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Published at 6th of August 2019 07:44:59 PM

Chapter 16

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Jayne turned scarlet . She panted while trying to catch up on her breath . She didn't know what to do . The applause turned even more loud . She gracefully bowed to the crowd as the flush crept up to her face .

She then looked for Ronnie in the crowd . When she found him, their eyes met . She scurried towards him grinning and hugged him burying her head in his chest while the crowd continued dancing giving the couple their moment .

Ronnie gently patted her shoulders and gushed, "My God! Wifey you did great! Is it by any chance that you are a dancer? I'm now sure that you must be one my mystery girl . "

Jayne thought about it and said, "Was I that good? I never realized that I was the only one dancing and everyone had stopped already . "

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Then she lifted her head from his chest and chided, "Even you! Neither did you alert me . That was so embarrassing," she pouted .

"Oh good that I didn't stop you . Or else how would I know that you are such a wonderful dancer . " Ronnie answered her while gently tucking a lock of hair behind her ear .

Upon his brief touch, Jayne felt like she had a million butterflies in her tummy . Her face which had calmed down from the previous flush got into another deep flush . This time she lowered her head, her eyes not leaving her feet .

Ronnie was totally unaware that his touch had such a huge effect on her . He continued answering her previous question, "Well if it was that bad or embarrassing, you wouldn't catch the attention of the entire crowd even earning such a huge round of applause . "

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Ronnie concluded, "Well, we found at least one clue about your previous life . So at least one mystery is unveiled . let's  continue on this discussion later after we get back from here . "

Jayne's mouth curved into a smile and then they walked forward hand-in-hand and joined the crowd .

The next step of the marriage was that they had to visit houses of relatives, where the procedure was to be repeated . Ronnie didn't want Jayne to get tired . Hence he made sure she didn't dance much later on .

But to his surprise, at the mention of dance Jayne had transformed into an entirely different person . She was thoroughly enjoying the dancing and merry-making . Ronnie also felt happy on seeing her happy .

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The feasting lasted for the following day and night .

The actual marriage is observed by putting a mark of butter on the forehead of the bride and groom . Da Nuru and the bride were smeared with the butter on the forehead . Both of them were smiling shyly to themselves . They didn't talk much except laugh around .

The bride was given a dowry by her family and friends . It consisted of rugs, woolen carpets, yak-wool mats and a cattle .

Everyone looked happy .

Then, the party returned home along with the bride .

It was Da Nuru's wedding night .  So everybody left the couple and went back to their respective houses .

Even Jayne and Ronnie got back to their house . On reaching home, Ronnie took the butter kept near the altar and applied it on Jayne's forehead . His eyes burned amidst the light of the lamp in the dark .

Even Jayne took some butter and smeared it on Ronnie's forehead .

They didn't speak a word . Their eyes lit up in the darkness of the room .

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