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Chapter 168: Fuxi's Deduction of the Eight Trigrams

Fuxi brought all the young ones to go fishing but the fish were slippery and also tricky little things . Once they noticed humans approaching, they would swim far away . Humans moved slowly in the water, so even if they fished for the entire day, they still failed to get enough to feed everyone .

So Fuxi went to Liu Er for a solution and the latter pointed at a peach tree . When Fuxi took a closer look, he found a spider web on the branch where an insect was stuck after trying to fly through the web . Realization dawned on him and he cried, "I see . "

Just as he was about to leave, Liu Er said, "Fuxi, fish are good sources of food, but they'll be exhausted by humans one day . Your Human Tribe can use ponds to culture them instead . Since they multiply and grow quickly, your tribe will have endless fish to eat this way . "

Fuxi nodded, so he continued, "As for wild beasts, they're enough to feed you well but they're nevertheless finite in number . Your tribesmen often get hurt hurting as well . You should get them to catch some docile Wild Beasts and domesticate them . This way, you can raise them the same way you raise fish . "

Fuxi lowered his head and pondered over this seriously . He suddenly jumped up and slapped his thigh . He bowed at Liu Er and said, "I understand now, Master . I'll go see to it now . " He turned around and ran out of the cave .

Liu Er felt somewhat dispirited after seeing how quickly Fuxi understood his advice . This was a method he had been thinking about for a long time, yet Fuxi had to comprehend it in such a short time . Fuxi was truly destined to be the Human Sovereign . If this continued, there would be nothing left for him to teach Fuxi . It really wasn't easy to be the Mentor of Human Sovereign . Had he known this earlier, he would rather endure Minghe's scolding than come out here .

After Fuxi left, he ran straight for his tribe . He collected many hemp ropes and tied them to form a large web . He then led several youngsters to the riverside and used the fishing net to catch ten times the number of fish as they did before . Now that they had caught numerous fish, they no longer had to hunt Wild Beasts every day .

Fuxi also instructed his tribesmen to capture the docile Wild Beasts and raise them in the village .

After going through several failures, the humans finally managed to domesticate many wild beasts like cattle, sheep, chicken, ducks, and pigs . In the summer, they would go fishing . When they had additional fish, they would turn them into dry fish . In the winter, they would butcher their beasts . They no longer had to risk their lives hunting in the forest and their lives became better and better .


The rapid advancement of the tribe meant more and more surroundings tribe had come to them for shelter . Fuxi's fame was on the rise as well . In the following decades, he invented the xun (a traditional musical instrument made of pottery), harp, and cymbal . He also created folk songs, bringing music to the lives of his people . He also divided his territory into regions and assigned officers to govern each one, providing guidance for the future social governance .

By the time he was 40, the entire Human Tribe had recognized him to be the sovereign . He ordered for a city to be built on a fertile land to be made into the capital . The other tribes followed suit and built their own cities . Since then, the Human Tribe became even more prosperous .

Liu Er, being Fuxi's mentor, was naturally well-known among the Human Tribe . The tribesmen even built temples to worship him and Minghe . Thanks to that, the 30 percent Luck of the Human Tribe belonging to Minghe was increased again . Even Liu Er received some Luck as well .

The changes in the Luck of the Human Tribe also piqued the attention of all the Sages . They were envious and even despised the fact that Minghe owned 30 percent of the Luck of the Human Tribe . But there wasn't anything they could do as their preaching was restricted to the humans outside of the Coast of the East Sea . The Luck of the tribe within the place had always been unwaveringly constant and they had no way of interfering with it .

With all these changes, the Sages placed even more importance on the position of the Mentor of Human Sovereign . But they had a large number of disciples under them and it was difficult for them to choose their candidates . The only one who didn't share this worry was Laozi . After all, he only had Xuandu under his tutelage .


As time went by, the Human Tribe developed rapidly under Fuxi's guidance but problems followed as well . One day, an elderly tribe leader came to him for help and said, "Human Sovereign, a flood hit our tribe and washed away all our fish . Our domesticated animals aren't mature yet . I implore you to send my tribe some food . "

Fuxi instantly agreed and ordered someone to send lots of food to the elder's tribe . After the tribe leader left, he began thinking how he could protect the Human Tribe from natural disasters . He considered this for a long time before decided to turn to his mentor for help .

He arrived at his mentor's place and immediately knelt down when he met him . Liu Er stopped him and said, "Fuxi, you're now the sovereign of the Human Tribe . Don't bother with such courtesy . I'm not worthy of it . "

Fuxi made a bow . "Mentor, you're incorrect . Without your guidance, I wouldn't enjoy the prestige I do today . You're definitely worthy of such respect . "

Liu Er smiled and waved his hand, indicating for his disciple to take a seat . "Forget it then . What question do you have for me today?"

