The Sorcerer's Bride - Chapter 8

Published at 2nd of May 2019 10:18:26 AM
Chapter 8

After she and the queen had finished talking, Zylvia headed to her and Kaldrek's room . It was the first time she had ever been in it, so she took a minute to examine her surroundings .

The door she had come through was in the southern wall . There were two wooden closets on the eastern and western walls . The one on the eastern wall was midnight black with elaborate designs on it drawn in red . While that one was entirely new to her she recognized the one on the other wall . It was a white closet with elegant silver handles and was of a sweetly simple design . Someone must have brought it here .

There was also a bookshelf and a desk pushed against the eastern wall made in the same style as the black wardrobe . The desk was a bit of a mess with papers stacked up on it, as well as some books that had been taken off of the bookshelf next to it lying haphazardly on it .

On the western wall, only a few feet away from the dresser there was a dresser set up . It was an almost golden brown color and had a vanity mirror attached to it .

In the middle of the room was a bed that was more than large enough for two people . It was covered in a black blanket as well as a half dozen pillows . Over it there was a dark blue canopy that billowed around the bed's frame . A few feet behind the bed . on the northern wall, there was a door that led to a balcony .

'Kaldrek kinda has a dark colored theme going on here,' She mused as she headed over to her dresser . She pulled out a white nightgown that started at her shoulders and ended in a billowing cloud at her feet . She smiled as she changed into it . It had always been her favorite nightgown .

After she had changed, Zylvia sat down to deal with her hair . She pulled it out of the elaborate hairstyle that Celia had put it in . After she managed to get all the pins out, Zylvia started brushing her hair .

She was almost finished with her hair when she heard the door open and close . She immediately glanced up, looking at her husband .

Kaldrek headed straight towards the bed and fell face forward onto the pillows . His wild hair fell around his head framing his jagged looking pointed ears, which was a physical manifestation of his bloodline .

The way his hair was falling around his ears made Zylvia's hands itch to run her fingers through it . . .

"Tired?" She asked the question to keep her thoughts from wandering .

"Drained," Kaldrek's voice was muffled by the pillow . "If I try to cast any spells right now I would probably end up in a coma . "

Sorcerer's magic worked differently than that of wizards . While wizards relied on outside sources to cast spells, a sorcerer relied on their own manna to cast spells . While this provided a study source to use for magic, it could also be dangerous as if you used too much manna you could end up in a coma or if you really overextended even dead . Thankfully, it was fairly easy to replenish manna by getting enough rest . A good diet could also help .

"You know I won't bite you if you lay down beside me . " Kaldrek turned his head a little and looked at her . "We can have a sleepover, though I will probably be out fairly quickly . "

Zylvia laughed as she walked over, "You are lying on top of the covers . Climb in, you don't want to catch a cold, do you?"

Kaldrek groaned softly as he sat up so he could get the covers out from under him, "Fine, I'll sleep under the covers . "

She made sure he was completely in before slipping inside the covers herself, though she made sure to keep about a foot away from him . "So a sleepover, huh?"

"Yeah . . . " Kaldrek sounded rather sleepy . "We can talk until I collapse from exhaustion . "

"Or I could sing you a lullaby," Zylvia suggested . "You look like you really need to sleep . " She glanced over at Kaldrek and noticed that his eyes had closed and he had already fallen asleep . She suppressed a giggle . 'Huh, he had really been tired . '

She gazed at him for awhile listening to his even breathing . He looked so helpless while he was sleeping and Zylvia realized that he was at her mercy .

She scooted closer to him and reached out a hand and stroked his hair . It delighted her that his hair was just as soft as it looked .

Because it was giving her a cramp to reach up to touch his hair, she gently pulled him so his head was on top of her chest .

He stirred slightly as she was doing this and she froze, hoping that she had not waken him . However he only threw one of his arms around her waist and continued sleeping deeply .

Zylvia let go of the breath she had been holding, and went back to stroking his hair . It was a lot easier now, and she actually felt pretty comfortable like this .

It wasn't long before she fell asleep as well .