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Published at 14th of June 2020 05:20:07 AM

Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Male Seduction

* On Bloodcloud Peak *

After the Bloodthirsty Patriarch obtained Elder Qiu Sen’s vow to help, he spread the news throughout the sect .

There was an uproar among the Bloodthirsty Sect’s disciples .

They had never known that the Bloodthirsty Patriarch had relations with the Yin Corpse Sect . After all, the Yin Corpse Sect was one of the five great evil sects . They were infamous for controlling corpses and their sinful conduct .

The Lei Kingdom’s Spiritual Practitioner Alliance was no match for the Yin Corpse Sect .

When this news broke, everyone in the Bloodthirsty Sect felt honored . Their morale, which had waivered earlier, immediately steeled . Everyone rubbed their fists and wiped their palms, eager to perform in front of the Yin Corpse Sect’s elder .

When Su Junqing heard the news, he was extremely excited .

These influential sects were usually active in the larger Spiritual Cities, and it was extremely unusual to see them in a small place like the Lei Kingdom . Su Junqing had not expected that the Bloodthirsty Sect would be able to secure connections with such an influential sect .

If he could make use of the Bloodthirsty Sect to enter the Yin Corpse Sect, he would certainly make a splash .

If that happened (not to mention if he achieved the Spiritual Master stage), it wouldn’t be difficult for him to reach the Great Spiritual Master stage or even that of Spiritual King .

If he could reach the height of his cultivation, the Dongfang Clan, the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance, and the Bloodthirsty Patriarch would all have to grovel at his feet and beg for mercy .

However, when Su Junqing thought of the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, he felt as though a tray of cold water had been poured on him .

It was incredible that the Bloodthirsty Patriarch had spared his life until now . It was impossible that the Bloodthirsty Patriarch would recommend him to the Yin Corpse Sect .

Su Junqing thought: This won’t do . I must think of a way to make use of this opportunity . I have heard that the helper from the Yin Corpse Sect is a woman . If I can devise a careful plan, there might still be some hope…

Two days later, Bloodcloud Peak bustled with noise and excitement . The Parlor was heavily decorated to the point that it was transformed beyond recognition . Fine wine and delicacies were served .

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The Blood Slaves, who were usually dressed in revealing red gauze, had changed into conservative blue cotton dresses, and they acted as maids .

The Bloodthirsty Sect’s other disciples were ordered to stay in their accommodations to prevent them from offending the guests from the Yin Corpse Sect .

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch led in Shou Hou and his other trusted aides, and they escorted Si Youyue to the Parlor .

“Lord Envoy, the banquet had been prepared, and you can take your seat now . Everything here is simple and crude, Lord Envoy, so please forgive us if anything is unsatisfactory,” the Bloodthirsty Patriarch said respectfully .

“Bloodthirsty Patriarch, you are too kind . You have been working tirelessly in the Lei Kingdom on behalf of Elder Qiu . Elder Qiu has a favorable impression of you . ” Si Youyue put on an appropriate smile .

She was wearing an ordinary cherry-red dress with a pink veil covering her face . She did not wish to allow the Bloodthirsty Patriarch and the other country bumpkins to even glance at her skin .

Behind her, the Demonic Corpse wore a black hooded cloak . It covered his face and body completely .

“It is my honor to work for Elder Qiu . Lord Envoy, please put in a good word for me in front of Elder Qiu . ” As the Bloodthirsty Patriarch spoke, he took out a gift that he had prepared with the utmost care and handed it to her . It was a bottle of pure Blood Vitality Pills .

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A Blood Vitality Pill nourished Qi and enhanced cultivation speed . It also had a refining effect on Black Magic Techniques .

Even Si Youyue had not seen many of these pills before .

“Bloodthirsty Patriarch, you are too kind . ” Si Youyue received the gift with no trace of politeness .

Seeing that Si Youyue had accepted his gift, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch put on an even happier smile .

Just as Si Youyue and the rest were heading toward the Parlor, a white-colored figure rushed out from a side passageway . It was Su Junqing .