Fuxi stood up and made another bow . "Ever since I became the Human Sovereign, I have tried my best to educate my tribesmen . Lately, I keep feeling that I'm close to completing my duties but lack a Fated Chance . That's why I came to you today, mentor . In addition, the Human Tribe is plagued by constant natural disasters and the people are going through hard times . I also came to seek a solution . "

Liu Er narrowed his eyes and began to predict the secrets of heaven . After a while, he turned around and smiled . "You're right . There's something you still have to do and it's related to your question today . I'll go and inquire about it for you . Go back and wait for my news . "

Though Liu Er knew Fuxi lacked one Fated Chance, he had no idea what it was . So he returned to the Blood Sea to seek Minghe's advice . Minghe smiled to see him, knowing his intention . "I'm well prepared for this . Here's Fuxi's Fated Chance, take it . You may leave now . "

Liu Er was stunned to see the things that Minghe handed him . It was the Eternal Spiritual Treasure belonging to Emperor Jun of the Demon Tribe, the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo . During the war between the Wu and Demon Tribes, the treasure was taken away by the Demon Master, Kunpeng . How did Minghe get his hands on it?

Though he had many questions in his mind, he didn't ask any of them . He took the treasure silently and left for the Human Tribe . Minghe looked in the direction of the Northern Underworld, a mysterious smile growing on his face .

Liu Er returned to his Human Tribe after receiving the treasure and summoned the Dragon Scales cultivating in the mountains after some consideration . He put the River Chart and the Inscription of The Luo on its back . After giving it some instructions, he let it roam free .

There was a river called the Wei River that sat east of the newly-built capital that was connected to the Yellow River . When Fuxi was idle, he enjoyed sitting by the river quietly . He also liked going there whenever he had to solve some troublesome problems . He could gain inspiration there .

After Liu Er left, a large number of tribesmen died from natural disasters . That depressed Fuxi . Without knowing the changes in the rule of heaven and earth, his tribe wasn't able to predict disasters and avoid them . Seeing his tribesmen suffer, Fuxi became anxious and even impatient to wait for Liu Er's return .

Just then, the surface of the Wei River changed drastically and a deep vortex appeared as if something was coming out from it . An Exotic Beast slowly emerged from inside the vortex . The beast cried and trod the surface of water toward him .

Fuxi was unexpectedly unafraid . Instead, it crossed his mind that the Dragon Scales was the essence of the heaven and earth . It was horse-shaped but covered by dragon scales, giving it its name . It had red lines and a green skin, about 9-feet high . It also had wings so it could fly over waters . It was considered a Divine Beast .

The Dragon Scales came to Fuxi and looked back at its own back . Fuxi followed its line of sight and found two pictures . A name flashed in his mind: the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo . He didn't know he knew this but he could tell this was his Fated Chance .

After Fuxi took the treasure off its back, the Dragon Scales went back to the water . He began to enlighten the charts and inscriptions . According to the inexplicable memory he just had, he knew this was the Magic Weapon that could predict the changes in the rule of the heaven and earth . It was exactly what he needed most now .

Taking the treasure, he walked quickly back to his tribe . He needed to figure out a way to avoid natural disasters as soon as possible .

The changes in the Rule of the Heaven and Earth in the treasure were endless . Not even Fuxi could understand them in a short time . But he didn't give up and studied them as he governed his Human Tribe .

Fuxi finally enlightened the changes thoroughly after three years . By tracking the astronomical and geographical phenomena, he invented trigrams like the Force, Open, Radiance, Shake, Ground, Gorge, Bound, and Field . Together, they were dubbed the Eight Diagrams . He used it to predict the changes in the rule of the heaven and earth and human moral order .

Fuxi used the natural phenomena like heaven, field, thunder, wind, water, fire, and mountain to represent the Eight Trigrams and explained everything through them . Once understanding these diagrams, one could predict the secrets of heaven, pursue good fortune, and avoid disasters . When he was done, Fuxi walked out and announced, "The Human Tribe will not have any trouble from now on . "

He then saw the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo turn into a streak of light that flew toward the Yu River .

Now understanding that his mentor had sent the treasure, he didn't care where they went . He was more concerned about the Eight Trigrams, so he summoned leaders from all the other tribes and showed them about his invention . He then ordered for the Eight Trigrams to be popularized in every tribe .