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The Sacred Ruins - Chapter 80

Published at 18th of March 2018 09:52:35 PM

Chapter 80

A bright moon hung high in the night sky, and silver radiance shone on every corner of the land .

The forest was not dark or dreary . In fact, it was quite on the contrary . It was snow-white and softly lit .

However, an air of murder suffused the air, rendering the forest dreadful and ghastly .

Chen Hai walked on the side of the beasts, closing in on Chu Feng . The earth trembled, and leaves from trees of all kinds withered and fell!

Hundreds of beasts were walking on the outer circumference of this encirclement . All brandished their shiny fangs and their gloomy scales and shells .

Chu Feng was calm . He gazed at them, poised for a fight!

"Behave yourselves! The seed is not mature yet!" Chen Hai said in an indifferent attitude . He turned around, facing the three mutated beasts that were closest to him .

He was conceited and domineering . He warned the beasts with a threatening tone!

The beasts, however, were no weaklings either . They were all the overlords of each respective domain, and in response to the threat, all began to show a gloomy look of murder .


A white rhino roared . Its body was a glittering monstrosity . The beast trained its horn at Chen Hai, ready to dash and kill at any time now!

There was a lynx beside the rhino . Its body was golden and little . The cat was only one meter in length, but by the murderous look on its face, it was clearly a terrifying animal nevertheless .

There was a jackal too . It was a beast over five meters in length . It looked ferocious and had a mouth full of fangs . Its eyes screamed viciousness, and its body emitted plumes of black fog . This jackal was an insidious beast .

All three mutated beasts were no weaker than Chen Hai . They were fiery and hot-tempered . They were annoyed and regretful because they missed the opportunity to receive those pollens .

They were way too late to the party .

In the end, the three beasts soothed away their anxiety . They wanted the seed to be mature too, because its potency would be the most effective when it was fully grown .

The silver vine was losing its color and vigor . Petals withered and fell, and only the seed was still white and glittering .

"Very good!" Chen Hai was delighted by what he saw .

He had his hands behind his back, standing there, waiting for the seed to be fully developed . In a short time, he would harvest some unprecedented power for himself!

In the darkness of the night, the forest suddenly became quiet again .

The hundreds of beasts stopped roaring . In the presence of their overbearing overlords, the beasts dared not to move a hair . Every beast knew their place, so they all behaved quite properly .

The substance vital for maintaining the functioning of life was draining from the vine at a rate visible to human eyes . The luster dimmed while the vital substance flowing upwards, converging towards the seed .

The silver root hair was of no exception .

Chu Feng did not utter a word . He was happy as long as Chen Hai and the beast remained in their patience and calmness .

His body constitution was still rising . There was a constant stream of warmth crushing against his flesh and bones . It was an unspeakable feeling . His soul felt cleansed, and he could feel that his body was still changing .

Some odd substances surfaced on his skin . It felt like sweat because it was just as stinky and sticky . These were the substances discharged by his body in the process of evolution, and it felt very intense!

Chu Feng felt clean and at ease .

Right now, his flesh and blood grew transparent; his viscera became translucent, and his bones were spotlessly white . He felt like a person made of all the godly essence of this world .


Chu Feng could hear that his viscera resonated with each other once again . His heart was beating like a thumping drum . Blood rushed in his veins like the billows in the sea, crushing onto his flesh and his soul . A mysterious force surged within him .

He knew that this was the beginning of a new intense period of cleansing .

The change in his body was still happening!

His skin was sticky and wet . Those substances were just like sweat, and they were being intensely discharged from within his sweat glands .

Chu Feng thought that if he could wash off these reeking substances, his skin might glitter like a colored glaze . His ears and eyes were both functioning better, and his mettle had never felt so full .

This kind of evolution was too intense . It went from inside to outside, improving him in every trait!

Finally, his body slowly calmed down . Chu Feng could set his mind at rest because the effects of the pollens had been fully exerted . His body felt clean and clear, growing more powerful by the minute!

