The Sorcerer's Bride - Chapter 56

Published at 2nd of May 2019 10:17:32 AM
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Chapter 56

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Zylvia wondered if Fayre was right . She knew that Kaldrek liked her at least a little bit, but she was not sure to what degree . It had not been enough for him to ask her to marry him though, But her best friend seemed to think otherwise .

In short, Zylvia was confused . However she resolved that before the year was out, she would have her husband admitting that he loved her . If he did not already love her she would make him . For the first time in her life, Zylvia thought that it was actually feasible for her to be able to get his affections .

After all, it was true that Kaldrek and her had a good rapport . How hard could it be to get his feelings to deepen, especially as she was already his wife, both in name and deed, thereby lowering any inhibitions about falling for her that he might have?

They happily changed the topic to something else, other than love . Hazel was telling them about her childhood and her older brother, who she had not seen in twelve months due to the fact that he would have just gotten back from his trip . Despite this the way she talked about her brother was such that it was obvious that she thought highly of him .

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Neither Fayre nor Zylvia had ever had a sibling and found it interesting listening to what it was like . According to the princess it had been a wonderful experience . Zylvia even more now wanted to have multiple kids, so that they could know what it was like . Zylvia wanted to spoil her future children by giving them several siblings to play with .

They were all feeling rather hungry as they finally left to get something to eat . Even as they were walking though the halls of the castle they were still laughing and chattering . Zylvia dound herselg aware that Hazel was treating her closer now .

Zylvia found herself feeling a little disappointed when she did not see her husband eating . She hoped that he had at least eaten something . More than that though she just wanted to see him . Of course she would see him later, but there was something enjoyable about eating meals with him .

Jayesh joined them, and immediately checked on his queen, "How are you doing, love? Any discomfort?"

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Fayre giggled at her husband's worried expression, "I'm good, wonderful even . "

Relief showed on the king's face . It was obvious to Zylvia that he was going to stress over Fayre's pregnancy, maybe even more than Fayre would .

Hazel finished eating and excused herself . Once she had walked off, Zylvia shifted and looked at her two friends, "So, I was talking to Kaldrek earlier . "

Both of them looked up at her as she continued, "And he told me I was a sorceress . " It was not something she intended to hide, especially from those closest to her .

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The look of surprise on both their faces was almost laughable . Fayre quickly recovered, "Really? Not what I was expecting, I must admit, but I could see that . " Her husband nodded in agreement .

It was not long after when Jayesh scooped up his wife and bid her goodnight . A smile came to Zylvia's face as she stood up . She loved seeing how much her friend's husband cared about her .

She wondered what her own husband was doing right now . Probably working . She decided that if he was, then she would not go to bed till he stopped for the night .

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When she entered their room, her husband looked up at her and stood up . With a smile on his face he walked over to her and pulled her into his arms, "I've missed you . "

"I've only been gone for a few hours . " A giggle left her mouth at her husband's behavior .

"I know . I still missed you . " He nuzzled against her neck .

"Are you done with your work?"

"For tonight . " He pulled back a little, "Let's go to bed, alright?"

Looking at how tired her husband was, Zylvia agreed . After getting ready for bed she tucked her husband in and slipped in beside him . A smile lit up her face when he immediately wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his embrace . She wrapped her own arms around him, quite happy with just cuddling with him .

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