The Tutorial Is Too Hard - Chapter 207.2

Published at 26th of July 2019 05:35:16 AM

Chapter 207.2

Translator: JiuJiuBa

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Proofreader: GodlyCash

Under the blue sky, there were various monsters wandering around on the ground .

What could I say?

The various monsters wandering around suited the difficulty of hell, I could only chuckle .

I also saw a monster swimming near the center of the red lake in the distance .

The moment I spotted the monster whose enormous size could be seen from afar, I understood that it was the cause of the current situation .

The ominous atmosphere that had been felt since the three full moons rose was emanating from that monster .

It’s extraordinarily grotesque .

It was reminiscent of the legendary North Sea monster Kraken .

Unlike Kraken, who had several giant soft tentacles and a tough look, the monster had soft limbs .

And a head as big as its tentacle .

The eyes were embedded in the vaulted dome-like head .

It’s not only weird, but also disgusting to look at it .

Once you look at the freak, it’s as if an invisible hand grips your heart, your chest becomes stifling, and your vision begins to blur .

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Rapid breaths and speeding heart rate seems to be symptoms of a panic disorder .

What a fucking ability .

I need to get pass that in order to reach the monster .

What to do, it was really problematic .

Firstly, I decided to punish Kiri Kiri as soon as I cleared the stage, and then I planned the next move to deal with the monster .

[Can you make it?]

“Well . ”

It’s really hard to be sure .

“I don’t think I can’t kill it . It would easily die with a vigorous attack . ”

No matter how ominous or powerful it was, it shouldn’t be completely untouchable .

“It’s just that I’m much more likely to die than it . ”

And I didn’t know what abilities it had .

When it does use them, I couldn’t guarantee that I could deal those it too .

[Sicia and Yata can support you, can’t they? ]

“Yes, but if I die without doing anything, there’s nothing they can do . ”

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Sicia and Yata, these two girls were both my shackles and my escape vent .

A few days ago, I trusted both myself and them confidently, but I couldn’t rely on them if the rival was that behemoth .

If I took the wrong step, I would lose my life immediately .

[What are you going to do then? That thing hasn’t come out of the lake yet . Another way is to ignore and avoid it while investigating it . ]

That was the right judgment .

And also the safe judgment .

Suddenly, a new message came .

[Stage task update . ]

[Note: It’s said that there was an abnormal phenomenon in the Irai Lake area . After the Kingdom obtained the approval of the temple, it dispatched a research team consisting of the summoned contractors . ]

On the fifth day of the research and the day when the full moon rose, the mission witnessed the anomalies directly .

The 1st Team and 2nd team were sent to the west and east of the lake area were annihilated before they reported the abnormal phenomena they had witnessed .

But the 3rd team who set up their strongholds on the south side of the lake escaped from the scene at the moment they sensed the foreboding .

Yata, a summoned contractor from the 3rd team, confirmed that the abnormal phenomena in the lake area were true . After confirming that the abnormal phenomena in the lake area were level 1 risk, the Kingdom and the seniors of the temple asked the Hundred Gods for support . The Hundred Gods decided to use the Eye of the Sky, a commonly used power, to reconfirm the scene through the eyes of the surviving contractors .

The Hundred Gods Temple urgently decided to mobilize the maximum available combat power immediately after the eyes of the contractor, Hao, of the 3rd team confirmed the presence of a giant ‘origin monster’ in the middle of the lake .

Among the surviving members of the 3rd team, Sicia was contracted with the God of Nature who intended to send his own apostles to destroy the ‘origin monster’ .

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The summoned contractors, in the case of the continental crisis, more than anyone else, could calmly dominate the current situation, convey the problem’s source, and development of the anomalies to the Hundred Gods Temple . Please help the apostles sent by the Natural Church to destroy the ‘origin monster’ .

[Clear Condition]

– Investigate the abnormalities in Irai Lake .

– Protect the summoned contractors in your team from injury or death . The summoned contractors you have to protect are (2/2)

– Help the apostles of god to destroy the ‘origin monster’ .

– ?

– ?

What’s this?

I wanted to see if the clearance conditions that were covered by the ‘?’ had changed, so I scrolled down and found that the contents of the information had changed completely .

It took a little time to read because a lot of content was not easily understood .

As soon as I figured out the contents of the information, I was very alarmed by the unexpected message .

The apostles were suddenly mentioned .

I’ve seen similar things before .

It was on the 19th floor .

On the stage where I met Myong Myong, I had seen a giant fox named Great Mother .

She once said that she wanted to be an apostle of the God of Goodwill .

In the face of that Great Mother, even if I fought with all my strength, I may not be able to ensure an easy victory .

Those coming directly where not Apostle candidates, but fully-fledged Apostles .  

I felt both excitement and uneasiness .

[Apostles are summoned . Please be careful of the impact . ]


How kind .

I would have liked a better message .

[If the arrow hit the key point, you will die . Please be careful . ]

[If you fall down, you will die . Please don’t fall down . ]

And so on .

Seeing that kind message, others would think it would normally kindly take care of me .

The kind message, which asked me to take care, I embarrassed me .

On the other hand, in response to the impact, I also enhanced my strength .

Although I didn’t know where and how the apostles would be summoned, the message was so straightforwardly informed me that I needed to be careful . It seemed that if I was not careful, I would die because I was involved in the process of the apostles’ summoning .