earth . Who would be able to restrain these beings once they descend to earth?

"Thump thump thump…"

The fighting was intense and all sorts of energy particles erupted in outer space .

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However, as the remaining life forms approached and the battle everyone was hoping for was about to begin, the fighting suddenly stopped .

The remaining three meteors approached and parked together . Both parties landed on them and began to enter a discussion instead of fighting .

Outer space was, once again, silent as both parties began their negotiations in peace .

"They don't want a situation where both sides suffer . It's likely they will form an alliance and descend together . " Some people began to guess . This outcome was the worst .

As such peace resumed in outer space . No information could be obtained because these people were completely immobile and communicating telepathically .

Chu Feng's group hadn't even exited Mount Qinling when some of their communicators began to ring non-stop as all kinds of news arrived .

"New descenders have arrived!"

"A battle has erupted in outer space!"

"Ah, a black divine bird has successfully passed through the barrier and arrived on earth!"

There was commotion everywhere .

Chu Feng also immediately browsed through the news on his communicator and saw the astonishing scene . This was an incident of enormous scale .

The outer realm life forms started fighting each other, but then sat down to discuss things later on . No one knew what the outcome was .

Currently, people were concerned about that black bird . Where had it landed and how was it faring?

Chu Feng paid close attention to this . This was, after all, a descender of this modern era and should be quite powerful . What kind of storm would a true extraterrestrial cause after arriving on earth .

He sensed nothing when these entities descended 22 years ago because he didn't see the scenes himself .

Those even more concerned than Chu Feng were people like Princess Lin, Feng Hong, and Xu Mei . They were quite anxious and kept on staring a the communicator with a solemn expression .

They were the scions of the batch of descenders from 22 years ago and knew much more than those on earth . They very well understood that terrifying competitors were about to arrive!

So much so that, it could be said the enemy had killed their way here . This made them quite uneasy .

That was because the residents of earth weren't a threat to them at all and couldn't do much damage . Their true opponents, with whom they were destined to fight, were other descenders from outer realms .

The time has arrived for blood to flow . The new descenders would definitely view the old ones as competitors . A fierce battle would ensue once they encountered each other .

"The enemy is here . Are we prepared?" Someone asked .

"Don't be anxious . We might not necessarily have to engage in a life or death battle . Everything is still possible," said Princess Lin .

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Although she said thus, she was the first to contact the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave, telling the hibernating entities to be on alert and wake up the sleeping life forms .

At this moment, a group of people was wearing solemn expressions . Those were the higher-ups of each nation .

That was because they had talked to this batch of extraterrestrials just before the black bird descended .

That was considered a secret conversation in which they had achieved some purposes .

Now that the black divine bird had descended, every nation was paying attention to it .

The satellites couldn't capture anything related to those seven extraterrestrials in outer space . As such, everyone's attention was returned to the mysterious demonic bird .

"Where did it land?!

All parties were paying attention anxiously .


The earth shook and swayed as a certain mountain range within the Henan region collapsed . A jet black creature emerged roaring and struggling from within the rubble .

This was a gigantic bird with a body as large as a mountain . Its whole body was charred black and all its feathers had been burnt clean . Additionally, there was some burnt odor arising from its body .

Apart from that, there were frightening wounds on its body some of which were bone-deep and others see-through from front to back . It was difficult to imagine just want kind of corrosive force it had encountered on its way down .

However, it had survived in the end .

At this moment, it proudly raised its head and black light erupted from its eyes, flying out like two bolts of lightning . It let out a shrill cry which shook everything within hundreds of meters .

"Target found . It has landed on the Eastern land and not in the West . According to our previous agreement, he will choose a famed mountain from the East as its evolution site!"

"It's in the Henan province, badly wounded but still emitting frightening energy far surpassing the creatures on earth!"

The major powers from every country was quite nervous and all of them were monitoring this process cautiously .

This was an extraterrestrial life form, an incomparably powerful descender . This was like a legend who had arrived from another star .

Chu Feng stared fixedly at the communicator, hoping to determine how strong it was!

Princess Lin, Zhou Yun, Feng Hong and the others were solemn . None of them said any jokes . Everyone was waiting for the latest news and also hoping to size up the newcomer's power .

After a loud cry, the bird's body emitted black radiance and erupted in flames as the wounds on its body gradually healed and new feathers grew back anew .

It started at a certain object on the ground . It was a coarse product belonging to a mighty evolved being . This banana leaf with runes carved upon it was like the Golden Arhat Talisman, but it was somewhat more complex . At least it could be used repeatedly .

However, it was currently fragmented and directly turned to powder .

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They couldn't bring in weapons that were too powerful . Only this one was the most suitable, but now it had been destroyed .

An odd tone escaped from its mouth, denoting incomparable regret . It mumbled something to itself in another language that no one could understand .

It then switched to earth's language and spoke . It was just that its speech contained an old-fashioned tone and its pronunciations were quite irregular . It seemed this language was quite difficult and new for it .

"I've come . I'll conquer and I'll rise here!"


Its whole body erupted with black light as feathers began to grow at an even faster rate . It was now like a golden crow, accompanied by a bone-piercing cold gleam and surging blood energy . Its aura was shocking and terrifying .

"Energy measurements indicate that this life form has severed seven shackles at least . It might have even severed the eighth or ninth—it's unpredictable . This is an extremely dangerous entity!"

Such a report came out and overwhelmed all evolved beings on earth . Everyone was trembling because this was an unbeatable and terrifying bird king .

At this time, Princess Lin was also feeling quite distressed . It was an entity with seven or eight severed shackles? This spelled trouble for them .

And this was just the beginning . What would happen in the future? Apparently, this would change the expressions of even their elder generation .

As expected, the people from the Origin Magnetic Immortal cave felt heavy-hearted after receiving Princess Lin's communication . A single bird king was still acceptable, but if they kept on descending one by one, it would be absolutely disastrous .

Comparatively, Chu Feng was quite relaxed . At least, everyone knew he was crippled and was no threat on the road to evolution . Additionally, he was even a domain researcher whom everyone would seek to rope in .

However, his relaxed expression changed rapidly before long .

That was because there was more news!

Within the shattered mountain range, the black bird's aura was terrifying . Black radiance surged as it repaired all of its injuries and grew back all of its feathers .

"Ah, measurements show that its energy levels are falling . It seems to have consumed quite a bit of energy while healing its body and is now in a weakened state!"


With a loud explosion, the bird spread its wings and destroyed all of the nearby measuring apparatuses . It flew into the air, focused on a certain direction and shot forward .

At this moment, it was like a large bolt of lightning as it flew through the Henan region .

Finally, it arrived at Mount Song and began to circle around it, kicking up powerful gales . Many great trees were broken and tens of thousands of leaves fell .

"From now on, this place is my ritual grounds for evolution!" It announced . Its sound was like the clashing of metal, strong and ear-piercing . It shook the whole mountain .

Chu Feng's expression turned ugly after hearing this because his parents were at the Greatwoods Temple on Mount Song .

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