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Chapter 136

Lachlan was visibly confused when Simon started shouting about how he did it . Simon hadn't even come close to reaching the statue, yet apparently, he managed to complete it .

Lachlan jogged up to Simon while telling the others to stay by the door . When he reached Simon he leaned over and lifted him slightly off the ground . "What do you mean you passed? I had to reach the statue to pass but you haven't even come close to it . "

"Well someone in my mind said that I passed, that I have the perseverance of a knight," Simon said proudly and a smug face . "So, seems we're equal then huh . "

"Nope, guess not . Seems you don't have as much perseverance as me; after all, it says I have the perseverance of a king," Lachlan said arrogantly to try and annoy Simon .

Simon pouted while laying on the ground . "Seems you have the ego of one as well . "

"Like you're one to talk," Lachlan responded before the two lightly chuckled . "So, you need some help getting up or is your ego too big for that?"

"My ego is the perfect size thanks, and no, no I won't be needed your help," Simon pouted again before whipping out his own small bottle of water . Taking the shot and relaxing, he inhaled deeply before exhaling . "Oh yeah, that feels good . "

Lachlan nodded before walking back to everyone standing by the door . They were confused as to what was happening so Lachlan explained in detail how the room worked, what the statue was and asked for their opinions about bringing it back to the island .

"Sure, we'll create a spot for it somewhere near the training grounds; after all, they'll need a lot of willpower to even complete it and we don't want students getting weaker because of us," Chloe explained .

"We could also have it as a final trial; they'll still graduate whether or not they pass or fail the trial but if they do pass they could have their names written down in some type of hall of fame . The people that reach the statue and have the perseverance of a king will be ranked at the top while those that only barely pass will be at the bottom," Joe said . He had heard a bit of what Lachlan and Simon were talking about and knew there was going to be differences with the ranks .

"That'll be a good idea since then they'll have gone through plenty of training to have enough willpower to at least pass . " Lachlan nodded .

"Should we also go through the challenge right now? We should all be able to pass it, in addition, it wouldn't be too bad to increase our willpower," Phoebe suggested quietly .

"Well, that's up for you all to decide, myself and Simon have already completed it . If you all want to complete it as well go ahead, we ain't stopping you," Lachlan replied as he shrugged his shoulders . "Just remember, you need to at least get halfway to the statue . We aren't exactly sure how far you need to go to pass but right now that's the minimum . "

Lachlan walked out and quickly remembered something . He turned around to face the group, "So, have any of you found anything of value?"

Zoe whipped out her small frog and opened its mouth wide . Shaking it around a large amount of treasure just flopped on the floor . Everyone looked at the frog with wide eyes; although they've been told how large its internal space is before it's still always a shock .

The others took out a small bag, opened it up and placed what was inside on the ground . There were a variety of jewels, stones and even small weapons . Phoebe took out a small but sharp, blood red dagger from her bag .

Lachlan quickly analysed everything . Some of the things he analysed, such as the dagger Phoebe brought out, or the necklace Zoe took out of Bag, they were all man-made items . They possessed special characteristics which left even Lachlan stumped .


Name: Necklace of Life

Description: A man-made necklace created with the stone of vitality, forged in the magma of creation with the hands of a blacksmith which sacrificed his life with this creation .

Effect 1 (Passive) . Increases the vitality of the wearer by 2x, this can be used for both beast and human .

Effect 2 (Sealed) . When the wearer is hit with an attack that would have instantly kill them, the necklace will take all of the damage and break, this effect is only activated for a human .


Name: Dagger of Hero's Blood

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Description: A man-made dagger created with blood metal and the blood essence of the chosen hero . Using this dagger with willpower less than 30 will send the wielder into a blind rage .

Effect 1 (Passive) . Increases the agility by 20 and strength by 10 .

Effect 2 (Passive) . Killing those with a cruel and corrupted heart will increase the strength of the dagger by 2x for 30 minutes . (This effect can be stacked)


'Well damn, so the dagger's supposed to be used for killing in succession, going from one target to the next rather rapidly . The only thing is who would create such a weapon, one that needed the hero to sacrifice their life' Lachlan thought about it as he picked it up for a closer look . Its blood red lustre gave Lachlan a reflection of himself, the length of the blade was 20cm long with the width of 5cm . Its grip was some type of black leather .

