The Sorcerer's Bride - Chapter 82

Published at 11th of May 2019 04:45:10 AM
Chapter 82

Zylvia had no idea why Hazel suddenly bolted like that . The girl had been fine when she had entered, but the expressions on her face had suddenly started shifting, becoming more and more gloomy until she just left .

Zylvia felt like she probably needed someone to comfort her and was about to go after her when the girl's knight followed her with a twinge of worry in his eyes . Seeing this she smiled as she settled back down . Hazel would most likely appreciate the chance for the guy she liked to have a chance to be her comforter .

"I hope that was nothing to serious . . . " Zylvia frowned suddenly as she thought of something . Asrar did not seem the type to be very good at giving comfort . In fact she would not be surprised if he did not somehow make it worse .

"She is going through a difficult time," Murmured Fayre as she looked after the two teenagers . "Probably drastically confused . "

Jayesh sighed, "Well, that knight of hers will probably take care of it . "

"He'll try at least . " Zylvia shook her head as she leaned on her husband's shoulder . Once again she found herself feeling thankful that they had finally resolved their feelings with one another . She ran a finger against the back of his hand that was firmly clasped in hers .

The table grew quiet as they all tried to picture the unsocial knight trying to coax someone . If it was not Hazel, Zylvia knew he would not even try . It was quite obvious, that for Asrar, the only one who really mattered to him was his princess .

"Well, I think he will manage, if only by the absurdity of him even trying," Jayesh shrugged with a a light smile, that implied that he was not all that serious . His wife sighed as she shook her head at her beloved husband .

"It's not really any of our business, if none of us are going after her," Kaldrek suddenly broke in, "That fact means that we all obviously think that her little knight will be able to make her feel better . "

Zylvia found herself smiling at her husband . He was not wrong, seeing Asrar go after Hazel she had a feeling that he would be able to make her feel better . After all, Hazel was in love with him, and him doing something for her, would probably make her feel so happy that it would overshadow whatever was wrong . She was in that stage of feelings, if Zylvia did not miss her guess .

"Are you two going to stare into each others' eyes all night," A snicker came from Jayesh as he looked at her and Kaldrek . Zylvia startled, she had not really noticed that Kaldrek had been gazing at her as well .

As a soft blush began creeping up her face, Kaldrek grinned softly, "Well, we might have if you had not said anything . "

"You know, you have really surprised me tonight, my friend . Are you sure you're okay?" Jayesh's eyes narrowed as he seemed to be trying to figure out what his best friend was thinking .

" . . . I'm fine, just . . . " Kaldrek paused, and looked at Zylvia, whose face was now burning quite brightly, "Enjoying my wife's reactions . "

"Kaldrek . " Zylvia turned and looked at her husband, "Shut up . " She made her voice sound a little bit on the sweet side .

With a soft laugh, her husband gave her a grin, "Alright, love, I'll stop . "

It was not much later that Kaldrek said goodnight to the other two and asked if she was ready to go to bed . When she nodded and wrapped her arm around his, their friends teased them until Zylvia's cheeks burned .

Kaldrek tugged her beside of him, looking somewhat pleased . Zylvia shook her head at him momentarily before moving closer to him and planting a kiss on his cheek .

A grin lit up his face as he pulled her closer, "Yes, my love?"

"You seem rather pleased about something . " She tilted her head at him .

"Well, of course, I am . " He grinned at her, "I have my pretty little wife on my arm, what else do I need?"

She pulled him into their room, "Really? I can think of some things . . "

He scooped her into his arms, and started kissing her . Zylvia enjoyed the kiss and soon she had entwined herself around him . As he hardly broke their kiss as he helped her change her clothes and then proceeded to tuck her in, she felt such warmth and affection for him that even as he settled a little down she was still kissing him all over .