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Chapter 627

Chapter 627: Chapter 627 Still Harboring Hopes For Dai’er

Feng Tianlan glared at Si Mobai and pinched him at the waist as a warning before he reluctantly let go . He held onto her slender waist and stared at Xi Jin as a provocative warning .

Luo Yunzhu awkwardly cleared her throat on the side and said, “It’ll be better once you get used to it . ”

To be by the side of Tianlan and His Highness, she had to do a good job of achieving the cognizance of see no evil and hear no evil . Otherwise, she herself might be an irksome presence and she might as well be invisible .

Xi Jin suppressed that momentary sense of discomfort in his heart and said, “I’m terribly sorry that I’ve offended Miss Feng in the past . If you need any assistance in the future, please feel free to come find me in Dongshu Nation . I’ll certainly help you . ”

Dai’er was already dead!

Tu Xiupei was not Dai’er at all, so her life or death had nothing to do with him!

However, because he had previously demanded for Feng Tianlan’s Dantian for Tu Xiupei and also treated her in that way, it was indeed his fault .

“There’s no need for that,” Feng Tianlan replied indifferently without looking at him . She was very distant and cold toward him .

Xi Jin glanced at Feng Tianlan’s side profile . He always thought of Dai’er when he looked at her . Even if they did not look alike, even if they did not have the same small gestures, he could not help but be reminded .

Thinking of that letter, Xi Jin gave himself a harsh warning in his mind . Dai’er was already dead . There was no possibility of her resurrection . So, he should not think of the other person as her . He just had to fulfill Dai’er’s last wishes .

Feng Tianlan was about to speak when she felt a change in the Pill Scroll Realm . With a humming next, Xiao Qing suddenly flew out and rushed up to the air .

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“Xiao Qing . ” Xi Jin was about to bade farewell and leave . Instead, he saw Xiao Qing appear all of a sudden .

Xiao Qing gave a cry, and then swooped down fast from the high altitude . It used its broken horn to gently rub against Xi Jin . It boo-hooed, simmering with resentment and whining like a spoiled child .

Xi Jin looked at Xiao Qing’s beautiful silver horn, which actually had a section broken at this time . His heart suddenly seized, and his warm voice could not help but turn cold as it asked, “Who broke your horn?”

Anything that Dai’er left behind was extremely precious to him and no one was not allowed to touch it . However, Xiao Qing’s horn was actually broken .

“Boo hoo…” Xiao Qing whimpered . It used its broken horn to hook the corner of his clothes and nudged toward Feng Tianlan . Master is going to be taken away, quickly catch up and get her back — this is Master .

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Looking at Xiao Qing acting like this, Feng Tianlan instantly looked stony and glared at it with her beautiful eyes . It actually was so bold as to run out on its own without permission .

“Is it Miss Feng?” Xi Jin could not help but look at Feng Tianlan .

“Boo hoo…” Xiao Qing shook its head and cried out . Its Master would never treat it in this way . It only wanted him to recognize its Master and take its Master home . Otherwise it would be separated from its Master again .

Si Mobai looked at Xiao Qing wanting to pull Xi Jin toward Feng Tianlan’s side and suddenly turned stony-faced . He reached out to loudly slap its horse face and gave a cold warning, “She’s my fiancée . If you still dare to act without authority, this king will cook you to feed the cats!”

“Boo hoo!” Xiao Qing looked up to protest . But once it saw Si Mobai’s chilly face, it immediately became terrified and hung its head . It moved closer to Xi Jin but dared not act presumptuously again .

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Xi Jin touched Xiao Qing’s horn and lifted his eyes to look at the two people as he said, “Xiao Qing seems to have come out of you just now?”

Apart from him and Dai’er, Xiao Qing was never close to anyone else . How could it be by others’ side?

Si Mobai held Feng Tianlan’s sweaty small hand and looked at Xi Jin with slightly raised eyebrows while he said, “I didn’t send it away the last time . I want to send it back this time . ”

“Is that right?” Xi Jin was doubtful . But because of Xiao Qing, he could not help but have hope again .