He then turned his attention to the necklace, its chain was silver that had some fine green and golden lives engrained into it . Attached to it was a heart-shaped pendant, opening it up Lachlan saw the smug face he had gotten to hate so much . But alongside that king was a queen and three little children, a small boy being the eldest of the bunch .

'Although he seemed rather arrogant I suppose he cared deeply for his family . ' Lachlan had seen the recordings, but although it showed an arrogant king, with the presentation of the son's letter and this pendant . It seemed the king cared deeply for his family and the people of his kingdom .

'Aaron, did you have anything called heroes back in your world?' Lachlan was rather curious about it .

'No, although we had warriors, mages, and cultivators; the existence of heroes was non-existent due to them not being needed' Aaron explained . 'I'm guessing the dragon's world was rather unique, it could possibly have classes that are determined by birth . Similar to my world's talent system, the class you get determines your future . '

'So like in a lot of those isekai novels' Lachlan nodded with the thought . He had always wanted to experience something that was shown in a novel or comic/manga . Although he didn't want to go through the process of dying .

Lachlan suddenly realised something, he was curious as to how Aaron came up with that theory . 'Hey Aaron, did you have novels back in your world?'

'Of course, I would often spend time with Sarah who would be reading a book to me . We would relax under a tree in the backyard and I would be listening to the storybooks she bought' Aaron explained .

Lachlan nodded and returned his focus back to what they were here for . He began searching around the pile of stuff in search of something else, analysing everything he sees . And although there was plenty of stuff in front of him, none of it increased his willpower .

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Lachlan sighed before remembering that the back wall still hadn't been completely searched yet . He had been too busy trying to overcome the trial that he hadn't been able to search the other side rooms yet .

Walking to the room next to him he stumbled upon another statue, but this time, he didn't go in without analysing first . The room was similar to the last, with a length and width of 40 metres . The ceiling was 5 metres high so 4-metre tall statue could fit .

This statue was different, it seemed to be someone equipped the knight like armour . His shield was massive, completely covering up the statue's entire body . Its other hand was equipped with a broadsword, it extended out to the ground reached a length of 2 - 3 metres . The eyes were jewels as well, however, they seemed to give off an aura of rage .



Name: Alter of Strength

Description: A man-made altar created with the corpse of a powerful and overbearing tank hero . This altar continuingly releases the tank hero's aura, its strength is dependent on the tank hero's strength . This aura will test the strength of the challenger, beating it means an increase in their strength for 20 - 60 . Losing means losing 0 - 20 stat points in strength . Once the trial has begun it cannot be stopped .


'Could it be' Lachlan thought of something and ran to the room next to this one . When he reached it and looked in he noticed another statue . But unlike the other rooms, this one was located at the very end, it was equipped in light leather armour . Attached to its waist were two daggers .



Name: Alter of Agility

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Description: A man-made altar created with the corpse of a powerful and overbearing assassin hero . This altar continuingly releases the assassin hero's aura, its strength is dependent on the assassin hero's strength . To beat this test one must slash the back of the statue's neck without being noticed and in the fastest time possible . Passing will increase agility for up to 20 - 60 points while losing will result in a decrease of 0 - 20 stat points .


He swiftly ran to the room next to it but came up with nothing . Although there were a few jewels and weapons in here there wasn't another statue . 'Tsk, damn, it would have been wonderful if we could increase all our stats here . '

However, something in this room caught his eye . It was a broadsword resting against the wall near the corner . It looked like the broadsword that the tank hero was holding . It was black with fine red details engraved onto it, it had a length of 2 metres . Lachlan was considering whether or not he could actually use it .



Name: Tank Hero's Broadsword (Sealed)

Description: A man-made sword created with Godstone, blessed by the god of endurance and strength . This broadsword is fit for a tank, bearing the attacks of enemies to allow for his party to attack unhindered . To wield this sword one must have the perseverance of a hero and 150 stats in strength .

Effect 1 (Passive) . Increases strength and vitality by 50 points .

Effect 2 (Passive) . Reduces fatigue by 50% .

Effect 3 (Sealed) . Attracts all hostile attention from both beasts and humans .


'Well damn, I don't think I have the perseverance of a hero' Lachlan's head fell down when he saw the requirement . 'I suppose there isn't any harm in trying, but first, I will complete the tank hero's trial . '