The Trembling World - Chapter 154

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Chapter 154

Chapter 154 - Large Tree


“Elder Liu, this is such a thin rope, would it be able to withstand this many people?” One of the members asked, looking suspiciously at the rope .

“If it can hold my weight, then it will be able to hold yours too . This type of rope can hold up to two people of the same weight without a problem . If you have any worries, I will be the first to go so everyone pay attention to how I slide across!” Liu Gan spoke as he tied a knot that would act as a harness on the special rope . Then, he gripped onto the tied, knotted ends of the rope, and readied himself with both hands on it .

As Liu Gan climbed out the window, looking into the direction of the tree . He tested the tension of the special rope, then jumped forward and off the building . Liu Gan headed, with his body in midair, on the straight path towards the large tree . He slid down the rope at high speed . It seemed to be extremely smooth because it didn't make any noise from friction throughout the whole process . Ziplining through the air didn't alert too many of the zombies below .

There were a small portion of zombies that tilted their head to look above . At this moment, they saw Liu Gan zip through in the air and reached out, moaning at Liu Gan . Then there were other zombies that decided to follow in the direction Liu Gan went .

Liu Gan quickly reached the Large Tree . The steepness of the angle decreased, so naturally, the speed slowed down . Liu Gan stretched out his leg and landed on the tree, stopping on the tree trunk with ease . Then, he sat down on the trunk .

The top of the trunk was layered with zombie clothing . There were scattered broken limbs and organs . What a disgusting feeling . Although Liu Gan had gotten used to this eerie scene, he still had to confirm whether or not there were any zombies that can still move and pose a threat to him . Then, Liu Gan waved at the window from afar to signal that they can now zipline down .  

The group of players were still skeptical, so Wang DeCheng decided to be the second one to go . Just as like Liu Gan had done, he suspended himself with the short segment of rope that he was given . After reaching the window, he leaped off the building with both legs . He smoothly ziplined toward the large tree .  

With Liu Gan's assistance, Wang DeCheng also sat down on the trunk of the Large Tree . Once again, he waved toward the window for the third person to go through .  

“Doctor Lee, you should go first . I will help you tie the rope onto your wrist and waist, so even if you can't hold on tightly, you won't fall down . On the other side, Elder Liu will catch you . ” Zhang ShengLi said to Lee Miao .

After these few days of being together, he and Lee Miao were building their relationship little by little . Even though the two of them didn't say it out loud, they were reliant on each other's presence in these harsh times . To Zhang ShengLi, Lee Miao’s safety was more important than his own . Since he was now level 5, he had managd to have some capability to protect her .  

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Lee Miao nodded to the suggestion . She didn't say anything . Once she got near the window, Zhang ShengLi secured her wrist and waist with the rope . Then, with a push, she ziplined towards the large tree .

Liu Gan and Wang DeCheng quickly helped Lee Miao loosen out of the ropes . They placed her on the trunk, then gave the signal for the 4th person .

* * *

 Everything was going very smoothly . Nearly most of the players and local survivors had ziplined onto the side of the tree . Only a player and Zhang ShengLi remained .

“Little Wang, it's your turn now . ” Zhang ShengLi said to the player as he help secure his rope . This player was called Wang YongChang, and in the real world, he was a fresh recruit for civil services .  

“I'm afraid of these type of ziplines! It's too scary!” Wang YongChang shaking his head as he said to Zhang ShengLi . During Wang YongChang’s college years, he and his classmate had participated in these type of ziplines before in the theme park . That time, he hadn't been able to muster up enough courage to do it, and when his classmate went on, the safety locks all came loose . Thus, it resulted in his classmate falling down to his death . Ziplining still haunted him to this day .  

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“What is there to be scared of? Didn't you join us in the climb on the hundred-meter-high steel ladder? If you could do that, then this height is nothing compared to before . ” Zhang ShengLi said to Wang YongChang .

“While I was climbing the steel ladder, I was so focused on the foot of the person above me so I don't even know how I got up . All this is like a nightmare . I don't want to experience it twice!” Wang YongChang said with a pale face . He couldn't stop shaking . Because of his classmate’s accident, he was been more scared of ziplining than climbing up the steel ladder .

Perhaps it was because climbing up to the top of the steel pillar used up all his courage, but everything that had happened so far have caused him to be extreme stressed . Thus, he was clearly unable to be reasoned with .  

“No problem . I will strap you in . That way you won't fall down no matter what . ” Zhang ShengLi said . To him, it didn't make sense that a person could be afraid of ziplining from a dozen of meters high, yet had conquered a hundred meter climb before .

Wang YongChang looked out of the window and saw the thin special rope attached to the tree far away . As he looked downward, he made out the shapes of the zombies that covered the entire floor and quickly stepped backward . He started hyperventilating .

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“You can go first, don't worry about me . Let me calm down . ” Wang YongChang said as he sat down by the wall . Right now, he didn't feel too well . He even had the urge to vomiting .

“You better think about it clearly . Yin He is on her way back . Except she is there to collect the special rope . If you don't zipline through before she gets here then we won't wait for you . ” Zhang ShengLi gave his last warning as he prepared to launch . He didn't want to waste anymore time and shook his head, then grasp the short rope and slid across .  

If it was before, Zhang ShengLi would've stayed by Wang YongChang’s side to encourage and motivate him . Only after Wang YongChang had reach the tree safely would he then take his turn to go .  

However, after following Liu Gan, Zhang ShengLi’s attitude started to change . There was no room for the weak in this world . There was physical weakness, and then there was mental weakness . And so, if he hadn't quickly change himself to adapt to the situation, he would've been the one to be eliminated or abandoned . This was the cruel reality .

As a strong player, if he sympathized excessively with the weak players, then he might ponder too long at a crucial point . That would interfere with his own chances of survival . Zhang ShengLi has spent a really long time trying to convince Wang YongChang already . Since Wang YongChang couldn’t pull himself together, then there was no one else to blame .

After Zhang ShengLi left, Yin He quickly climbed back up the building into the room . Seeing that there was still a member left in the room, she communicated back to Liu Gan through the earpiece .  

“Pass on my message, I will give him 30 seconds to decide if he wants to come along . If he doesn’t get onto the zipline, you will collect the special rope and leave . ” Liu Gan told Yin He .