A sudden ringtone broke the silence . It was Chen Hai’s communicator . This caused a commotion, and even the overlords looked fiercer in the eyes .

Chen Hai frowned with hesitation, but he still answered the call .

"Have you found him yet?" the family of Mu asked . They were very particular about the matter regarding Chu Feng .

Usually, they wouldn’t call to bother Chen Hai since they valued him very much . For trifling matters, they would usually make their inquiries to that woman . However, right now, they couldn’t seem to reach her .

"No!" Chen Hai replied .

Since he was about to harvest quite a big fortune from Chu Feng, it was his natural response to deny . His intention was to not disclose any threads of the secret yet .

In order to keep this as a secret, he had even killed his own man .

"Do you think there is anything odd about Chu Feng?" the family of Mu questioned .

"There shouldn’t be . On the contrary, I think there are indeed some odd things about the Vajra though . " Chen Hai digressed from the subject on Chu Feng . The more he cared, the more he wanted to cover it up .

The family of Mu asked about the whereabouts of the woman and the other man, but Chen Hai lied in his answer . He said that the two had important findings, and that they were secretly chasing the trails of the Vajra . He himself was also on the way there .

"Are you sure that there are connections between Angel Ox and the Vajra?!" the family of Mu coldly asked .

"I’ll only know when I get there!" Chen Hai said .

The signals were weak, and their call was interrupted a few times .

"I’m in a mountain, and I think I’ve found their trails! Okay, I’ll hang up now!" Chen Hai quickly ended the call .

Chu Feng’s hearing had grown terrifyingly sharp nowadays . Although there were some distances between them, he could still pick up the words of their conversation . Everything now became clear .

He smiled . It was a visceral smile of happiness .

Chen Hai tried to gloss over what he had found, and this was really helping Chu Feng as well .

However, Chu Feng felt a little sorry for the Vajra, because the big fellow would have to take the rap for him again this time .

"Why’re you laughing? You’re a dead man! You know that?" Chen Hai shot a fleeting glance at Chu Feng . He was not worried about him at all .

"Thank you, brother! What a nice man you are! You’ve really helped me avoid quite a lot of troubles . " Chu Feng smiled .

"Helped whom? You?! Pfft!" Chen Hai knew exactly what he meant, but on the surface, he was still as contemptuous as always . He had been training in boxing for thirty years . Barely anyone could compete against him ever since the mutation .

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Suddenly, the silver vine became completely shrivelled . It had lost all its glitter, and the seed on its tip immediately came off . It was white as snow, glittering as crystals, shining and sparkling under the moonlight .


The jackal moved . The beast was an overlord of a nearby region . It had terrifying power and speed . Like a bolt of lightning, its five-meter body quickly scurried forth . The beast opened its bloody mouth and was about to swallow the seed whole .

However, Chu Feng was even faster . He stood right next to the plant, so he caught the seed as soon as it shed from the vine . Nothing must go wrong for him, because the seed mattered a lot!


Almost simultaneously, Chen Hai burst out in action . He didn’t vie to be the first for the seed because he had scruples about the three overlords beside him . He was waiting for a prime opportunity to eliminate one or two of them, and now it was time for him to go for the jackal from behind .

His fist was bursting with strength and power, and as he drove forth his limbs to deliver this deadly blow, all the trees and grasses nearby were split in two by the gales . His boxing was way too powerful!

The jackal was quick in response . It lashed its body sideways and evaded the deadly blow . Then, it turned around and jetted out a glint of black light that was in the form of a sheet . It was as sharp as a blade, and as it swirled towards Chen Hai like a shuriken, it was clear that its sole purpose was to kill Chen Hai in one blow .

However, Chen Hai had readied for this . He raised his shield to fend off the black sheet while his right fist aimed for the jackal .


The alloy shield stayed intact . It offered impenetrable defenses against the blade .

With a swish, Chen Hai leaped forward . He was only a hair away from the jackal . This time, his right fist perched on the beast’s body and launched the beast into the air .


