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Published at 6th of August 2019 07:43:46 PM

Chapter 90

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He pulled Sanvi towards him and whispered in her ears, "But I pulled her towards me like this and whispered in her ears, 'I don't care if you don't love me Maya . But, you are the only girl I'll ever love,' after which I was getting ready to walk away .

Maybe because they were getting too drunk, Virat had totally lost control over what he was doing .

But Sanvi was still sober . She was totally affected by everything Virat did to her . Especially when he whispered in her ears…Ears being everyone's sensitive spot, when he whispered in her ears, she almost felt weak in her knees . She was screaming in her mind, 'Stop it Virat! I love you! How can you do this in front of me? You are making me fall in love with you over and over again when I'm trying my best not to-'

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Before she could continue thinking, Virat hugged Sanvi and continued telling . "Now, it was Maya's turn to call me, 'Virat, please wait!'

Sanvi tried hard to lift her fingers to push him away . But no, she had given up her resistance already! In the end, she simply leaned on to Virat's chest . 'Virat your making me so vulnerable . I can no more pretend to not being affected by what you are doing . How I wish you did everything you are doing to me right now as Sanvi and not Maya!'

Virat continued speaking, "I stopped in my tracks . Since I was facing away from her, I smirked and thought, "Haha! There's nothing which love can't do on this earth! My prey finally fell into my honey trap!' I silently punched my fist in the air inwardly . "

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"I turned back to looking at her with the same innocent, eyes which sparkled with love . "

Virat didn't stop hugging her . He continued telling everything while simultaneously hugging Sanvi .

Sanvi on the other hand was in no position to free herself from his hug . 'Virat, your making me lose it all . ' She hugged him tighter like she couldn't bear to see him more hurt .

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Virat continued speaking, "Then, she rummaged through her bag and pulled out a polythene bag inside which I could see was a diary . She gave me that and said, 'Virat, in this diary is about me and my life . Till now, let alone a man, nobody else has got to read this . Your the first person I'm sharing this with . '

I was kind of confused on why was she even talking like that . " But Maya, what has this diary got to do with you loving me or not?"

"It has everything to do with me Virat . Before you love a person, you should get to know at least something about that person especially his flaws . And this diary contains exactly that . I don't want to keep you in the dark . I've told everything about me here beyond which you can choose what you want to do . " After which she left without looking back .

I was speechless! "And here I'm celebrating that she fell straight into my trap! It sounds like she's giving me the ultimatum and not the other way round!" I smacked my forehead with the same diary annoyed .

'Ah! I don't even read my textbooks . In that case, who's going to even read this diary!' I wanted to throw it in the dustbin . I stopped in time . 'Hold on Virat! You winning this dare is important right now . Especially now, when she's almost falling into your trap, you can't back off now . ' I said that to myself .  

"Then I somehow read the diary skipping the unnecessary ranting . By then end of it, I'd that devilish grin on my face, 'This is getting even more interesting! This beautiful flower has already been plucked, used and thrown away . Somehow, it hasn't lost its beauty yet . Me using it one more time won't make a difference in any way! Maya, you've made it all the more easier for me . ' I pondered over what I should be doing next .

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