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Published at 6th of August 2019 07:43:57 PM

Chapter 79

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Ronnie mulled over the effect it must have caused on little Maya . What he previously thought was water drops which had crumpled the page wasn't right . Instead they were Maya's innocent tear drops . How bad little Maya must have felt . Ronnie temporarily swallowed down his frustration .

He then hastily turned over that page hoping that Maya will have written about her daddy coming back .


Hello Nadia,

Today, was my school's Annual Day . It was supposed to be one of the best, happy moments .  With my fingers crossed, I was waiting for daddy to come . But no, even today daddy didn't come . Whenever I got an award, he would cheer and clap for me from the crowd . But today, only mommy was sitting in the crowd . She only smiled when I got the awards .

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Daddy would feel so proud if he knew that I was awarded, "Best dancer of the year . " He always loved to see me dance . I even won an award for the song I had sung on Father's Day for daddy . . I still remember that daddy danced with joy after that .

Overall, my academic score was the best . I even topped the class thus winning, "Student of the year 1978-1979" among the 5th grade students .

Three awards in hand but daddy not with me . Of what use are these awards Nadia?

Nadia I'm done with classes . It's my vacation now . I'll be able to write more frequently since I'll be at home and I've nobody to talk to .

Bye Nadia . I love you . Please send back daddy soon .

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Ronnie stopped reading . He thought over, 'Her dad hasn't returned yet, further hurting Maya on a very important day like this . It is natural for a child to expect her parents to be present at such important moments . Irrespective of whatever happens between the husband and wife, the child mustn't suffer in pain like this . '

'Look at her pure love for her daddy . The way she was waiting for him to come back with her fingers crossed . How disappointed that little soul must've felt when he didn't turn up . Maya's daddy failed her as a father . ' Ronnie's heart ached for little Maya and he sneered out of anger for her dad .

He continued to mull over the other details, 'No wonder Maya dances so well . She is a born dancer . As for her singing skills, we never got an opportunity to uncover that . I'll make sure she sings tomorrow . Plus, she's a topper . Wow my Jayne is a rare gem!' a rare smile appeared on his lips amidst the frustration .

Ronnie pulled out a sheet of paper and calculated, 'She says 1978-1979 . Well, this is 1990 that is, we entered 1990 a few hours ago . Almost eleven-twelve years ahead, which means Maya is a twenty one or a twenty two year old girl right now . She must either have graduated or must be graduating this year . '

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Ronnie simultaneously wrote down all of Maya's other details as well .

Name: Maya

Age: 21/22

Mother: Sona

Father: Arya

Father's friend: Amar

School: Hill view public school

Skills: Best dancer

         Best singer

         Best student

Ronnie thought, 'Mmm reading this diary has proved very useful for me right now . I got to know so many things about Jayne which would otherwise remain buried in the soils of Mt . Everest . '

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