The Sorcerer's Bride - Chapter 22

Published at 2nd of May 2019 10:18:10 AM
Chapter 22

"Are you following me?" Zylvia glanced at her husband who had not left her side all day .

"No . "

"Then what are you doing?"

"Keeping you company," Kaldrek smiled at her . "And making sure you don't get lost . "

He hadn't heard about that, right? She was pretty sure he had not . Zylvia narrowed her0 eyes at her husband, "What's the difference?"

"I'm more walking with you, not really following you . But if you don't want me to, I can leave . "

"You can stay," Zylvia quickly said . She did not want to drive him away . "I enjoy your company, but can I ask why?"

"Well I have nothing I need to do right now, so I might as well . " He was grinning .

Zylvia gave him a bright smile and grabbed his arm, "Fine . Then, come on . " She pulled on him .

A look of amusement came to his face as he shook his head at her, "As my lady commands . "

She had been tugging him for a few minutes when once again she realized she wasn't sure where she was, "Hey, Kaldrek? Would you be willing to help me get a better layout of the castle?" She looked at him, making her eyes big and pleading, hoping she looked cute enough that he wouldn't say no .

Kaldrek laughed and pinched her cheek, "Of course, Zylv . You live here now, so of course you should know your way around . "

She rubbed her cheek as Kaldrek led her by the arm . He was actually pretty enthusiastic about giving her a tour .

Zylvia did not find it too surprising that Kaldrek was most enthusiastic about the library . You only had to talk to him for a few minutes to find out he was a bookworm . She wondered if that was common in sorcerers or if it as just a personality trait of his . It was rather fun though seeing him talk about something he loved so much .

It took all afternoon and late into the evening before he had finished giving her a tour . But at least she had a better lay of the place . And she had gotten to spend quite a bit of time with Kaldrek as well . All in all a pretty good afternoon .

"Can we eat now?" After all the walking they had done Zylvia was famished .

"That depends . . . can you find the dining hall?" Kaldrek smiled as he tested her .

She gave him a look and grabbed his arm, "This way . " She half dragged him as she walked . It took about a half hour for her to find the dining hall but she had managed . It left her with a feeling of deep satisfaction that she had managed to find it without Kaldrek needing to say anything .

She gave her husband a smug smirk as she grabbed some food, "Found it . "

"Good girl," Kaldrek ruffled her hair as he joined her .

She looked up at him, " . . . Thank you . "

She got a confused look from him, "For what?"

"Taking the time to show me around . "

"Oh . Well, your welcome," He let out a little laugh . "My pleasure . "

Hearing his laugh made Zylvia's heart squeeze painfully . She was glad that his laugh had something to do with her . She looked down at the plate of food and front of her and tried to hide her smile .

Neither Kaldrek nor Zylvia was really saying anything as they ate, instead they were focusing on their food . His silence made her wonder what he was thinking . After all, she knew food was not actually that distracting to him, "What are you thinking?"

The question seemed to jolt Kaldrek a little, "Just thinking . Nothing much . " He gave her a brilliant smile and ruffled her hair again .

She frowned at him, feeling frustrated . "Nothing much? Really? I highly doubt it . "

"It really wasn't that interesting, just some stuff I need to check on . "

"Tell me about it?" She looked at him pleadingly .

"It has to do with the countries defences . It's nothing major . Just gonna be exhausting to deal with . " He paused, "Nothing you need tho worry about though . "

"Alright," Inwardly, though, she sighed . but what could she do? If he didn't want to go into detail she couldn't make him . She should be happy that he told her this much .

After putting her dishes to be washed she glanced at Kaldrek, "I'm going to bed . " She wondered if he would come with her .

He nodded, "Okay, I will be up in a bit . "

She found their bedroom, changed and climbed into bed . It was a minute a two later that she heard a knock on the door . She hid a grin as she told him that he could come in .

Kaldrek quickly got ready for bed and joined her with a book . As he opened it to read, she tugged on his arm, "Read to me?" Kaldrek gave her a soft smile as he did as she asked . Zylvia fell asleep to the sound of her husband's voice .