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Chapter 184

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Finally the song came to an end . During the concluding part of her dance, Jayne went in swirls along the entire stage leaving Katherine Bradford totally dumbfounded on the stage .

Though she looked like she was panicking outside, her resentment grew in her like a tumour which ultimately took the form of extreme hostility . She had lost her "Queen of the University" image in front of the entire university .  How would she tolerate losing her face! It was the greatest humiliating of her entire life!

Inwardly she was seething and trembling with rage . Then and there she swore that she'll avenge Jayne Roy for everything, even if she'll have to lose her all in this process . Especially after so much, she was in no way going to back down . She went so cold with fury that she wanted to kill Jayne right away .

They both quickly bowed to the crowd and exited towards the backstage .

Jayne was the first to speak up . She suddenly stopped walking, turned around and looked at Katherine Bradford who was catching up from behind . "So do you accept your defeat now? Like we'd decided earlier, I fought with you fair and square . So, as agreed, you are never going to cross paths with me anymore! I hope you'll live up to your words . "

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Though Jayne wasn't very hostile towards Katherine Bradford, she made sure to make herself clear and draw boundaries between them .

Katherine Bradford began spilling crocodile tears at once . "Jayne Roy! I totally misunderstood you . If possible, please forgive me for all that I've done . Allow me to correct myself…" She extended her hands in Jayne Roy's direction .

Though Jayne didn't immediately accept her apology, she nevertheless didn't want to continue this fight any longer . After all, they still had to stay together for a couple of years in the University before completion of their degree .

"Let me be frank . I can't be friends with you Katherine Bradford . But then, I don't even want to prolong this fight anymore either . So, let's just stay in peace!" Jayne said that and gracefully walked away to change .

Katherine Bradford's hands, which she had earlier extended to Jaye, were still hanging in the air . She furiously balled her fists and dug her fingernails so deep that it was about to bleed . She then stomped her foot and walked away to her dressing room to change, "Jayne Roy! Arghh!"

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Daniel West who was carefully guarding Jayne, witnessed the entire incident .

Even Emma Dalton was with Daniel West at that time . She felt something was fishy . Especially a tear-filled apology from someone like Katherine Bradford .

She frowned . "I'm sure this Katherine Bradford is up to something . Jayne Roy isn't fully safe yet!" She cautioned Daniel West .

"I know!" Daniel West agreed while contemplating on the incident .

Back in Katherine Bradford's dressing room, she gulped down a bottle of water to calm herself . She took a deep breath and reminded herself, "Kate! After so much, you can't be spoiling this by your own anger . You've to be patient . Let's get to work now…" She hissed .

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She quickly changed into a simple white cotton dress with no makeup appearing to look all innocent and guilty . She checked herself one last time and came out of the room .

She walked towards Jayne's room once again when Daniel West and Emma Dalton were in the middle of their discussion .

They were immediately alerted by Katherine Bradford's suspicious moves . They began trailing her slowly .

Katherine Bradford was so consumed by her anger that she didn't pay attention to Daniel West and Emma Dalton tailing her . She patiently waited for Jayne to come out .

A few minutes later, Jayne came out wearing a Mickey-mouse sweatshirt and slim fit jeans . Her hair was tied in a bun . Her tote slung alongside her arm . She didn't have any makeup on . Yet, she looked so stunning .

"Hey! What are you doing here!" Jayne was surprised to see Katherine Bradford standing at her door with her head hung low .

What surprised her even more was, she had totally dressed down unlike her usual self who would put heavy layers of makeup . Above all, even her dress was too modest .

It was also rare to see her so pale . Even her eyes glistened . She looked truly apologetic, "Jayne Roy, please accept my apologies . " She once again held Jayne's hands . Tears rolled down her eyes .

"Katherine Bradford, you don't have to do this . Let's not take this any further . " Jayne uttered scratching her nose .

"If that's the case then, I'll be hosting a party on Saturday as a gesture of friendship and peace between us . Please, do come . Let's have a drink and bury the hatchet . " Katherine Bradford pleaded to Jayne Roy with tear filled puppy eyes .