The Sorcerer's Bride - Chapter 59

Published at 2nd of May 2019 10:17:29 AM
Chapter 59

When Zylvia woke up, Kaldrek had already gotten dressed . He was leaning over her with a smile on his face . "Mornin' Zylv, I am going to be out for a while, I'll be back by lunch . "

She nodded as she stretched out, "Alright, then, be safe, okay?"

Her husband's smile grew even warmer as he kissed her forehead, "Mhmm . . . Thanks, Zylv . "

As he was about to stand up, she caught his arm, and pulled him down so she could kiss him . "For luck . " She stroked his cheek gently, wanting to be near him for a minute more before he left .

He pressed her hand gently, "I'll see you soon, my dear wife . Don't miss me too much, alright?"

She nodded as he left . A sigh escaped her lips . Don't miss him? It was impossible not to . However, he was dealing with something important so she could not ask him to stay, and it was good for them not to spend every minute of the day together anyway .

She smiled to herself . He had waited till she woke up to leave, so that she would not wake up alone . How thoughtful of him . It was little things like this that made her all the more aware of just how good of a catch she had married . It had always surprised her that he had never had all that many girl's striving for his attention . She could only think of a few other than her and they had given up fairly quickly .

She got dressed as she mused on this . Of course she was glad that she had never really had all that much competition, but she had always wondered at it . Perhaps it was just that most people found him a little bit intimidating . Or maybe it was actually the result of a certain reputation he had of casually, almost as if by accident, of insulting those woman who did show interest, by acting as if he did not understand . She was rather glad he had not done this to her, as she was not sure how awkward that would have been .

Zylvia left their room, feeling lonely as she went to breakfast . This was the first time since they had married that they would not eat the morning meal together . It was hard not to miss it . She focused on enjoying the food, reminding herself that a month ago she had not even got to see him on a daily basis .

After eating she cleaned up and then went to accompany her best friend . Fayre was diligently working, with a huge smile on her face . The promise of motherhood really did set well on her . Zylvia smiled to herself, once again feeling extremely happy for her friend . "Morning Fayre . "

"Oh! Morning Zylv," Fayre smile grew a little brighter, "Are you feeling better, this morning?"

"Yeah, I got plenty of rest . " She still felt just a little bit tired but it was manageable . Not enough to complain about .

"Good," Fayre beamed, "I was worried about you . "

Zylvia giggled, "So was Kaldrek . . . he forced me to go to bed early . "

Fayre nodded, "Undoubtedly, your husband might ignore his own health but he cares about his friend's . And I think he cares about yours more as you are his lady . "

"Yeah, he is very caring, and kind," Zylvia shook her head, "So how are you handling your pregnancy?"

"I think fairly well, but it is still rather early to tell . My husband has been treating me as if i could break at any moment though . "

Zylvia stifled a laugh, "Yes, I think we all noticed that, he isn't very subtle about it . " For a brief moment, it flashed through her mind to wonder how Kaldrek would act if he got her pregnant . She was not actually sure if he would panic over her or not .

"He isn't, is he?" Fayre shook her head helplessly, "But it does make a girl feel loved . "

Hazel entered looking smug about something . Her knight, who she left outside, did not look nearly as happy . In fact it was the most emotion Zylvia had ever seen on his face, and he looked rather unhappy, in fact downright miserable . She wondered what the girl had done to him .

"You seem happy," Zylvia noted .

"I've been working at trying to break down Asrar's walls," Hazel rolled her eyes, "And I seem to have found a method that works . " She did not elaborate and Zylvia was a little afraid to ask .

The morning passed by fairly quickly . Zylvia realized that she was not as wary of the younger woman's presence anymore . Perhaps it was because of how much she valued her friend and was willing to accept even the part of him that was something she had been taught to fear .