The Sweetest Medicine - Chapter 115

Published at 15th of November 2019 07:40:06 AM

Chapter 115: 115

Chapter 115: Doting: “As Long As You’re Happy With It”

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Yu Gangan took a deep breath and suppressed the billowing emotions in her heart . In a serious voice, she said, “Sir, this is outside of work hours, please don’t disturb me during my time off . ”

This was the best answer she could give; she wasn’t about to let him diss her again and call her Little Pervert .

Fang Zhihan looked at Yu Gangan quietly .

His gaze was dull, but it seemed to contain an unexplainable warmth .

Seeing that he wasn’t saying anything, Yu Gangan stood in place, her nervousness growing as she said in a voice as quiet as a mosquito, “Do you still want to have lunch…?”

“En . ”

His reply was gentle and contained a layer of huskiness . As his gaze fell on her red lips, he saw her gently bite on it and he began to lean forward .

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Yu Gangan’s body fell numb as she blinked .

All she could do was watch as Fang Zhihan’s lips lowered, but she was completely flustered and didn’t know what to do . At that moment, an icy voice called out, “Gangan . ”

Lin Jiayu noticed Yu Gangan, so she subconsciously greeted her .

Only when she got closer did she notice the ambiguous atmosphere . The two seemed to be in the middle of a passionate kiss, so she immediately turned around, “Sorry for disturbing, you guys continue…”

“It’s not what you think…” Yu Gangan said as she pushed Fang Zhihan away and tried to explain to Lin Jiayu .

“Oh,” Lin Jiayu was confused . Weren’t these two married? Why were they shyer than a newly dating couple? Why did she need to explain anything?

“Errr, have you had lunch?” Yu Gangan asked as she approached Lin Jiayu .

Lin Jiayu had been staying home every day and had never left the apartment .

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Previously, it was because she was unwell, so she didn’t want anyone to see her disfigured face . But now, she was no different from a normal person, yet she still didn’t want to step out .

“No . ”

“Let’s go together,” Yu Gangan sensed that Lin Jiayu’s illness was also psychological .

The nerves and muscles around her lips weren’t destroyed and it didn’t prevent her from smiling; she simply refused to smile .

The reason for this was likely the same reason she refused treatment at the beginning .

But, she couldn’t do anything if Lin Jiayu refused to talk to her about it .

She simply hoped that Lin Jiayu would socialize a little more and improve her mood .

“It’s not just us two . His friend is also joining us . Let’s go together . Didn’t you promise before that you’d take me out for a meal?”

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Yu Gangan looked at the young woman with hope, hoping that she’d take the first step .

After the first step, there would be a second step .

If she went out more often and made some new friends, it was possible that she would forget about her unhappy past over time and be able to smile .

Lin Jiayu hesitated for a moment and finally nodded her head, “En, then it’s my treat . ”

She asked Yu Gangan to wait a moment and headed back in to grab her jacket and wallet .

Yu Gangan then turned and looked at Fang Zhihan, “Adding an extra person shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“As long as you’re happy with it . ”

His voice was doting and understanding .

Yu Gangan felt her cheeks burn up again .

This man was better at sweet talk than the men that pursued her in the past .

The problem was, the other men were clear with their intent, whereas he seemed to be beating around the bush .

By the time the trio got downstairs, Lu Xuechen had already stopped Fang Zhihan’s black jeep outside the entrance .

Yu Gangan quickly introduced the two strangers to each other .

Lu Xuechen was good looking, so he naturally liked good looking women . However, beauty wasn’t the only requirement, they also needed a good body .

The woman in front of him had the looks and the body that was perfect for him, so he couldn’t help but feel mesmerized by her .

Thus, his eyes burned with passion as he waved his hand and greeted her, “Hello, gorgeous . ”