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Published at 7th of August 2019 09:24:54 AM

Chapter 55

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The 6 months passed in the blink of an eye . The group staying on the island had strengthened themselves plenty, though could easily survive in this new world by themselves . Through their sheer strength, they crush beasts into the group .


Lachlan has managed to complete his goal this day . Through the intensity of his training, he has finally been able to crack the coconut open with his bare hands . It took him half an hour to even get it open, but the reward was worth it .

As he brought the opened coconut to his mouth and chugged all the delicious sweet coconut milk down . HIs eyes widen with shock, it felt as though the coconut was spreading throughout his entire body . Healing it and making it stronger, the bruises on his hands healed at a visible rate .

He felt ecstatic at the discovery . As though this method they could easily live on his island forever and continue to train . Although, everyone was beginning to miss their families . Lachlan especially, he knew Sarah would be turning 6 in two months . He felt bad that he couldn't be there .

This day was a particular day as it marked the day they would investigate the cave . One of the most mysterious locations on the island due to the water coming from it . The source might be something they could have ever guessed .

Unfortunately, there were a few amongst them that don't have the necessary strength to explore the caves . Not to mention it would be useful to have someone protecting their stuff . And should an accident happen, be able to report it to someone .

The ones that would be exploring the cave would be Lachlan, Simon, Joe and Georgia . As Phoebe, Chloe, and Zoe haven't got the strength to handle it . Although they are close, Joe's getting impatient and wants to explore it now .

"Alright, so we're going to take it nice and slow . The gravity in here is insane so we shouldn't rush it, we don't know if it increases," Joe said at the entrance to the cave . In his hand was a small tree branch lit on fire .

The gravity was a lot stronger than outside so a lot of technology would get destroyed .

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"Hurry up let's go," Simon responded impatiently .

Lachlan and Georgia both gave a nod and they began to walk through the cave . Just stepping inside gave them some difficulty . As the group moved forwards their footprints were left heavily indebted into the ground .

They walked for 20 seconds before looking back, only to realise they couldn't see the entrance anymore . It was just complete darkness .

"There should be the entrance right?" Georgia asked .

"Unless we turned around a corner without noticing?" Joe questioned their actions in the cave so far . It made the most sense but they don't remember ever turning around a corner .

"What's that?" Simon asked . They had focused so much on behind them that they didn't even notice what was in front of them . It's as if the entrance swapped places and was now at the end of the cave . Unless somewhere they did a 180 .

"Keep walking," Joe said calmly as he moved closer . The rest of the group followed but quickly realised something odd . The gravity was decreasing, instead of the usual increase in gravity, it was decreasing, making it easier for them to walk .

Near the exit of the gave the gravity was the same as Earth's gravity, something they did not expect at all . But what was at the exit was even more stunning, as the cave certainly didn't lead them back to where they were .

But it looked like an entirely different place as if it wasn't on the island .

Surrounding them was lush greenery with a gentle and cool breeze of wind . It was like they were in a paradise location . But looking up they could see a ceiling, entirely created with dirt . Along it was crystals giving off a light similar to sunlight .

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From the entrance to the other side of the cave was at least 2 kilometres, not to mention the ceiling was roughly 1 kilometre high . There was plenty of room to start a life here .


Looking up again they quickly realised a beast similar to a griffon was diving towards them . Its claws were ready to rip them to shreds . The group dodged to the sides, narrowly escaping the attack . They immediately summoned their beasts and got into fighting positions .

"My eyes are deceiving me, right? That's a griffon isn't it?" Simon asked excitedly . He absolutely adored mythical creatures, especially the Pheonix and Griffon . Two of the creatures said to be at the pinnacle of strength alongside the dragon .

"You certainly are seeing what I'm seeing, that is indeed a griffon," Joe replied calmly while trying to keep his shock hidden . So far along his journey, he has seen fairly normal beasts, nothing actually mythical . Aside from the intelligent beasts which he just found odd looking . There wasn't a single time he's come across a mythical creature .

The griffon looked at them fearful as it noticed it was heavily outnumbered . Spreading its wings wide it shot back into the sky, quickly trying to escape from them .

'That thing is strong' Calamity said .

'Indeed it is' Lachlan replied as he looked at its stats .


Name: Temperature Griffon

Age: Elder

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Attribute: Fire/Ice/Wind

Grade: Normal

Innate Talent: 1st Grade

Level: 0

STR: 200, AGI: 200, VIT: 500

INT: 150, PER: 200, WIL: 100

Weakness: Prideful, Curious, Ambitious, Weak and Sensitive Wing Joints & Tail

Strengths: Water Control (Level 7), Fire Control (Level 7), Wind Control (Level 7), Extremely Powerful Gripping Strength, Strong Legs, Tough Body, Fast Speeds, Emperors Aura


Lachlan couldn't help but slightly petty the griffon . Should it have been released outside it would have immediately maxed out its level and would have the strength to rule over entire areas .

There was one strength amongst all of them that stood out to Lachlan the most . Emperors Aura . it certainly followed the myths about the griffon being the ruler of the skies and land . It also had three high levelled elements .

Lachlan was high tempted to go after it and try to tame it but something else caught his attention . Far into the distance in the middle of the cave was where the river source was . It was a giant ice cube that encased a flame .

Which actually made a bit of sense as to why they get that freezing then the warm feeling when they drink it . Turns out, all its effects came from the giant ice cube in front of them .


The group realised that the griffon was circling it, as though it was only for it to have . The griffon looked towards the group every now and then but wouldn't come near them . Still fearful of their strength .

"I'm going to tame that griffon," Simon said arrogantly while staring at Lachlan . The only thing he didn't know that Lachlan did know . Was that he would probably fail, due to it not entirely being a bird . Lachlan, on the other hand, was confident about taming it, since he was compatible with all winged beasts .

'Since a griffon exists, then dragons and phoenixes probably do as well . It's just that there is now too much Earth for them to hide' Lachlan couldn't help but want to tame all the mythical creatures . He felt hopeful about it as well .

"So are we going to go over to the ice cube?" Joe asked . If they went over there then it likely meant fighting the griffon . He wasn't entirely sure of their strength compared to the griffon and didn't want to risk anyone's lives .

"Of course we're going . Since the water gets stronger the closer it is to the source, then the ice itself should provide the best effect," Georgia responded happily . She had a slight obsession with the water as she loved the warm feeling it gave her .

"Along the way let's stop by the bushes over there and see if there are any fruits," Joe said as he pointed to the side . Where there were trees lined up alongside bushes . From where they were they could slightly see another colour in the bushes which could either mean flowers or fruit .

Lachlan was excited about the fruits . If the water from this place was so nice, then the vegetation that drank it every day should have also absorbed some of the properties . They were bound to be juicy and delicious .

And if there weren't any fruits there he could at least tame the griffon which was a big plus . Gaining a strong companion without having to train it or anything .

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