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Published at 9th of February 2020 10:09:23 PM

Chapter 240

Translator: Khan

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Editor Group: Liber Reverie

The eyes that had focused on Mielle began to scatter away at Aria, who took a graceful step as if nothing had happened .

“What’s the matter? Huh? Mielle?”

Then Aria, who took her hand away from Asher as she arrived at her destination, touched Mielle’s pale cheek . Her eyes were full of anxiety . ‘Who made you so humiliated? Don’t you think you should take revenge as you always did? I know how to do that; how you make a very stupid choice and destroy yourself like me in the past . ’

“Hmm? Mielle?”

When she called Mielle’s name with all her heart, she took Aria’s hand with tears in her eyes . “… Sister!”

Aria found a servant to help her as she pressed her heart to drop the hand of Mielle who cried and held her . If she dropped her hand here, everything would be in vain .

“Mielle is not feeling well, so she needs some time to rest . I brought her out after a while, but it hurts me to see how sick she is . ”

The confession that it was Aria, who had brought Mielle, took a touch of sharpness from the eyes of spectators . Instead, it was the lamentation and admiration for Aria . ‘How can she take care of the person who tried to hurt her?’

“What’s the matter?”

In the meantime, the butler of the mansion appeared, dispelling the commotion . It was the wedding of his master that he had prepared with great care, and he did not seem to like the unpleasant situation that happened suddenly .

“Ah… Mielle is not good . ”

The look on his face made Aria feel sorry for ruining the wedding, but it was a trivial matter that would not remain in everyone’s memory anyway . Today’s main character, Sarah, would not know this trivial matter that would soon disappear .

“Can I borrow a carriage if you have one left? I think I’d have to send her back to the mansion . ”

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So when she told him she would let Mielle go back to avoid further damage, the butler bowed politely and quickly disappeared as if he was waiting for the words .

“All right . I’ll be ready soon . Please wait for a moment . ”

“Mielle, wait a little bit . ”

At Aria’s worried words, Mielle, who closed her eyes tightly, nodded . She looked very pitiful, but no one sympathized with her because she had done so much in the meantime .

The butler, who reappeared very quickly, was with the carriage . What he brought was a luxury carriage for the guests of the mansion . It was a carriage that was not suitable for Mielle, who was a commoner, but it seemed to have been prepared to make Aria look good .

“Thank you . ”

Aria, who admired the butler’s sense, briefly thanked him and helped Mielle into the carriage .

“Mielle, go back to the mansion and rest . Tell the butler to call the doctor . Okay?”

Although Mielle asked for a doctor, the butler would not listen to her . Aria closed the carriage without giving her any more words . That way, she would get even sadder .

Then, as if waiting, the carriage set off, and at last, the real wicked woman disappeared and the bright laughter slowly began to reverberate in the mansion of Marquis Vincent, and it was entirely reborn as a place of blessing .

“I hope Mielle is safe…”

As Aria sounded worried, Asher put his hand on Aria’s shoulder . He consoled her, so she would not worry . In fact, he knew she wasn’t worried about Mielle

“She must be surprised . She’s been fine in that poor prison, and I’m sure she’ll be fine . Please take away your worries . ”

“I’m glad then…”

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“Ah, Miss . Instead, you should visit the Marquise! I’m sure she’ll be waiting for you!”

And similarly, Annie, who knew Aria wasn’t worried about Mielle, changed the subject, to change the mood .

“Shall I? Sarah must have been waiting for a long time, right?”

“Yes! You’re best friends with the Marquise!”

Aria took the bait and changed her expression as she did not want to put any more emotion into Mielle .

“The Marquise asked me to let her know as soon as you arrive . I’ll guide you right away . ”

When even the butler also informed that, the traces of Mielle, who had been trembling, disappeared completely, and instead, there was the beautiful star of the empire that would be the Crown Princess in the future, whom everyone admired wherever she took a step .

* * *



Sarah greeted Aria’s visit with full joy .

She turned around quickly, apparently worried that Aria might not be able to come because of something unpleasant . There was relief in Sarah’s eyes when she saw the image of the harmless Aria .

“Congratulations on your marriage . You are beautiful!” Aria looked at Sarah and said with sincerity .

Sarah was dressed in a classy, elegant dress that really suited the only mistress of the Marquis family of the empire . It was perfect except for the tiara whether she had already been ready .

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“Thank you . I don’t know what to do as you say so . ”

“Should I call you the Marquise now?”

“I think it would be a little sad to be called by you that way, so please call me Sarah as you always do . ”

‘Usually, people change when they take over a higher position . ’ However, Sarah, who had become the only Marquise of the empire starting today, had very pure and innocent eyes, just as Aria had seen at first .

There was not an inch of doubt or mistrust in the eyes of Aria who had just appeared before her after acting to drive Mielle to the brink of the cliff . Aria faced her pupils for a moment, hoping that Sarah would not know her plan until the end, and suddenly, Sarah grinned and opened her mouth .

“By the way, there’s something Lady Aria can do for me . ”


“Yes, and it’s also what I want to do at Aria’s wedding,” said Sarah, pointing to a tiara in front of her .

A maid, who was waiting next to her, carefully picked up the tiara and brought it to Aria .

“I want you to put this tiara on my head . ”

“… Me?”

“Yes . I wanted to arrange the dress and think about it together, but we couldn’t because we were too busy . So I want you to put the tiara that completes me today on top of my head . I want you to do it by yourself . ”

“But this is…”

It was common for a mother to put a tiara on the bride’s head . As for clothes and ornaments, close acquaintances would help her, but not with a tiara . So when she hesitated, Sarah began to urge Aria, saying she had no time, even though it wasn’t a very short time .

“Come on . We’ll be late for the wedding ceremony . ”

Sarah didn’t know if she had just caused a little disturbance at this elaborate wedding .

Aria carefully reached out her hand and held the tiara in her hand . The tightness of the luxurious jewels weighed more than it looked . It was like Sarah’s character of much consideration, unlike she looked outward .

As Aria was slowly taking it over Sarah’s head, Sarah lowered her head a little to help her . When she put the tiara on her hair, maids fixed it as if they had waited . It was because there was a superstition that if it fell by mistake, the bride would suffer bad luck . The flashy tiara seemed unlikely to match Sarah’s simple and graceful face, but it suited Sarah better than Aria thought .

“Thank you . I think this will help me finish today’s wedding safely . ”

‘How can Sarah always trust and like me?’ There was no need to take advantage of Sarah anymore, but Aria, who recalled her approach to Sarah with impure intentions from the start, put her hand on her chest . Somehow, she felt a tingling sensation . Sarah, who did not know that, was still looking straight at Aria with a look of trust .

“… Sarah, you are my dear friend throughout my life . ”

She was a dear friend who would never be seen again throughout the past and the present . It was a sudden and unexpected remark, but it was sincere .

“You too . ”

With a gentle nod to Aria’s most serious face, Sarah still responded with a bright smile .

* * *

Sarah’s wedding, like the only Marquis’s wedding in the empire, was very grand and splendid . Even the emperor, who was extremely careful and was not going out, briefly showed his face, and the visitors were also splendid .

The ceremony began, and Aria saw Sarah and Marquis Vincent put a ring on their finger, of which the size and beauty were unusual, and she said quietly, holding the hand of Asher sitting next to her .

“I like blue . ”

“… Yes?”

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