Frowning, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch immediately reprimanded him, “Impudent fellow!”

He had specially instructed his disciples to keep a close eye on Su Junqing . He did not know how Su Junqing had managed to escape .

“Patriarch, please do not be angry . I suddenly smelled a delicate fragrance when I was in the passageway and took a wrong turn because I was so enchanted by it . Please, forgive me . ” Su Junqing hurriedly bowed to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, and his handsome face revealed an anxious expression .

“What bullsh*t! Are you treating me like a three-year-old child?” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch sneered back then gave an order, “Come, capture him and take him away . ”

He had kept Su Junqing alive up until now so that the Bloodthirsty Sect’s morale would not be affected . Since the helper from the Yin Corpse Sect had arrived, he had no further use for Su Junqing . Now, he could use him as fertilizer for the Blood Lotus Flowers .

“Brother Su, are you going to leave by yourself, or do you need us to escort you?” Grinning widely, Shou Hou stepped forward .

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“Patriarch, I was attracted here by a fragrance, really . ”

Su Junqing was behaving as though he were unaware that he was facing imminent calamity . He continued to explain things earnestly to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, “I have never smelled such an appealing fragrance before . This lady must be a fairy, and I am willing to die just to see her once . ”

“What nonsense are you saying? Take him away . ” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch could not be bothered to hear Su Junqing’s madness .

Shou Hou and the rest immediately rushed at Su Junqing like wolves and tigers, and they were about to drag him away when Si Youyue, who had been silent, suddenly spoke up, “Stop . ”

There was a sudden thump in Shou Hou’s heart, and he hurriedly looked at the Bloodthirsty Patriarch .

“Lord Envoy, something has gone wrong with this disciple’s cultivation . His brain has always been muddled . If he has offended you, please forgive him,” the Bloodthirsty Patriarch immediately explained to Si Youyue .

“Is that so? I think that your disciple is not so bad!” Si Youyue’s flirtatious glance landed on Su Junqing .

Su Junqing was dressed in white . He had a graceful figure and gave off a refined aura . As he smiled, his eyes were full of tender feeling . He made an unforgettable first impression . Furthermore, in comparison to the Bloodthirsty Sect’s ugly disciples, he was like the early morning sun brightening up the place . He was precisely Si Youyue’s type .

“Lord Envoy, if you are interested, I can arrange to bring you someone even better . ” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch had a bad feeling when he observed Si Youyue’s gaze, and he tried to remedy the situation .

Su Junqing was too treacherous and cunning, and they had nothing in common . It would not be beneficial for him if Su Junqing were to secure a connection with Si Youyue .

“It’s fine . I will take him!” Looking at the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, Si Youyue flashed a faint smile as she said, “Can it be that you are unwilling to part with him?”

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“Haha! What are you saying? Not only him, but if you want my entire Bloodthirsty Sect, I will offer it to you with both hands . ” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch forced a straightforward laugh .

He was dependent on Si Youyue to deal with the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s taskforce, and he could not afford to fall out with her over Su Junqing .

Shou Hou was anxious as he watched from the side . He hated that he couldn’t stab Su Junqing . However, he knew that he could not play games in front of the Yin Corpse Sect’s Envoy . Immediately, he changed his attitude and politely helped dust off the non-existent dirt on Su Junqing’s clothes .

He laughed and said flatteringly, “Brother Su, I apologize for offending you . Please don’t take it to heart . ”

“Brother Shou Hou, you are too kind . ” Su Junqing flashed a gentle smile at Shou Hou . Then, bashfully, he stood beside Si Youyue and said meekly and with gratitude, “Many thanks to you, Lord Envoy, for helping me out . ”

“Don’t be all talk and no action . Shouldn’t you express your thanks?” Si Youyue peered at Su Junqing . Her long, snow-white fingers clutched Su Junqing’s chin coquettishly . Her pinky flirtatiously scratched his throat . She was very experienced at teasing .




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