Blood spurted from the beast’s jugular . The beast roared in anger . Its chest had been punctured, and its ribs were all fractured . Its body was almost split in two . The jackal refused to resign itself to defeat, but when it finally plummeted to the ground, it tumbled in a pool of blood then died a violent death .

Chen Hai was a vicious demon . He killed without scruples .

Seeing the tragic death of their fellow beast, the other two overlords couldn’t help falling back . They palpitated in fear and terror .

Chen Hai was much more at ease now . There were only two overlords left . He had the power to deal with them, and he believed that he could easily kill them one by one .

Right now, everything was going well for him . He was happy!

Chen Hai headed for the vine . He looked down at Chu Feng . His face was all smiles . "Thank you for guarding this for me for thing long!" he said .

He stretched out his hand and asked for the seed .

"It’s still too early, buddy," Chu Feng said . He was just as happy as his enemy . His happiness was visceral .

Chen Hai closed in on Chu Feng . The smile on his face grew thicker . Everything was in favor of him; he had never thought of finding a mysterious fruit in this mission, and with this fruit, he could evolve .


The golden lynx quickly launched an attack . It pounced forward . It was not going for the seed in Chu Feng’s hand but for Chen Hai’s throat with its cutting claws .


The white rhino moved too . With its hill-sized body, the beast hurriedly scurried forward as its trampling feet trembled the earth . The rhino was, too, ramming towards Chen Hai .

Both beasts had understood the danger of Chen Hai . They joined forces to eliminate him .

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Suddenly, the other hundred beasts were in a frenzy too . They galloped like a flood surging forward . They all wished for the seed . A carnage of war was on the verge of breaking out .

Chen Hai still looked indifferent . His body moved as fast as a bolt of lightning . Suddenly, he disappeared and evaded the assault by the two overlords .

He leaped into the air, then like a bird, he dove down with whistling wind and flying sand . His fist was trained at Chu Feng’s skull, wishing to kill him in one blow then snatch the seed for himself .

Chu Feng finally moved . He greeted Chen Hai with both of his fists .


A muffled rumble exploded . The impact was immensely powerful . The place suddenly saw sand flying and pebbles rolling . Trees split in two; rocks cracked and fissured; the shock wave toppled hundreds of beasts within miles of the impact .

Chu Feng stood in place, completely motionless .

Chen Hai was shocked . He was like a giant bird, perching on a treetop . He felt pain in the fist . He was on the losing side of that clash .

Thirty years of boxing training plus a mutation had made him almost invincible to fight against .

However, just then, he felt a peculiar force striking against him . It had tremendous momentum, and it felt primitive too . There was a vicissitude of life written in that force, one that felt almost like being struck by a yak from an ancient era .

The force gave him severe pain in the fingers . He was badly injured .

"You do have a knack in boxing, son . " Chen Hai tried to remain calm . He realized that things had gone far beyond his expectation .

Earlier on, Chu Feng was an inferior fighter against him who relied solely on a peculiar bow .

However, only a few hours later, Chu Feng seemed to have undergone a complete transformation . How did he become so powerful?!

Chen Hai still couldn’t realize the importance of pollens . Had he known about it, he would have started scrambling for them long ago .

Chu Feng was now certain that his body constitution had indeed improved by a great deal . He felt no pressure going against Chen Hai in this rematch .

"Let’s see how good of a boxer you are!" Chu Feng taunted . For him, Chen Hai was now just a punch bag to practice boxing on .

Standing at their side, the golden lynx and the white rhino both timidly groaned . They fell back a few steps, wishing for these two humans to wear each other out .

The other beasts soon followed .

Chen Hai moved . He was swift like a bolt of lightning, wobbling down from the treetop . While plummeting to the earth, Chen Hai formed the style of horse out of the twelve boxing styles . Like a horse galloping down from the heaven, Chen Hai aimed his powerful fist at Chu Feng’s skull .

