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The Sovereignty System - Chapter 42

Published at 7th of February 2019 08:36:14 PM

Chapter 42

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An hour later of cultivating Ben opened his eyes and reviewed his notifications .

[Notice] You have advanced in cultivation! Cultivation Stage four: Level nine!




[Host]: Ben King

[System Level]: 15

[Health]: 810/810

[Mana]: 650/650

[Strength]: 90

[Agility]: 74

[Stamina]: 101

[Intelligence]: 65

[Wisdom]: 64

[Vitality]: 81

[Charisma]: 66



[Running: Level 9]

[Spriniting: Level 8]

[Enhanced Hearing: Level 19]

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[Sword Mastery: Level 2]

[Hand to Hand Combat: Level 4]

[Pain Reflection: Level 3]

[Chameleon: Level 13]

[Silent Movement: Level 1]

[Bowman Sniper: Level 3]

[Victus Zoologist: Level 8]

[Poison Resistance: Level 5]

[Analyze: Level 7]

[Echolocation: Level 6]

[Mercantile Skill: Level 5]

[Iron Grasp: Level 7]

[Herbalist Aura Vision Level 6]

[Penmanship: Level 1]

[Grappling Level 2]

[Night Sight: Level 2]

[Acrobatics: Level 1]



[Mana Manipulation: Apprentice Level: 6]

[Mana Ball: Apprentice Level: 1]

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[Mana Shield: Apprentice Level: 1]

[Enhance Form: Apprentice Level: 8]

[Slave Command: Apprentice Level: 2]

[Mending Touch: Apprentice Level: 7]

[Mana Javelin: Apprentice Level: 5]

[Sleep: Apprentice: Level 1]

[Zoom Spell]



[Stage Four: Level Nine]

[Current stage provides +3 to attributes per level]



[Immortal Strengthening Technique: Stage 4: Level 9]

[Whirlwind Maneuver: Level 10]

[Aura Assault: Level 2]

[Cultivation Reader: Level 1]



[Sign Maker Level 1]

[Graphic Designer Level 1]

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[Carpenter Level 6]

[Furniture Maker Level 5]


'My physical attributes are developing quickly, now I need to find a way to increase my intelligence and wisdom attributes other than through cultivating . If I can bring them up it will increase my magic damage and boost my mana points . I would like to have over 1000 mp so it would be possible to cast my Zoom spell back to back without having to wait 7-8 hours for my mana to regenerate . '

The sun began to slowly rise as Ben was making his way upstairs . The vandals were all still locked up on the lower third floor and he had still not bothered to say anything to them .

Ben locked the front door and placed his index finger on the scanner for the roll down metal security shutters . Now that Remi had cleared out all his merchandise he could use the security shutters to keep the store safe .

He wanted to make sure there was no way for anyone to break into his store and investigate the missing vandals . He was sure that someone was expecting them to return last night and was out currently looking for them .

They would never get past the storage room security door and the third-floor security door without a battering ram or explosives so they would never find those prisoners .

Cordelia showed up soon after he had set out everything for display . She was once again in good spirits and Ben began to notice slight physical changes with her .

Now that he had been giving her a decent supply of his fruits, vegetables, meats, and canned foods he could see that her hair was shiny and vibrant . Her skin seemed to even have a smoother appearance . Her cheeks looked like she was wearing blush and her skin was glowing .

If Ben were to have her put on one of his fancy renaissance era dresses, she would look like a rich noblewoman .

He began to think it would be a great idea to get all his employees to eat his hybrid foods and design some classy looking uniforms for them . Given a month or so, Ben would have a staff of young saleswomen that would all look like models .

At the end of the day when everything was packed away, Ben walked Cordelia home as usual . He wasn't sure if there were any more people working with the vandals who were still out there . To be safe, he watched his minimap for anyone following behind him while he escorted her back .

They parted ways without any trouble or anyone's attempts to follow them . Ben went back to his store and walked into the store break room . He took out a few cans of beef and vegetable stew and dumped them into a large pot on the stove .

When it was heated up, Ben put a few scoops of stew into twenty-five wooden bowls and placed them into his inventory . After he cleaned the pot and disposed of the empty cans, he went down into the basement and unlocked the soundproof security door on the lower third floor .

When the door opened the men in the cells saw the small amount of light come in and the silhouette of a man enter the room before the door closed and sealed them in darkness again .

They began to call out to Ben trying to find out who he was and for him to release them . Ben ignored them and opened his Build Menu and placed a ceiling light in the center of the room and connected it to a switch next to the door .

When the lighting circuit was connected to the power supply upstairs, Ben flipped the switch on . The men who had been noisily calling out this whole time began to yell out and cover their eyes .

After being in the dark for almost a full day the sudden light was like acid to their eyes . While they attempted to get used to the bright light Ben began to slide the warm bowls of stew under their cell doors .

Once everyone had a bowl of stew he turned and was ready to leave .

Vandal-1: "Wait! You're not a city guard you are that cultivator!"

One of the men whose eyes had adjusted to the light recognized Ben before he walked out with a hint of fear in his voice .

Vandal Leader: "What are you planning to do with us?"

The man that asked this was the leader who was giving orders out in front of the store before they were captured .

"That depends on if you tell me what I want to know," Ben said as he turned and used his cultivation aura on the group of men .

Now that he had developed the Aura Assault technique he had much more control over how much pressure he could project onto someone .

He applied just enough aura to force the men onto their knees and put some fear into their hearts .

"Eat the food that I generously served you . It may be your last meal if I am not happy with the information I get out of you all . "

Ben deactivated his aura and left the light on and locked the soundproof door behind him .

He did not plan to kill these guys, because all they had done was throw some paint on his store and break his door . He only wanted to make them think if they didn't tell him everything he wanted to know then, he would dispose of them all .

Sitting comfortably on the bed on the lower second floor he thought about all the goods now available for sale in his store and what else he could add to the list before they opened the doors to the public .

Ben found there were still a few amazing structures and workshops that could be unlocked in his Build Menu . The problem was that a good portion of them provided goods way above this planet's technology level .

Providing this kingdom with them would offset the power balance of this continent and possibly produce a stronger enemy for himself later .

Before deciding to build anything new, Ben sat down and made a mental list of products that he could have his current structures make .

Starting off at the Printery, he searched through the list of literature works known from planet Victus . He wanted to learn more about this world so he began to pick books on history, geography, flora and fauna, theology, cultivation, magic, laws, military, weapon and armorsmithing, and world maps .

This world still had not made any real advances in printing and manufacturing of books . The works available were limited and did not provide in-depth information .

With the help of the system, many separate works and papers were collected and organized to make books on the genres that Ben choose to print .

There were not many books there were mainly lose parchments all written by hand in the same way they were in Earth's past . This made the books here expensive and a person would need a certain amount of wealth and influence to acquire them .

Ben designed custom leather-bound book covers from the gathered information about each subject and created a few elegant looking books that could be sold to anyone at affordable prices .

The current books being produced would allow his customers to choose from a wide selection of categories . Ben decided to add another groundbreaking product to his store that could change the future of how books were written and business was conducted in the Aregard Kingdom .

Ben stopped over at the Mechanical Device Manufacture and began producing typewriters and typewriter ribbons . He planned to introduce the typewriter alongside his line of paper selections .

This combo would bring huge changes to the kingdom by improving the speed and readability of any missive which was previously handwritten .

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