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Published at 16th of August 2019 09:10:59 PM

Chapter 49

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"Young master . . . I don't think you should do that . "

There is one thing Ando wanted to avoid really bad was seeking Nobu Anzo . It is never a good idea . The way Nobu solved a problem was bizarre and cruel . And since his wife died, he secluded himself from Touma but the reason was not agreeable for Ando . It was not because he hates or blames Touma for the death of his wife but he can't face the resemblance of her on Touma . Touma grew up without his fatherly touch but Touma was showered with everything a father could give . Money, protection, power and even freedom, Touma got it all except his father loving touch .

Touma always remains on the soft side of Nobu's heart and he was clear about it . That is why he never probe over Nobu's attention and stay on the path Nobu decided for him . The path filled with unavoidable bloodshed, violence and betrayal .

Last time he voices out his mind about handover the throne to his uncle causing Nobu a heart attack and almost invited by the grim reaper to the heaven and this time he doesn't want Nobu to go through the same experienced again .


"Err . . . Master still recuperate from last time . It is not a good idea to disturb him . "

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"No, invite him for dinner tomorrow . "

"Young Mas . . . "

"Don't make me repeat myself . " Touma's glares scared the hell out of Ando . He let out a heavy sigh and drops his head down .

"Yes, Young Master . "

After Ando gave in, Touma leaned back comfortably and massaged his throbbing head to lessen the pain . As much as the throb in his head assaulted him, the pain in his heart was much worst .


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Ibaraki Prefecture - Oarai

"Well, well, well . . . Look at what we have here . Hey lady, are you alone?" A grating voice from a man in front of the Oarai Cabaret Club greeted the beautiful woman who walked to his way . Another man was whistled and laughing together with the other men . Earlier they were loitering outside the club after they finished their work .

Their work was to extort the 'protection money' from stalls and shop along the Oarai west beach . In return, they will make sure no disturbance will occur to them when they open their business . It was one of the monthly activities assigned by the group leader . For a branch family like them, they need to make sure they have enough to pay to the main family . It was a requirement to be under the main family .

"I want to see your Boss . " She glared and disregards the harassment . Her attitude caused them to boil inside . The man earlier thundered closed the gaps between them . The playful behaviour a moment ago turned to anger . The sound of his teeth clashing to each other was loud enough to her ears but it doesn't weaken her heart at all . She remains rooted unaffected to his gangster act . To taunt him more, she gave him a nonchalant evil laugh to his face .

"I'm the Boss . " the men tilted her chin with force but she grabbed his wrist and threw it away .

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"Uuu . . haha . . Feisty! I like feisty woman," the laughter from behind the man was scaring the passerby but the woman just smile devilish .

"But I don't like a pig . Bring me to your boss . "

"Hahaha . . . This pig will make you cry for mercy later . "

He moved lightning fast to choke her neck but she was faster to step back and bent her knees to give her more force before she struck him back with a heel palm attack directly on his chin, forcing him to back down a couple of steps disoriented . The sudden attacked surprised him and he accidentally bit his tongue because of it . Red liquid dribbled from his mouth gave him an iron aftertaste . He felt dizzy for a minute . The man shook her head to brush away his dizziness and pain but it was useless .

The woman didn't stop there but swiftly approached him, refused to give him time to recover, she struck another attack with a knee kick to his nose before she stomped her stilettos to his stomach . The pointy sharp heel buried deep to him and he lost he conscious right after .

"Who next?" she looked at the other men who were stoned and put both of her hands to her hip as she taunting them to attack . They snapped from the shocked and rush to her . There were three men in total dashed to her with a crimson face and started to attack continuously . She put herself in defence mode calmly assessed their skill but they were not matched to her .

The first punch came to her in high speed but she waited until the last second before she grabbed the wrist, spun her body and elbowed the man with high force to the rib then the other elbow to his jaw . She then spun back and twisted his hand caused him to scream his lung out .


Another attack was coming from behind and with her still holding the first man, she flaunted her leg and landed it to the jaw of the attacker . The force flipped him to the ground . She back to her attention to the first man she was holding, her lips pursed with evil flash on her eyes, she stepped on his shoulder with brute force produced loud cracking sound from the bone . The sound was immersed with the grunt and scream from him .

And finally, the last man unconsciously steps back before falling to the ground . She twirled her hair with evil grinned as she slowly approaching him . He knows he supposed to run and save himself but the monstrous aura from her rooted him to the ground .

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I bring you to him! Please spare me!" the knot in his guts was so intense and he gasped for air as it was his last like a drowned fish .

"Huh! Someone finally comes to his sense . " She scoffed and nodded with satisfaction .

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