Chu Feng was very calm . His fist was bursting with power that was granted by the first fist position of the Demon Ox Boxing Style . He resolved to meet Chen Hai’s tough with toughness . The two clashed fists in mid-air again .


The two both went backwards a few steps . Chu Feng, however, was quite at ease . After the evolution, his body constitution was very horrifying . Both his power and speed were horrific in the eyes of his enemy .

Chen Hai was shocked . His arms were numb, and they were shaking too . They narrowly escaped from being totally maimed by Chu Feng’s force .

He realized that things had just taken a left turn . Things looked bleak for him . In terms of strength, Chu Feng was leagues above him; in terms of boxing style, Chu Feng’s style was no worse than his although the fist positions looked rather strange .

Chen Hai was a true disciple of the boxing style he was practicing . He learned the styles under the tutelage of a master, and he had also reached an unfathomable depth in this boxing style too . It was not some infidel styles acquired from some heterodox schools .

He understood the horrific power his boxing style could deliver . Once the boxer reached the acme of perfection, no-one would be able to stand in his way, let it be mutants or mutated beasts!

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Chen Hai groaned . He resolved to extract the highest power of his boxing style . It was the style of dragon in his left hand and the style of tiger in his right . The power of dragon and tiger simultaneously burst to strike on Chu Feng .

Chu Feng looked earnest this time . He couldn’t afford to be careless . He contrived the ultimate godly form of Demon Ox Boxing Style with both of his fists and greeted Chen Hai with them .


This clash was of unmatched violence . Gales whistled; trees and grasses along with rocks and boulders all burst with a blaring bang .

Amidst the flying sand and rolling pebbles, the two were like ghosts and monsters . They quickly moved and quickly exchanged blows; at the same time, they were also quickly dodging each other’s fatal blow .

In the course of a few seconds, the two threw more than a dozen punches onto each other .

Chen Hai was dumbstruck . His face turned pale with astonishment . For the last few seconds, the tiger and the dragon style had both been competing against each other in delivering the deadliest blow to the enemy . His fists incessantly swayed about in the air . The power of destruction of those blows had truly been pushed to a maximum .

However, Chu Feng had stood the force of all those blows .

Moreover, Chu Feng’s strength seemed to be even greater, and his boxing styles were even fiercer . His fists clashed with Chen Hai’s, sending pain all the way into his bone marrow . In the end, Chen Hai could not feel his arms any more .


Chen Hai toppled over as blood spewed out from his mouth . His arms were twisted, but the muscles were still trembling . The bones of his arms had all been shattered .


He was swift in action, darting away as soon as his body landed on the ground . He only wanted to flee from this place . "F*ck the seed!" he exclaimed .

With a swish, a tall figure stood in his way . Chu Feng blocked his way . His speed was many times faster than Chen Hai’s .

Chen Hai was shocked and terrified . Had this young man just eaten a strange fruit or what?

For him, this opponent suddenly became many times stronger . Not only the strength but also his speed had greatly surpassed him .

"Your boxing style is great . I will grant you a quick death if you could pass on the essence of your boxing style to me . " Chu Feng said .

"You want my boxing style? Go to Hell!" Chen Hai was grim-faced . He was falling back, looking for ways to escape . He didn’t want to die here alone .

"Then that’s easy . Kill!" Chu Feng’s eyes had grown bitingly cold . His fists were bursting out with explosive power and earth-shattering speed .

They were both glittering too . Vaguely, one could see a shiny layer of luster forming on the surface of his fists . They looked like biting frost .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chen Hai turned pale with fear . Driven by Chu Feng’s heavy blow, he tottered and staggered . He started to cough up blood . Even that shield had been crushed out of shape because it could not resist the power of Chu Feng’s deadly blow .


At last, that alloy shield cracked and shattered when Chu Feng’s fist punctured through it and landed his fist on Chen Hai’s chest .

With a puff, blood started spewing out . Chen Hai looked down at his chest in shock and terror . A gaping hole was looking straight into his eyes . It opened a window through his ribcage, and through it, he could see the pretty sceneries behind his back .

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